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Email Domain Search

Find decision-makers and get employee email addresses of any company with GetProspect's domain email lookup. Close more deals, increase sales and start growing your business right now.

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Single domain email search in GetProspect

Get verified email addresses of your target company in seconds. Find emails by domain in the most convenient and efficient way.

You can run a search without signing up above, or you can get more email addresses and other data about the company's employees and the company itself by signing up.

Find emails by domains in Bulk

Perform email domain search time-effectively using the bulk domain search feature.

Find email addresses by domains to the multiple companies you are interested in or get emails by hundreds/thousands of domains simultaneously.

Go to Company filters in Search and select the filter Domain. You may insert up to 500 domains in the search bar or use a .csv file to check up to 50,000 domains together.

Find emails from domains with these advanced features

Domain email search in the Import block

If you have a list of prospects with domains, just upload them in a CSV file to GetProspect in the Import Block. 

As a result, you will get a list of valid email addresses and other data about potential customers, such as position, location, industry, LinkedIn URL, company size, etc.

Find email addresses by domain via the GetProspect extension

Obtain leads from the websites directly. Get the best domain email search, applying it right on the company’s website. 

Find all email addresses for a specific domain on any business web page and save them to your account with the GetProspect Chrome extension.

GetProspect Email finder add-on: additional features

Email finder by domain + Cold Email software

After finding email by domain, start mailing to your list of potential customers using the GetProspect Cold email program.

Start an email campaign

Find emails from any domain & get Phone numbers

Get an extra opportunity to connect with potential customers and double your chances of closing deals.

Start data search

Email lookup by domain API

Implement our Email lookup by domain in your software with our simple JSON API.

API Reference

Use GetProspect Email lookup by domain & transfer data to your favorite CRM

With GetProspect, you can synchronize contact lists and automate workflows with native integrations.

Run bulk Domain email search and transfer data to Zoho, Pipedrive, HubSpot or Salesforce.

For even greater flexibility, access the potential of over 5,000 app connections available via Zapier.

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Email finder by domain FAQ

How to find email by domain?

You can find the email address by domain using the single search above on this Email domain lookup page or by Signing up in the GetProspect web app (+50 free valid emails). 

How to find all emails associated with a domain?

You can find all emails associated with a domain in the GetProspect B2B database at the Search block. Simply enter the domain in the Domain filter, or you may download a list of domains in CSV file format (up to 50,000 records at a time).

Also, you may get a list of email addresses of companies via the Data enrichment feature.

How to extract email addresses from a website with a GetProspect domain email search?

You can use the GetProspect Chrome extension to find email from a domain. To extract the business email addresses of employees from any website, install the extension and enable it on the required website. It will show the email addresses found on it.

Where does GetProspect get data from?

GetProspect Email lookup by domain sources data from its database, which consists of 200M contacts with emails. They, in turn, include LinkedIn prospects and emails from other available sources. The database is constantly replenished and checked for relevance.

Is there a free Email lookup by domain?

Yes, you may find email by domain for free.

GetProspect provides 50 monthly credits, allowing its users to find new leads with email addresses utterly free of charge.

Can I find the owner of a domain name using an email address using GetProspect?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature in GetProspect.

You may find thousands of emails from any domain and additional relevant info to qualification leads.