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Bulk Email Finder

Automate lead generation processes with GetProspect by finding bulk email addresses and verifying hundreds or even thousands of prospects' data.

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Find bulk email accounts within a couple of minutes. Enrich your lead databases with GetProspect


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Get bulk email addresses & simplify lead generation processes

GetProspect bulk email finder is specially designed to simplify the processes of searching for potential clients, partners, or job candidates.

Start batch email search and get accurate data in real-time.

All email addresses always pass a real-time status check to make sure they are valid. This means you will receive a list of contacts you can rely on for your ongoing sales or recruitment campaign.

Get bulk email addresses of leads with detailed info by company's domains

Use the GetProspect Bulk email tool for getting more than 20 data attributes about prospects. Upload up to 50,000 domains at a time.

Get a lot of detailed information – free bulk emails and business mobile phone numbers, location, LinkedIn URL, technologies, company industry, list of employees, job positions, etc. 

Create segmenting lists of prospects on the GetProspect Bulk email company finder, personalize your communication with potential customers, and multiply your chances of closing favorable deals several times.

Find bulk email companies & leads by uploading a CSV file

Find emails of your prospects or batch email address validation. 

Upload your file in .csv format with information about your contact or company (header row) and receive a sheet of business email addresses that have been found.

You may add a document with thousands of records and get additional data about potential customers without extra pay (within the credit limit for searching emails).

Free bulk email finder from GetProspect: how to start using it

Start bulk email company or contact search in the GetProspect web app or through the API.

Bulk email tool in the GetProspect web app: easy 3 steps to start

  1. Sign up to create your GetProspect account.
  2. Upload your sheet with contacts’ names, last names, and domains.
  3. Click the button to match your prospects with email addresses.

As a result, you will receive business email addresses verified in real-time with their status information.

Bulk email finder API: expand the capabilities of your software

Enhance your software with a bulk email finder function. Send requests in JSON format and receive email addresses that have been checked for authenticity at the same time.

Bulk email tool with the ability to connect to popular CRMs

Enhance your software with a bulk email finder function. Send requests in JSON format and receive email addresses that have been checked for authenticity at the same time.

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Get emails in bulk: Other ways to get lists of prospects' email addresses

Add-on for Google Sheets from GetProspect Bulk email finder

Add the GetProspect add-on for the spreadsheet in Google Docs and get the ability to bulk search for emails without leaving your documents.

Find emails in bulk

GetProspect Bulk email finder extension

Find thousands of emails by LinkedIn URLs. Forget about manual prospecting. Select the number of lead pages you want to save.

Get free bulk emails

Bulk email finder - FAQ

How do I find emails in bulk?

To find bulk email addresses for free, all you need to do is import a CSV file with the full names of contacts and their company domains or add a file with the full names of companies. GetProspect will do the rest - it will find the emails & enrich the data with other useful info.

How many contacts can I upload at one time?

In GetProspect bulk email finder you may import up to 50,000 records at a time.

How long will it take to find contacts in bulk?

Once the contacts are uploaded to GetProspect, it will immediately start to search email addresses for them. On average, it will take about 5 minutes to generate a bulk email list for 1,000 contacts and verify them at the same time.

How can I get thousands of email addresses?

To start searching email addresses for leads, the following are required: have an account with GetProspect and import a file with contacts. In order to get a thousand email addresses, you should purchase a Starter subscription plan

How much does getting bulk e-mail addresses cost?

You can get started with GetProspect using a free subscription that allows you to obtain 50 valid email addresses per month and use bulk email services for free.

The pricing to buy email accounts in bulk (hundreds & thousands of email addresses) starts from $49 for 1k verified email addresses.