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Breakup emails: 11+ templates to use

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Do you still believe that a prospect will give you an answer? Sometimes, the prospect’s silence or an uncertain answer is worse than a «no». It makes you hope for the best, eating your time.

Thus, breaking up with prospects and leads after a number of follow-ups can be the best solution. Why? If not triggering a reaction, a sales breakup email will likely disqualify the prospect and close the communication loop the salesperson is trapped in.

Read on to learn more about breakup emails, know the best breakup email subject lines to use, and inspire from the collection of breakup email templates we gathered.

What is a breakup email?

A breakup email is the last email the salesperson sends to a potential customer to close communication due to the absence of any answer. Such an email attempts to trigger the reaction from the lead or prospect before labeling them as ‘not interested’. 

At the same time, depending on how many follow-ups are sent, the sales breakup email helps to say goodbye and save reputation. In this case, apologizing for being annoying can be crucial, especially if you consider re-engaging with them in the future.

For instance, sales specialists often send breakup emails within cold outreach for prospecting. What is the reason? The average response rate for cold emails varies from 1 to 6% across industries, where the reasons may be a lack of interest, wrong timing, or deliverability.

Moreover, it is the same for specialists re-engaging with or nurturing clients. So, for them, the breakup emails are the tools that help optimize the lead process and manage leads.

Note: Make sure you have relevant and accurate data of the lead before you launch an email campaign or write a sales email to prospects. That way, you will be sure that the reason for breaking up with prospects relates to the poor timing or lack of interest.

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Breakup email samples to close the loop

Yes, breaking up with prospects can be difficult, especially when you have no idea where to start or how to approach the target. That’s why we have gathered a collection of breakup email templates you may apply in your sales operation.

We could break up sales email sequences into two categories: focusing either on a soft or direct approach. Yet, we mixed them to show you how they differ  and how flexible you can be when breaking up with prospects.

Let’s see some of the options you have when writing the last email to the possible customer:

Note. Irrespective of the strategy, your breakup emails should underline value and be compact, professional, engaging, and clear about your request.

Breakup email template #1. Reassure you are here to help and benefit the recipient

Hi {Prospect name},

It's a pity I haven't heard from you for a while.

Our last conversation was about the challenges you had with {issues}, and how {the solution you mentioned} can be the basis for your next strategy {relevant to the challenge}.

Your colleagues found it compelling; here is the link to the {materials proving your offer is helpful}.

I understand that the timing may not be right, and I don't want to keep hounding you. If you find this piece useful, know I am still here to help and have a related case study.

Best regards,

{Your name and position}

The goal of such a sales breakup email is to underline that you are here to help and provide value. Thus, closing communication with an essential guide provides proof of it. It is not necessarily a case study or guide. Just focus on the benefits you have and solid advice that would help.

Breakup emails sales template #2. Approaching with a direct question

Hi {Prospect name},

It has been a while. I hope you're doing well.

Since you haven't answered previous messages, I should ask:

  • Have you given up on {solution to their problem/special offer}?

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you change your mind or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

{Your name}

This sales breakup email example offers an entirely different approach. Subject to Brian G. Burns, CEO and Host of The Sales Leadership Show, asking such a direct question can make people reply very soon. That way, you strike an emotion and encourage the prospect to think that they are to lose an opportunity.

Importantly, ensure you have the corresponding breakup subject line that either duplicates the question or provokes a similar emotion.

Breakup email sales template #3. Saving your reputation

Hi {Prospect name},

Hope my follow-ups were helpful. If not, I am sorry that they may have been excessive. Thank you for considering {insert your product or service}.

Since I can see that you are busy or have changed your priorities, I wouldn’t like to seem too persistent with the information you do not need anymore. 

So, if my offer still interests you, I want to clarify your current goals and offer relevant solutions. Please let me know if any help is needed, and I'll be happy to get back to you.

