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Email search FAQ

Why I see "not checked" status to some of the contacts?

Status "not checked" means that GetProspect hasn't searched for an email address for this contact yet. The most common reason for that is the lack of credits on your account or technical issue.

To check how many credits you have, click on the account icon in the right upper corner.

You can upgrade your plan in the Plan and Billing section of your account.

In case if you have enough credits, but still have Not checked emails added, you can select them and press Find Email command to process the email search for them

Why do I see only first 100 leads in the search?

Once you input your search criteria, GetProspect allows you to preview the first 100 leads. It helps to see the example of the data which you will get once you save the search results. The rest of the results will be similar to the first hundred displayed.

To save more, click the Save all leads button, and in the dialog window input the maximum number of leads you want to get from the search.

Learn more on how to save leads from the search.

What is your success rate?

In average, GetProspect is able to find about 65% of email addresses. From them, there will be about 50% of valid emails and 50% of accept all emails.

How do you find emails?

  1. Using the person's publicly available information in his LinkedIn account, we search the website of the company the person is currently working for.
  2. We search all the email addresses we have in our base using the same domain name (i.e., all email addresses with @company.com)
  3. Depending on what we get, GetProspect automatically generates the most likely email pattern used in the company.
  4. After GetProspect gets the pattern, it generates the email address, using the person's name and company pattern.
  5. GetProspect runs the email through a verification tool and we try to validate email if it is possible.

Can I save leads without emails?

No. For each saved lead with found email address you will be charged one credit. You won't be charged any credit if the plugin couldn't find the email.

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