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Bulk Email Verifier

Our bulk email checker instantly weeds out invalid addresses, boosting your deliverability and engagement rates. Ensure your emails reach real inboxes every time. 

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Email list checker: key benefits of GetProspect's verification tool

Easy to use

Copy and paste or download a CSV file and quickly Validate a list of email addresses in one click.

Multi-step validation process

The bulk email verifier online uses a 12-step email verification process.

Quick bulk check

Verify emails in bulk (up to 100,000 email addresses) in 5 minutes.

Robust data

Get a 97%+ data accuracy guarantee with the GetProspect bulk email checker.

Validate a list of email addresses quickly & create a database only with reliable prospects

With the GetProspect email list checker, you can easily keep your database of prospects up-to-date and boost the efficiency of delivering emails to potential customers.

Verify bulk email addresses for free with GetProspect's own check technology

GetProspect uses its own advanced email verification technology that is constantly evolving. 

It allows users to determine the names' statuses up to 20% more accurately. In comparison to other services displaying the undefined status ("Unknown" or "Accept all"), GetProspect's free bulk email verifier will show for sure whether such an email address exists. Avoiding unpromising and risky emails has never been easier.

Use the free email list verifier to check up to 100 email addresses monthly.

Validate the list of email addresses with high results accuracy

GetProspect is a speedy bulk email verification service. You’ll quickly get the validation status details within one interface in a convenient list.

Also, GetProspect provides more than 97% accuracy to validate the list of email addresses. 

So, no more worries about emailing to non-existing contacts and worsening your sender domain and IP reputation. Stay on the safe side with the best possible tool and keep the reputation of your email box.

Email list checker to deal with unverified sources like a pro

GetProspect free bulk email verifier software  is a stellar choice when you deal with emails collected via sources with no proper verification.

Third-party databases, catalogs, marketplaces, listings, outdated email sources — GetProspect verifies any email address and provides exact results.

Bulk email verifier: two ways of service application

Apply bulk email verifier conveniently both using the GetProspect account and API functionality.

Validate the list of email addresses using the GetProspect account

After you log in to your account, you will be able to upload the whole list of your emails and obtain their validation status in a couple of minutes.

Validate the list of email addresses using API

You can expand the functionality of your software by adding bulk email verifier API. After sending JSON requests, you obtain authenticated email addresses right away.

Bulk email tool with the ability to connect to popular CRMs

Synchronize contact lists and automate workflows using native integrations with prospect management systems like Zoho, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

For even greater flexibility, access the potential of over 5,000 app connections available through Zapier.

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Verify the list of email addresses & use additional features from GetProspect

Verify emails in bulk & send emails

Validate list of email addresses and run email campaigns with follow-up emails directly from the GetProspect platform.

Go to Cold Email

Use a free email list verifier with its own robust database

To get more results from your first contact with prospects, it's essential to know more about them and categorize them into segmented lists.

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Bulk email checker FAQ

What is a bulk email checker?

Bulk email checker from GetProspect is a tool to validate business email address lists. This program recognizes records with incorrect formatting, checks domains and emails to determine if they are from a disposable email provider, automatically checks MX records, and more.

Is the GetProspect bulk email verifier accurate?

Yes, the GetProspect bulk email checker is one of the most accurate. It provides more than 97% accuracy in verifying email address lists, which helps users of this tool not to worry about sending emails to non-existent contacts and to be sure that their domain reputation and sender IP addresses are protected.

How does a bulk email verifier check for email validity?

GetProspect bulk email verifier online checks SMTP providers to identify the active mailbox. The software analyses the received code and continues the verification process depending on the response. We retry to validate email if the mail server uses Greylisting technology to get the actual email status.

Can I use a bulk email verifier for lead generation?

Yes, you can use the GetProspect email list checker for lead generation. By keeping your prospect database up-to-date, you will improve the delivery of email campaigns, as you will be sending sales emails to valid email addresses. Accordingly, you will get higher engagement rates (e.g., open & click rate) and increase lead generation.

Can I use a bulk email verifier to clean my email list?

Yes, you can use the GetProspect email list checker to clean your email list from duplicates and errors. The solution removes all of it automatically, saving you time.

How much does a bulk email verifier cost?

GetProspect bulk email checker subscriptions cost from $49 per month with 2000 verification credits to $399 per month with 100,000 verification credits.

You can try a free bulk email verifier online just by signing up. In a free subscription, you will get 100 verification credits every month.

How to check if bulk email lists valid or not?

You can check the list of 20 email addresses by copying them from your document and pasting them into the validation block in GetProspect. 

Or you can validate the list of email addresses by downloading a CSV file with more than 20 email addresses. Depending on your credit limit, there could be tens of thousands.