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B2B contact database by GetProspect

Access a B2B leads database with 230 million corporate emails and 26 million companies.

Real-time email verifications
More than 15 filtering options
New lead alerts

Instantly extract 50 email addresses for free each month!

We have the most powerful business to business database in the market


B2B contacts with emails


international companies


business emails


Leads from the USA




Data Accuracy

What kind of information can you get from GetProspect’s lead database?

User Profile
  • First name
  • Country
  • Last name
  • Postal code
  • Email address
  • Summary
  • Position
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Location
Company Profile
  • Name
  • HQ address
  • Industry
  • HQ country
  • Employee count
  • HQ postal code
  • Website
  • Description
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How can the B2B contact database improve the performance of your cold email outreach?


Use search filters to find company email addresses and the most appropriate target audience

Search filters are very similar to LinkedIn’s and they are effective enough to reach the right target audience

Contacts filters:
  • — Keywords
  • — Name
  • — Position
  • — Seniority
  • — Location
Company filters:
  • — Company name
  • — Company domain
  • — Company industry
  • — Company size
  • — Company location

Save your search to continue your work in the future without wasting any time on setting the right filters

You can click the “Save search” button and get back to it any time in the future when you are searching for leads. In the column tabs, you will see the total number of search results and leads that have already been saved.


Set alerts on new leads relevant to the filter settings that you saved

Choose the alert frequency to get notifications every day, week, or month about the new leads that came up in email address directory and are relevant to your search filters.


No need to pay for duplicates but still possible to save the same lead to another list for free

You will always see if the lead was already saved to make sure that you didn’t pay for duplicates. But if you want to save the duplicates to another list, you can mark the checkbox while saving them, and import them again to another list.


Use the Ignore list in your searches.

Make a list of contacts or companies you want to exclude from your search results, and you will not find them while searching for new business prospects.


Use search history to control the selected and saved contacts in every search that you made

The search history will always keep track of your search results and data, number of credits used, and saved contacts.

Why the GetProspect lead database is a key to effective outbound marketing

Regular base updating

Our database updates 200 new contacts and 20 new companies on average daily.

Easy filtering

You can choose filters similar to LinkedIn’s ones that you’re accustomed to using.

Pay for 100% verified emails only

You don’t have to pay for unverified email addresses and spend your 50 free monthly credits on them.

New prospects alert

Never miss new leads that appear in the B2B email directory and get notifications about them right to your email inbox.

No fees for duplicates

You won’t be charged for extracting email addresses that you have already saved before.

Free extra CRM tools

You can manage all lead database records in your GetProspect account, integrate your favorite tools, and upload contacts in .csv or download them in .csv or .xlsx formats.

B2B contact database: frequently asked questions

How to use the GetProspect B2B contact database?

A business contact database is needed for businesses that want to find prospects and boost sales. Using it, companies can simplify the process of creating lists of potential customers, enrich data about leads and customers, and more.

How to get business contacts?

One way to get business contacts is to use the Getprospect B2B leads database. There you get access to 200M contacts with email addresses. Also, here you can divide leads into lists (segmented by category) and divide them into folders so that you can then send relevant email campaigns for each prospect category.

How do I find the email addresses of business owners in the US?

Search in the GetProspect B2B database is convenient and easy. Fill in the required search filters such as position, location, company industry, and size. GetProspect will provide the contacts matching the criteria. After that, the leads with emails can be saved into a list.

How Getprospect finds business contacts and emails?

This software takes the company website and finds the company email pattern. Based on it, GetProspect can generate the email address using the full name of the person. The data is 95%+ accurate, even in our free business leads database, with 50 valid emails (accrued monthly).

How do we get the email address database of small-scale businesses?

You can get email contacts from small businesses at the GetProspect free contact database using one of the advanced search filters, Employees. Just select in the filter the smaller number of employees that may be in small-scale businesses and get a list of relevant companies.

How can I get company contact details?

When you find the company you need, by clicking on it, you get details about it, and you can go to its CRM page. There you can also use filters to view all the employees of the company and click on each to get detailed data (e.g. get emails from the corporate contacts database).

Is the Getprospect business leads database legal?

Finding business contact information at GetProspect is totally legal. The tool uses a person's publicly available information.

What else could you do with the GetProspect tool?

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