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Organize batch address verification in a time-efficient way with GetProspect bulk email validator. Verify the prospects in seconds and work only with the real ones right away.

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Message error line
First name Last name Domain
1 Terry Jimenez zoho.com
2 Dylan Simmons zoho.com
3 Jack Shaw oracle.com
4 Larry Ellison oracle.com
5 Tyler Hanson pipedrive.com
6 Ryan Clark pipedrive.com
7 Angela Flower amazon.com
8 Sarah Carlson amazon.com
Email address Verification status
terry.j@zoho.com Valid
Email address Verification status
terry.j@zoho.com Valid
dylans@zoho.com Valid
jack.s@oracle.com Valid
larry.e@oracle.com Accept all
thanson@pipedrive.com Valid
r.clark@pipedrive.com Accept all
a.flower@amazon.com Accept all
sarah.c@amazon.com Valid

Get fast bulk email verification. Create a database only with reliable business prospects


Advanced email verification technology

GetProspect uses its own advanced bulk email verification technology that is constantly evolving. It allows you to determine the names' statuses up to 20% more accurately. In comparison to other services displaying the undefined status ("Unknown" or "Accept all"), GetProspect will show for sure whether such an email exists. Avoiding unpromising and risky emails has never been easier.


Deal with unverified sources like a pro

GetProspect free bulk email verifier is a stellar choice when you deal with emails collected via sources with no proper verification. Third-party databases, catalogs, marketplaces, listings, outdated email sources — GetProspect verifies any of email addresses and provides exact results.


Speedy bulk email verifier service

Verifying email is a matter of seconds for GetProspect. You’ll get the validation status details quickly within one interface in a convenient list.


Enjoy high results accuracy

GetProspects provides more than 97% accuracy for email list verify. So no more worries about emailing to non-existing contacts and worsening your sender domain and IP reputation. stay on the safe side with the best possible tool and keep the reputation of your email box.

Two ways of bulk email verifier service application

Apply bulk email verifier conveniently both using GetProspect account and API functionality.


Turn on the bulk email scraper to enrich the list of your contacts.

Message error line
Get 100 verified email addresses for free every month

Bulk email validator use cases

Contact list management

Add only authenticated emails to your contact list to form a reliable database.

New leads generation

Process extensive mailing lists and organize catalogues with trustworthy leads not to ruin your domain reputation.

Safe marketing automation

Be sure that your offers, deals, or whatever will reach only the authenticated business prospects.

There is much more in the GetProspect tool

Frequently asked questions about the bulk email verifier

Нow many contacts can I upload to check if the email address is valid?

GetProspect can verify large volumes of email addresses. For example, the file can contain hundreds and thousands of contacts, and GetProspect will verify them all and show which ones are valid. Still, remember that the verification list is limited to your number of credits.

How long will it take to test if an email is valid?

It takes not more than a few seconds to verify the email address. Once verified, GetProspect will show the email validation status. The email can be valid, accept all, or invalid.

Does GetProspect have an email validation API?

Yes, GetProspect has an email validation API. All the email addresses can be verified using the API.

Can I use GetProspect to clean my email list if I have between 50,000 and 70,000 data?

Yes. GetProspect can validate extensive lists with email addresses. For example, the list with 50,000-70,000 email addresses for validation can be downloaded in one click, and it will be cleaned within half an hour.

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