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Email finder

Email locator with Accurate B2B contact and company data for sales teams, business developers, recruiters and marketers. Find valid emails of your ideal customers by job title, location, industry, company size, and other filters.

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Everyday multi-tool

For sales prospecting and cold emailing

Find Emails grid

Chrome Extension

One-click to extract emails and profiles from LinkedIn in bulk


B2B Database

Over 200 million up-to-date contacts


Valid emails

For contacts at any industry, position, location



Customizable workflow for various sales cycles

Find emails and enrich contact data

The Email finder could improve your work in different ways depending on the information you have and the goals you pursue.


Bulk email finder

In a couple of minutes collect the substantial base of business email addresses. Upload the information about your prospects you have and enrich it with real e-mail addresses.

Devote your time to writing convinced texts instead of wasting time in the search for relevant contacts.

Save plenty of e-mail addresses with one click only.

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Find email address by domain

If you have a list of specific websites’ URLs or companies you can upload them to GetProspect and get the list of business email addresses from all the public sources. Or search the email address by domain one after another in a situation when you have to reach several specific companies.

Find email by domain

Find email address by name

GetProspect could search for email addresses of certain people in case you know their names and companies, where they work. Everything you need to do is to paste the information in the field "Name" and "Domain". In a second you could get a real valid email address if it exists.

Find email by name

Outreach marketing platform ico

  • Sequences

    Nurture leads through a series of emails. Customize triggers and replies to continuously improve your sales engagement performance.

  • Personalisation

    Make your messages personalized far more than just by name. Dive into the insights of your contacts with the customer engagement software.

  • Dashboards and metrics

    Engagement statistics by Position, Industry, Company size, or your custom tags. Keep customer outreach processes focused on the most important in your business.


Your favorite tools connected

  • A dozen of simple integrations

    Use any tools you like for daily tasks. Simple data synchronization options will keep the email finder in touch with your most used software.

  • Export and import seamlessly

    No time wasted on cleaning the unneeded extra columns and other data artifacts. Customize the exporting setting to work with the file right after downloading.

  • Reports ico

    Keep an eye on key markers of your sales performance.

More benefits than yet another online lead finder!

Go beyond just getting emails from LinkedIn. Build up your personal best sales sequence.

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Find Emails

Bypass the LinkedIn’s limitation on profiles viewing

  • A constantly updated GetProspect database provides you with 200 million contacts to scrape email addresses.
  • Use it in addition to integrated LinkedIn prospecting software to expand the number of qualified leads.

You pay only for unique contacts

  • Contact duplicates and unverified emails extraction are free of charge.
  • You will get the refined data for the sales pipeline with our leads generator and prospecting tools.
  • Cut off spends that bring no benefits to your business.

Safe LinkedIn account

  • We control the number of profile views per day according to the limits of your LinkedIn account (up to 800 or 1800) to keep it safe.

Built for teamwork

  • Work on your contact lists simultaneously with your colleagues;
  • Compare results of every team member;
  • Create unlimited workspaces for all your projects

User friendly and clean interface

  • An intuitive interface helps to adapt faster seamlessly;
  • Convenient email Chrome extension with checkboxes makes the process of lead generation easy and efficient.

Free email verification

  • We created our own email verification tool to automatically verify every email that has been found;
  • This means no additional cost for you on an external verifying tool.

50 free emails every month

  • We give you 50 credits so you can use GetProspect lead scraper software for free;
  • 1 credit gives you 1 new email address.

Your timezone support

  • Our support works at different time zones;
  • You will get a response quickly via email and online chat whether you are in Paris or Los Angeles.

Over 1000+ companies worldwide trusted
Getprospect lead generation software

Prospecting can be a pain, and the last thing I need as a business owner is something that's complicated and a pain to setup. GetProspect was both easy to setup and easy for my team to understand. We're now building lead lists and growing our business. Thanks!

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4.8/5 800+ reviews

Email Finder FAQ

What data should I upload for finding an email address?

To find a verified email address for a prospect the following data set is required: first name, last name and the company name of domain. Based on this information, GetProspect will provide the email address and other prospect data

How can I extract an email address from a website with Getprospect?

The GetProspect email finder extracts business email addresses from any website. Once the extension is installed, it can be used for fetching the email addresses of employees from a company website. There are several other ways to find email addresses depending on the source of the data: email domain search, or the b2b contact database where it is possible to find business email addresses, etc.

How to find a prospects’ email address?

GetProspect offers a few ways to find prospects' email addresses. Some of them are: lead generation database inside GetProspect with 50 million contacts, finding leads with LinkedIn Chrome extension, importing a file with existing contacts for enrichment.

Is the Getprospect Email Finder a free service?

GetProspect provides lifetime access to 50 free new email addresses each month.

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