Best regards,

{Your Name}

When you send a breakup email like this, you know that you may have sent too many follow-ups or been too pushy. For you, it is a way to apologize and save your reputation.

You can return to these prospects later upon tracking the buyer intent data or reflecting on the change in their priorities. Thus, be kind and apologize, so they do not send your emails to the spam box.

Breakup email template #4. Closing the loop with practicality

Hey {Prospect name},

It seems that {the solution your offer or product provides} is not your priority at the moment. Or you simply do not answer people you do not know. In any case, I am not going to write any time soon.

If you change your mind, please contact me. I will always find the time to talk to you.

Best regards,

{Your Name}

Here is another example of how you approach the prospect with directness. It contemplates no further hounding and nurturing. In this break sales email, you underline that you did everything from your end but left room for their request. 

Breakup email sales template #5. Ending with the hope of talking again

Hi {Prospect name},

I hope this email finds you well. I'm contacting you for the last time and want to thank you for your time. Although my offer seems to fail to suit your needs, we will have an opportunity to work in the future.

Feel free to write if you change your mind or my offer becomes more relevant. I would be happy to talk if you want to revisit the conversation.

Thank you again for considering our company.

Best regards,

{Your Name}

Compared to other ways concerning breaking up with prospects, this sample focuses on the hope of meeting or talking in the future. It is a polite way to close the communication yet let your prospect know you are open to any discussion.. Besides, the particular example is good when you are ghosted or get an uncertain answer that keeps you in the loop.

Breakup email template #6. Using the authority of the CEO to reignite the communication

Hi {Prospect name},

I hope you are doing well. It's {CEO's name}, and I am CEO of {your company}. {Name of colleague who started conversation} has shared {your solutions} to {prospect’s issue} with you. Have you considered it?

We value our connections and see you are an important prospect. Thus, I am interested in continuing the conversation and knowing your thoughts.

Anyway, we know you are busy, so if you want to learn more, don't hesitate to contact me directly. 

Thanks for considering {your company}. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

{CEO’s name}

When your follow-up brings no answer, appealing to the CEO's authority in the sales breakup email can give you a response. Why? People may value CEOs more. So, when the sales team's emails fail, salespeople can act on behalf of the CEO or ask them to send your draft and forward the responses if prospects react.

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Breakup email sales template #7. Making sure you will come back

Hi {Prospect name},

I hope you are well. I wanted to reconnect with you again regarding the {offer/solution you provide}.

I can see now that you may have found another approach or have a different priority. So, I will not disturb you on this matter.

I will contact you later, in 4 months, if you would like to consider options to optimize your {type of operation they wanted to improve}. 


{Your Name}

It happens that the timing is just not right. In this case, you can send a breakup email that will say ‘bye’ only for now. It contemplates that you will turn when you think it will be a better time.

Breakup email sales template #8: Show that you understand that it is over

Hi {Prospect name},

I hope you are okay. I have tried to reach you and offer the solutions your colleagues find helpful. Yet, due to the lack of an answer, I can assume you are fine without our help.

I understand your decision and want to thank you for at least considering it. If anything changes in the future or any help is needed, I'll be happy to be of your assistance.

Best regards,

{Your Name}

Such a sales breakup email is about acceptance and respect. As we already mentioned, sometimes letting go is the right thing. So, be polite and show that you see why people do not provide any response.

Breakup email template #9: Not leaving without a reason

Hi {Prospect name},

How are you? I keep following up as our solution will be really interesting to you.

As I get no answer from you for some time, I assume you have reasons for it. Would you be so kind as to clarify which one of them it is?

  1. Wrong timing.
  2. You got a solution or help from other parties.
  3. You no longer experience the issue.

I want to ensure you got your problem covered, as I value the opportunity to work together. Knowing why you've been unresponsive helps to see where this conversation is going.

