We are a Ukrainian company. We stand with our colleagues, friends, family, and with all people of Ukraine. Our message

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Dear GetProspect community, 

GetProspect is a completely Ukrainian company. 
War knocked on the door of each of us. Russia attacks Ukraine. Nobody can imagine that this can happen in Europe in the 21st century. 

Some of us have to leave homes, some sleep in shelters, and some defend with weapons. We hear and see the actions of Russian troops from our windows. We are subject to terror. 

We really appreciate your help to us by using our service and subscriptions in this hard time for us.

However, our service continues to work normally as all software architecture is placed outside Ukraine and our key employees are working in new places. Due to the warfare on our land, we cannot answer all your requests and messages in a due manner. We know of your requests but need time to respond to them. GetProspect services are suspended for Russian users.

Funds for Ukraine Army

Meanwhile, Ukraine and the Ukrainian people need help. That’s why we urge you to donate to the Ukrainian military and humanitarian fund, which was created by the National Bank of Ukraine:


Besides, we’ve decided to support any organization or a party that needs our service to get more donations via outreach. It implies that if your goal is to get donations and gather more support for Ukraine, we will grant you free email discoveries within our extension.

We want to save our people, homes, and freedom.

Your GetProspect Team 💛💙

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Alona Shalieieva

Throughout the previous three years, I am occupied as a Customer Support Representative for the email finder platform GetProspect.com. As a tech-savvy, I am keen on assisting our users with solving any challenges. On top of that, I worked on my tech author skills, and I can be straightforward in explaining difficult topics.