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Email Verifier

Instantly check email address validity. Use GetProspect email validator for better email deliverability rates, increased audience outreach, and protection of your domain reputation. Increase your outreach efficiency and minimize bounce rates.

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Free email verifier: result options

Conversions from email campaigns and low bounce rates are only possible when you send emails to valid public email addresses marked as Valid in the GetProspect report.

Here are the results that can be obtained with email validation:

Check lists of email addresses with an Email verifier

Bulk email checker

Upload your mail list of any size in CSV or XLSX format and get reliable prospects' email addresses.

Download only verified emails by connecting the list to your email-sending service or integrating it with other tools.

GetProspect's data accuracy guarantee is 97%+, which means you'll send email campaigns to trusted contacts, and your domain reputation will be safe.

Check email validity in bulk

Single email checker

Start enhancing your email marketing strategy today with GetProspect's single email checker.

Check up to 20 prospect email addresses at a time without downloading them in CSV or XLSX file format and instantly know which ones are valid and which are better to cross off your list.

Fast validation, accurate results, and improved deliverability of emails.

Check email validity in single

Email verifier API

Integrate the understandable and simple GetProspect API into any of your products or applications, and you can create a more efficient process of getting potential customers with accurate email addresses.

It is enough to sign up, go to the API section, and get your secret keys.

Read email bounce checker API docs

Email verifier via Google Sheets add-on

Check the email address of each of your prospects without leaving your Google Sheet.

Get the ability to enrich your prospect list data by 17+ data datasets.

Simply add the add-on to Chrome and enable this feature whenever you need to check the validity of prospect email lists, collect contact lists, and other important information for successful future interactions with potential customers.

Install Google Sheets add-on

Check email validity & transfer data to your CRM

Check email lists of your leads or customers and transfer data to your CRM in seconds.

Easily connect and customize a direct connection to your CRM with a simple and quick selection of properties that leverage previous user experience or offer the most popular options from our database.

In GetProspect, native connections to HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Salesforce, and thousands of integrations with different platforms and applications via Zapier are available.

Go to integrations

GetProspect email bounce checker guarantees you complete confidence before pressing the Send button

Elevate your cold emailing game with our 12-step email verification process, assuring an impressive 97%+ deliverability rate. Feel confident in clicking "Send", as you know your messages will reach your intended recipients without any hitches.

Check the email address validity and take advantage of other features in GetProspect

Find new leads after checking your older lists in the email verifier

Find up to 50 email addresses for free just by signing up.

There is no need to check email address validity, as the GetProspect email finder will give you valid contact information at once.

Start B2B database search

Get more prospects with LinkedIn Email Finder Extension

Forget about manual searches.

With GetProspect's free email checker extension, you can save thousands of leads by entering the number of pages you want to save.

Install Chrome extension

Launch email campaigns by email lists verified in the email checker (coming soon)

Launch personalized email campaigns to pre-segmented lists in the GetProspect B2B database.

Сustomize follow-up emails so you don't miss out on leads who want to buy your product.

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Email verifier: FAQ

Is there a free email checker?

Yes, you may verify a few email addresses for free without signing up.

How to check if an email is valid?

To check the validity of an email, simply enter the business email address and click the «Verify» button. You'll receive results in seconds.

How can I check more email addresses for free?

To get more verifications, you need to sign up. With a free subscription, you will receive 100 credits per month for verification of email addresses (one credit = one verified email).

How does an email verifier work?

The email validator works by checking in real-time the status of the email address domain, email provider, mailbox, etc. As a result, we provide accurate and reliable data on whether the email address is valid or not.

How can I validate email addresses in real-time?

You can upload a list of email addresses into your account and click the «Upload» button. Each email address will be checked in real-time automatically. You will get back the list of emails along with their statuses. Just paste emails into the single verification block and click Verify emails.

Can I verify private email addresses?

You can check private and business emails to determine their validity. The same processes are used for all types of email addresses.

How many email addresses can I verify?

You can check email validity of up to 100 email addresses for free each month. Right after creating an account on the GetProspect Email finder, you will get 100 credits. Also, you’ll get 50 valid emails that you can find in a B2B database search.

Can I download only valid emails after verification?

Using smart filtering, you can choose the status of the email addresses you want to extract after their authenticity has been verified. For example, you can create a list of valid emails alone and use it for cold emailing. This way, the bounce rate will be at its lowest.