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Pricing Plans

Fill the Funnel of Your Scale!
  • Bill Monthly
  • Bill Yearly
valid emails
  • 100 verifications
  • Unlimited accept all emails
  • Unlimited users


1 000
valid emails
  • 2 000 verifications
  • Unlimited accept all emails
  • Unlimited users


20 000
valid emails
  • 40 000 verifications
  • Unlimited accept all emails
  • Unlimited users


50 000
valid emails
  • 100 000 verifications
  • Unlimited accept all emails
  • Unlimited users



All Lead Finder Plans Include

Sales and prospecting

  • Chrome extension email finder

    To get emails straight from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator and companies’ websites

  • B2B contact database

    Save verified leads from 7M+ companies and 50M+ contacts

  • Email search by multiple parameters

    Find email address by person name and company, website or email domain, position, industry, location and 10 more parameters. Or use relevant keywords.

  • Emails verification checker

    Verify emails in real-time and get less than a 2% bounce rate

  • Сontacts & Companies enrichment

    Add missing info about your targeted companies and persons.

Usability and CRM

  • Custom filters and presets

    Create Dynamic lists based on parameters you focused on

  • Email finder add-on for Google Sheets

    Get email addresses directly on google sheets.

  • Customizable Export

    Save contact files in any desired format and view

  • Bulk actions

    Up to 50k contacts at once for bulk email search, bulk email validation, import and export of files

  • Nested folders

    Group contacts into lists and folders by your criterias

  • Custom fields

    Describe leads with any additional info needed. Create fields to arrange all data

Something cool too

  • Unlimited workspaces

    Arrange by market, goals or any other criteria.

  • Unlimited API access

    Integrate email and lead finder into your current processes

  • Zapier Integrations

    Automate your sales processes in a simple way

  • 24/7 Customer support

    Get answers and advice instantly in support chat

Find the right plan

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Closed deals

$1.98 per deal

  • 10
  • 50
  • 100
  • 200
  • 500
Close rate
SQL needed

SQL - sales-qualified lead

Prospect emails
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GetProspect lead finder pricing - FAQs

Is it possible to use GetProspect for one month only?

Yes. You may purchase as little as one month and cancel your subscription anytime.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Yes, you can change or cancel the subscription anytime. Once you have cancelled, you'll still have access to your credits until the end of your subscription cycle.

Do I lose my data after I cancel the subscription?

No. We keep all your data, and you can get back to it anytime.

Can I downgrade/upgrade my plan?

Yes, you can downgrade or upgrade your plan any time. When you downgrade/upgrade, the new subscription is applied immediately, and a new monthly billing cycle starts over.

If an email search ends in no results, does it count towards my limit?

No. If GetProspect was unable to find the email address, you wouldn't be charged any credit.

Do I pay extra to verify the email addresses which GetProspect finds?

No. Once GetProspect finds an email address, our validation system automatically verifies it. The email addresses can be valid or accept all. You can read more on verification process and our accuracy here.

Note: we give 98% guarantee that the status of the verification is valid at the moment when we provide you with an email. However, if you plan to use an email more than in a month after it is found, we recommend to verify it additionally before sending in order to check its deliverability.

Can I share my subscription with my team?

Yes. We have a team option, which enables you to add team members and share your subscription with them.Therefore, all the team members will share the credits provided in the plan.

Do the unused credits from the previous month carry over?

Unfortunately, no. Your credits will just reset, and unused credits will not carry over. However, if you upgrade your plan not later than 24 hours before the renewal date, the unused credits will be automatically rolled over and valid for 30 days.

What is credit, and how is it spent?

Credit is a payment unit that can be spent on the following:
 ● Email search credit is a payment unit that can be spent when you add a valid email address from Search, LinkedIn extension, or import. 1 valid email = 1 email search credit.
 ● Verification credit is a separate payment unit that can be used for email verifications. 1 verified email = 1 verification credit.

What is the difference between monthly and yearly plans?

Monthly plans renew every month and can be cancelled anytime. Yearly plans have a 12-month commitment, a single billing at the beginning of the plan, and come with a 30% discount. The number of credits renews every month.

Can I purchase extra credits if I have a yearly plan?

Yes. If you reach your monthly quota, you can purchase additional credits, and they will be available till the credits renewal date.

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