We are a Ukrainian company. We stand with our colleagues, friends, family, and with all people of Ukraine. Our message


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We are a distributed games development studio specialising in games for the core market. We develop games that blend mechanics from several genres with a focus on narrative and innovation. Our aim is to create fun and deep gameplay experiences with no focus on any particular platform or device. We started in August 2013 by Justin French, a sound and game designer who had previously been a part of the team at SideUK - A leading dialogue production studio, where he worked on multiple AAA games. In the beginning, Dream Harvest comprised of Justin, Sven (programmer) and Leigh (designer). Milcho, (programmer) joined in January 2014. We briefly worked on a mobile puzzle game to see how well the team gelled. After losing our artist to other ventures, Leo joined us, an artist with incredible talent for everything artsy. At this point we were working on two licensed IP games that would have been developed with a well known band in the UK, unfortunately commitment clashes forced us to shelve them though we're hopeful development will continue someday. So we began work on our own bigger project - The Tower, a 2D top down stealth puzzler. For 7 months we developed core gameplay, 2D lighting and AI systems. Unfortunately, Leo left us due to pressures from his full-time job. So we had two choices: hold development until we found another artist or start a new project with little artistic input. And so, Failure was born a minimalistic RTS. Development began in November 2014, within a few months we had a playable demo, feedback has been amazing and development is ongoing. Currently, our aim is to secure funding so we can shift development from part to full time and bring an artist in to solidify the visual style of Failure. We're planning for an early access release of the game late Q1 2016. We are also developing an integrated solution for use by developers to track player feedback and bug reports from within their games.

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