If you are still interested, let's have a chat. In any case, looking forward to your reply,

Best regards,

{Your Name}

When breaking up with prospects, showing your intentions and being consecutive is vital. Also, it would help if you indicated that you care. Asking for a reason is one of the ways to do so. Yet, do it with politeness, and don't be too persistent.

Thus, ask and be sincere about why you need it. Picking the appropriate phrasing and leaving the last word for the prospect can benefit you and help you save the connection.

Breakup email sales template #10. Remind of what you talked about and politely close the loop

Hi {Prospect name},

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to check in and follow up on our previous conversation regarding {the topic you discussed}. As you remember, we have talked about {challenges/issues} and how {prospect's position} can overcome them with {your solution}.

As I have been waiting to hear back from you for a while now, I see that you've decided to go in a different direction or are no longer interested.

I understand it and will close the loop on my end. In any case, it was a pleasure.

If you change your mind or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Best regards,

{Your Name}

Closing the loop can be direct. However, you can also recap what you were talking about, reminding what a person may lose by not continuing the conversation. Starting with discussed points, you would switch to understanding and politely end a sales breakup email. One last thought on the solutions prospects need can make them change their mind.

Breakup email template #11: Starting from the beginning (but with a different topic)

Hello {Prospect name},

How are you? I have heard that you have launched a new product/opened a new department/started a new project. How is it going so far? I’d love it if you told me how you managed to do it!


{Your Name} 

Another tactic to close the loop is by restarting communication. How is that closing a loop?Well, starting a new communication means closing the previous one. So, if you see the changes within the operation of your target prospect, use it in your sales breakup email. Besides, you can refer to the last things that were said. Your goal is to get an answer, and changing the focus of an email can help you with that.

Breakup email subject lines

You need a compelling subject line for your customer to define what the email would be about. 

Regarding breaking up with prospects, your subject line sets the mood for the email. You should make it clear, accurate, and sometimes engaging.

Should the line be dramatic? Depends on your tone of voice, goal, and relationships with clients. That’s why we would break up email subject lines into different groups based on the approach you choose:

Breakup email subject lines that confirm you close the loop

  • Closing communication on {prospect’s issue}
  • Closing the loop for now
  • Checking in and closing the loop
  • It is time to move on/Just moving on
  • I did my best

This group of subject lines indicates that you are about to stop attempting to reach the prospect. They apply for both prospects you got no answer or have been given a vague reply from.

Breakup email subject lines triggering and an answer

  • Have you given up on {solution/offer/problem..}
  • Before moving on…here is the insight for you
  • Last attempt to talk
  • {CEO’s name} has something to share with you
  • Is the timing not right?
  • Am I missing something?

These are effective subject lines for breakup emails if you want to be straightforward and provoke a quick answer. How? By using value, urgency, or open questions.

That way, the line that gets straight to the point can go through the wall of received spam and business emails. They work great if you got a response at some point but were ignored.

Breakup email subject lines to close communication with politeness

  • {Prospect name}, thank you for your time
  • I am sorry,{Prospect name}
  • Should I close your file?
  • Let’s reconnect at better time
  • Thank you/Goodbye from {Your name/company}

Lastly, here are the breakup email subject lines that you would want to use to save your reputation. Let’s say you sent enough follow-ups and still got an answer. These subject lines contemplate that you will take a soft approach without subsequent pressure in your email.

Breaking up with prospects: summary

  • When prospects do not answer the emails and follow-ups of salespeople, the latter will send breakup emails to close the loop and disqualify the prospect; it allows them to save efforts and prioritize other leads.
  • By sending the breakup email sequences, the salespersons aim to close communication but still hope for an answer.
  • We have shared with you a number of breakup email templates, as sales would apply different approaches: the more direct and provocative one with practicality at its center, the one that focuses on thanking and apologizing for being annoying, or a mix of both.
  • Picking the one from breakup email subject lines depends on the goal of the email and your relationship with a client/prospect: you can be practical, provocative, or simply polite.

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