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How to use ChatGPT for sales +prompts

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OpenAI invention, ChatGPT, is a great assistant in work, though it appeared not so long ago. You can definitely achieve better results by implementing it into your routine tasks. 

Moreover, using ChatGPT for outbound lead generation and sales prospecting can bring good revenue to your company if you use the AI assistant skillfully.

With it, you can create sales proposals much faster and customize them for each channel (emails, LinkedIn messages, etc.), write promo banners, articles, and ad posts, and thus increase the flow of leads and sales, get good advice on lead qualification and segmentation.

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The primary thing is not to perceive ChatGPT as someone who will do everything instead of you but to implement it into the strategy as an additional powerful solution. Anyway, the human eye is needed when working with this tool. Always.

Can you use ChatGPT to generate leads?

Yes, of course, you can. Definitely, it will be helpful even with its free version 3.5 (but I highly recommend version 4). You can create sales emails and plans for the best articles and landing pages, deploy an AI assistant on your website, in chatbots, or on social media platforms to be available for users 24/7. You can also qualify leads with ChatGPT.

How to use ChatGPT for sales prospecting?

ChatGPT for sales prospecting: 6 main techniques

Let's take a closer look at each method of attracting leads and sales with the artificial intelligence implementation.

Using ChatGPT for sales via deploying chatbots

You can connect ChatGPT from OpenAI to your Chatbot to stay in touch with users 24/7. AI assistants can interact with your leads at any time and answer their questions, pique their interest in your product, and direct them to relevant products, capturing leads' interest and contact information in the process.

ChatGPT for sale: Qualify leads with AI with a few easy steps

For starters, using the simplest query, «Can you help me qualify leads?» will give you some basic guidelines for qualifying leads.

Give a name to this chatbot "Lead Qualification" so that your communication with GPT on this topic will be in one place. I advise you to do so with each dialogue so that everything is structured and each separate issue is dealt with by a separately trained chatbot (to whom you specified in advance what its task is - writing texts, editing, analyzing data, and so on).

Here is one example of how to get from ChatGPT sales prompts:

Also, as I said before, you can use ChatGPT by deploying it on your site in a chatbot to ask visitors clarifying questions based on your leads criteria.

Depending on the responses, your smart assistant can evaluate leads and send you high quality ones to your sales team. So using ChatGPT for lead generation or for sales can save you a significant amount of time on this process and provide better results by speeding up the whole process.

More personalization

Using ChatGPT for sales prospecting, you can make more personalized offers to prospects or even customers. With its help, you can propose to people what they will be keen on based on data analysis from your AI assistant.

To do this, you need to take all the data from the CRM about your contacts (without emails or phone numbers).

  • Segment all contacts in advance. You can divide the prospect database by specific categories directly in GetProspect during or after the prospecting process or by uploading your contact list to GetProspect CRM and separating them into Lists and Folders.

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  • So you've segmented your leads, now it's essential to download the data to your PC to let ChatGPT analyze everything. This should include data on previous sales, history of interaction with your website, feedback on products or services, and any details about the current needs and challenges the customer's business is facing.
  • Analyze each segment separately and potential customers and clients separately.
  • Ask ChatGPT to create a sales proposal. Explain the context and provide all the important information available (not contact details are crucial here, but details about people that can be useful for you to sell to better understand your leads and users). For example, you can ask the model to formulate possible customer needs based on the interaction history.
  • Based on the data analysis, ChatGPT can get recommendations. Ask ChatGPT sales emails (with follow-ups) to make up personalized sequences and, if you need, ask for some recommendations about adding visual parts for a customer offer.

Note. Consider not only the obvious customer needs but also analyze how your products or services can solve less obvious challenges or achieve the client's long–term goals.

Use ChatGPT for sale for creating instructions/guides for users

By providing GPT chat with all important information about this or that product or service, you can more quickly create step-by-step instructions «how to use your product step by step», texts for the help center - glossaries.

You can upload the data you have in document format and the system will process and work with you based on the details you have provided.

But the main thing is to use your chat as an assistant, proofread the received content, and supplement it with all possible useful data.

Simply giving a request and picking up and publishing the instructions you receive for the product without revising them is a bad decision.

GPT, though has grown considerably, can also make mistakes and you need to revise everything with your human eye and, where necessary, rephrase parts of text where the writing is very difficult for people.

