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Chrome extension for LinkedIn FAQ

Is using GetProspect safe for my LinkedIn account?

LinkedIn has specific rules, according to which you will be limited if LinkedIn suspects you in using it for commercial purposes or ban your account if you're viewing too many profiles. Therefore you can only open a limited amount of leads per 24h.

GetProspect protects you from being banned, as it will stop when the amount of opened leads is achieved.

When you're using Standard Mode, the following limits will be applied:

If you want to save more leads per 24 hours than the Standard Mode allows, you might consider using the Scan mode instead.
Each lead saved in Fast Mode won't be considered a page view.

Note: Due to recent changes in LinkedIn moderation patterns, we advise you to use Scan mode if you have received a warning within our limits of Standard mode. 

Is it possible to find phone numbers on LinkedIn as well?

No, you can not search for phones using our extension. However, you can search for phone numbers within our database

Will GetProspect work with a Basic (free) LinkedIn account?

Yes, absolutely. GetProspect will allow you to find emails even if you are using a Basic LinkedIn account.

Learn how to use the GetProspect Chrome extension with the basic LinkedIn account. Keep in mind, though, that LinkedIn has a Commercial Use Limit for free accounts. Read the LinkedIn policy.

Which browser should I use?

It depends on what you want to use GetProspect for. If you want to do a search on LinkedIn, you need to download our extension, which is only compatible with the Google Chrome browser for now.

If you don't use LinkedIn and want to use other GetProspect features, you may use any browser you prefer.

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