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Apollo alternative

Comparison of capabilities

By testing and analyzing the Apollo's and GetProspect's features, we have collected some parameters to choose the platform for marketing and sales growth.

Let's start with a brief description of these solutions for B2B companies.

About GetProspect

GetProspect is a top lead gen and sales boost platform that helps users find prospects' email addresses from the most up-to-date database of business contacts in Linkedin (more than 900M members) and from GetProspect B2B database (18M) by using 17+ filters like job title, industry, technology, and more.

About Apollo

Apollo is a powerful sales engagement and automation tool in one, easy-to-use platform that combines software with a database of millions of contacts and 16 filters for searching prospects and opportunities for further interaction with them.

Apollo VS one of the major Apollo competitors - GetProspect

Both platforms have some significant differences in their budgetary & most popular plans, and what you get for those payments using the main feature in each software, «Email Finder».

Difference in Apollo & GetProspect plans

N emails | Platforms
The number of emails to export
The number of emails to export
50 emails (Free plans)
For free
Up to 50k contacts
For free
1000 emails (Starter & Basic plan)
Up to 50k contacts
5000 emails (Basic & Professional plan)
Up to 50k contacts

Testing the Apollo & the Apollo alternative GetProspect

Now let's move on to the Apollo & Apollo alternative GetProspect test! We took 100 contacts that were most often saved on GetProspect earlier and tested the main features of the platforms with their help.

The testing started with finding email addresses of these contacts using both email search tools separately and looked at how many valid and invalid emails we received.

Next, we sent a test mailing to them & checked after that at analytics other essential metrics – Discovery and Bounce rate. As you can see in the table below, the indicators are equally good in both cases.

Metrics | Platforms
GetProspect Email Finder tool
Apollo Email Finding tool
How many Valid email addresses do we get?
How many Invalid email addresses do we get?
Discovery Rate of the test mailing
Bounce Rate of the test mailing

Note. It is crucial that the solution you choose to search for emails and launch email campaigns to these contacts shows no less effective results, as it influences your domain's reputation so that there are no problems with this in the future and your emails to prospects and customers always get to Inbox.

Why should you choose GetProspect email finder?

Reason 1to choose

Search automatization with extension

Reason 2to choose

No restrictions on selecting records at a time

Reason 3to choose

Advanced Email finder filters

Automate your search with GetProspect's email extractor extension

GetProspect email scraper extension has more opportunities for automation. Here, unlike Apollo where you can choose only as many contacts as visible on the page, if you need, for example, 500 contacts from a hundred pages from Sales Navigator, you won't need to manually go through all pages and add each contact, you just choose the number of them you need to save and plugin GetProspect automatically makes everything for you.

No more restrictions: Select as many records as you need

It is also worth noting that Getprospect has no restrictions like Apollo on selecting records at a time. They have restrictions, for example, in the same Basic and Professional plan to save contacts per search of 2,000 and 10,000, while in GetProspect, it is UNLIMITED.

Advanced Email Finder filters for lead gen growth

Also, you should choose GetProspect definitely because of its advanced email finder filters. With the help of these filters, you can gather a base of partly qualified leads, and you can use them all for free. At the same time, Apollo, on the contrary, does not have all the essentials for searching professional email filters available in the free plan.

The rest of the comparison on tools and search capabilities are below

Features | Platforms
GetProspect email finder tool
Apollo email finding tool
Finder filters
17 (plus subfilters)
16 (plus subfilters)
Search emails contacts & companies via
LinkedIn Chrome extension (on LinkedIn and any website), Web app, enrich with Google sheets add-on
LinkedIn Chrome extension, and Web app
Social URL search
Bulk search by domains
by inserting domains into the Domain filter (500 per search) or by importing domains from a file (up to 50,000 at a time)
by inserting domains into the Company filter

Note. For the growth of marketing & sales, the platform where users can only search contacts with an advanced email finder and have a CRM where data will be stored and periodically updated is not enough.

Users need to choose the platform considering what all features it has. For example, formats and availability of data export, data enrichment available, if there are detailed reports on the use of essential tools, ability to work with the team in one workspace, etc.

So let's look at the comparison of additional functions.

Additional tools from Apollo & one of Apollo's competitors

Features | Platforms
Search via LinkedIn and any business websites
Search via LinkedIn and any business websites
Export files
Dashboards & Reports
Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc.
Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, SalesLoft, etc.
For premium accounts only
Support via
Live chat & email
Live chat & email

A comparative analysis with other Apollo competitors can be found here.