You can also tell GPT to rewrite the problematic points – to make them easier to understand and sound more natural for English native speakers (or another language that you use for creating guides/onboarding instructions).

ChatGPT for sale via articles + image creation

You can create cool useful posts for your audience that will bring in paying leads using ChatGPT much faster.

It would be great if you use the fourth, the most advanced GPT from OpenAI, which can browse data on the Internet and analyze information by following links you give to the chat. So that this version can provide you with safer and more relevant answers.

You can use this tool for your content as someone who can quickly help you gather the needed data, come up with a draft, and check your content for errors after writing.

GPT 4 can even generate the images for your articles.

Example image creating with GPT in one of real blogs:

And by the way, in the not-too-distant future, Open AI will allow us to make beautiful videos. If it looks like this now, what can we expect further? Something absolutely incredible!

Best ChatGPT sales prompts

Let's take a look at the best ChatGPT sales prompts for content creation queries for:

ChatGPT prompts for B2B sales and lead generation

ChatGPT sales prompts for company analysis

ChatGPT can become an indispensable assistant in analyzing a company to find great methods for boosting lead generation, sales, and business in general. You and your assistant will be able to make a detailed analysis more expressly and get down to essential business as soon as possible.

For instance, you are the founder of a B2B product company and want to analyze data to help you draw valuable conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of your company and its products, how to improve everything, what to focus on, and how you can increase lead generation and sales. In this case, using ChatGPT for B2B sales or marketing is a must.

For example, let's use a few steps from the GPT prompts to get a full-fledged company analysis.

SWOT analysis using ChatGPT for B2B sales or marketing

Prompt for ChatGPT:

Based on the latest technology trends, what are the potential strengths and weaknesses of Apple's products?

Let's see the result:

And, in seconds, I received a short list of Apple's merits and flaws 😊

Competitor identification and analysis

I consider this to be the most important of the ChatGPT sales prompts. Why? Because competitor analysis is the first thing you need to do when creating a product, and then do it on a regular basis to understand how you can get ahead of them in the market.

It is always necessary for businesses to plan and adjust their growth strategy on time, and it also motivates them to compete with their competitors healthily.

Consider the following prompt as an example:

Identify my company's key competitors in the technology industry, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, their strategies, and what might affect our market position.

ChatGPT sales prompts: query result

We received the top alternatives and brief info about their strengths and weaknesses and the factors that may affect Apple's competitor position.

It's interesting, don't you think?

I understand there is a lot of info about Apple, and it is better to do such analyses with GPT. As I said above, you can also upload documents in GPT (if you use GPT4) and tell AI assistants to research data from your Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, etc.

That is, if there is not enough data about you on the Internet, you can simply provide all the information to GPT by uploading docs before writing ChatGPT sales prompts.

Potential for improving products and the company as a whole

A logical continuation of this would be to ask:

How can you improve your business and user solutions/perhaps services so that your competitors' clients want to become your customers?

Consider the following prompt as an example:

Based on SWOT analysis, what opportunities do you see to improve Apple products so that we can better meet the needs of our target market?

ChatGPT sales prompts: record result

This is how you can get some tips, of course, some of them may not be valuable to you, but you should read all of them so that you don't miss any awesome ideas for your business.

Then, with the help of ChatGPT sales prompts, in the same chat, you can get tips for developing an effective lead generation strategy and create an action plan that will help boost sales. Also, get advice on product optimization, analyze the effectiveness of the implemented strategy, etc.

ChatGPT sales prompts for sales & marketing emails

To create professional ChatGPT sales emails, you can choose one of the chatbots by clicking Explore GPTs dedicated to creating email templates. Such a chatbot will be already trained for such requests and all you have to do is explain what exactly you want.

There's a customized standard query (others also have them) - Help me write an email to potential customers. Click on it, and AI chat will guide you.

If you think it's better to provide it with all the information to create an email campaign at once, just write GPT about that:

Prompt for ChatGPT for sales emails creating

«Create sales emails for two categories of users on our platform + 3 follow-ups. This is a B2B product company called Mary. The company's main products are Email Software and Email Tracker.  We are launching a Black Friday promotion for our two types of users:

  1. Free users. We offer 30% off a monthly subscription.

  2. Paid users. 20% discount on annual subscription renewal.


  • Subject line: Create a catchy, personalized subject line for your email.

  • Introduction: Write an introduction to your email that will evoke an emotional response and encourage further reading. For example, you can add one of the user's achievements on the platform.

  • Promotion + CTA block: Write about a promotion that will be available on Black Friday. The text should encourage people to take action.

  • Signature.

After this request to ChatGPT to create a sales proposal, it asked me what problems our product helps users solve. Add the answer, and we get these results. 

ChatGPT sales emails

For free users:

To create perfect follow-ups, the smart assistant asked me for additional information.

This is a very good question because by really focusing on real-life cases, we can motivate people to upgrade from a free to a paid subscription. So keep this question for yourself so that you can use it to make more effective follow-ups.

So I added the case to ChatGPT to create a sales proposal and received the following follow-up:

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For paid customers:

ChatGPT to create a sales proposal in follow-up for paid users:

Note. These examples are not presented with the assumption that you can use such results from GPT right away (it depends on the result you get, of course). Using ChatGPT for sales prospecting, you can write such emails more quickly, using chat as an assistant and leveraging its tips and templates to compose perfect emails.

ChatGPT sales prompts for requests on LinkedIn

Also, your AI assistant can be good at creating short messages/InMails for LinkedIn users (your prospects definitely can be there). The main point is that if you ask ChatGPT to create a sales proposal to send to prospects on LinkedIn InMail, you must clearly formulate your goal.

I chose this chat to immediately communicate with ChatGPT customized for this topic. You can choose any other specific chat.

I sent this simple request and immediately got an excellent template:

«I want to send a connection request for potential customers with a B2B sales proposal.»

I tried to use another query:

«Hi, can you help me create a LinkedIn request that might interest a potential client to learn about our product and offer?»

Note. If you provide data about your company and product, ChatGPT sales prompts can be more in the form of ready-made messages rather than templates.

ChatGPT sales prompts for sales & lead gen posts on LinkedIn

You can also use ChatGPT for B2B sales posts on LinkedIn. To do this, you choose a chat customized for this specific topic, and there will be examples of queries you can provide to artificial intelligence right in the chat list.

Let's see below what we can get here.

ChatGPT to create a sales proposal in LinkedIn posts

  • First, you will receive a list of information points from the chatbot you need to provide to it so that it can generate the perfect post for you.

  • I fill in the data (fake) for testing and get this LinkedIn post.

ChatGPT sales prompts for creating sales articles & landing pages

Using artificial intelligence for sales isn't limited to templates or strategy recommendations. You can also compose much faster great articles that will help you attract more signups and paying users.

Use ChatGPT for B2B sales articles. The AI assistant can help you with things like creating an outline for an article and research. It is also good for checking articles.

Here is one of the good ChatGPT sales prompts to create an outline for an article (or a Landing page):

«Hi. Please create an article outline for me with recommendations for each block - Three Use Cases for Cold Email for Job Data.»

You can also add clarifications. For instance, ask how and where you can competently implement SEO key phrases/words in your text, or ask for links on sites where you can find details about each specific block.

Note. Write an article according to such a plan yourself, only your human approach can help you make an article that is really valuable for your target audience. But you can successfully use GPT as an assistant in such routine tasks as creating an article plan, checking the text, and information research (especially if it is GPT 4).

How I can use ChatGPT for B2B sales: summary

  • You can use ChatGPT to generate leads and sales growth. With 3.5 and 4 versions, it is easy to create emails, LinkedIn inMails, build powerful strategies for developing your business, etc.
  • Ways to use ChatGPT for sales prospecting: deploying chatbots, qualifying leads, adding more personalization, creating instructions/guides for users, crafting great articles + images creation.
  • ChatGPT can become an indispensable assistant in company analysis to find excellent methods for lead generation, sales, and business growth. You can do a detailed analysis with your assistant in a more express mode.
  • By using ChatGPT sales prompts, you can make a detailed company analysis, know more about the strengths and weaknesses of your business, conduct competitor analysis, and get recommendations for developing your products, marketing, and sales strategies.
  • By using ChatGPT sales prompts, you can create perfect sales & marketing emails + follow-ups, requests on Linkedin, sales & lead gen posts for Li and other social media, write sales articles and landing pages, and so on.

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