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11 best email scraping tools (Free & Paid)

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Scraping your prospects' email addresses allows you to retrieve highly accurate and up-to-date emails from a variety of sources - companies' websites, and social media.

This saves you the time and effort of finding accurate email addresses and other data that allows you to personalize future communications (which increases your chances of success).

Now, I'll give you the best tools for both price and functionality. And show you how these email scraping services work.

But first, let me address the questions that have likely already arisen in your mind.

Is email scraping effective?

Yes, this lets you avoid lengthy manual searches for prospects' contact data. While you could manually find a few emails in a few hours, a scraping tool can uncover hundreds in minutes, and sure it helps avoid errors caused by the manual entry of email addresses into your prospect database.

Yes, extracting publicly available emails and other data from the Internet is generally acceptable, but it is critical to learn and comply with each site's terms and conditions.

What are the best email scraping tools in 2024?

The best 11 email scraping tools for sales prospecting:

  1. GetProspect Email Finder
  2. LeadLeaper
  3. Lusha
  4. useArtemis
  5. Snov.io
  6. Skrapp.io
  7. Hunter.io
  8. ContactOut
  9. Wiza
  10. VoilaNorbert
  11. Apify

The best email scraping tools for LinkedIn

GetProspect Email finder

GetProspect Email finder is one of the best email finders for LinkedIn with a 12-step email verification process. This software uses not only the Li database but also its own large and regularly updated B2B database with millions of business contacts.

This solution has a user-friendly interface, has many features, and immediately shows the most essential data. GetProspect has a robust email address validation system, and guarantees 95+ percent data accuracy, has advanced filters to ensure that you find leads that will really be interested in your products and have a better chance of turning into sales.

Ben Gold, Founder of Recommended Home Buyers:

«I use GetProspect, a reliable email scraping tool that has helped me achieve excellent results in my campaigns. Three reasons why we use GetProspect. First, efficiency - this solution allows me to browse and extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles within minutes. It’s amazing!

The second reason is quality - the GetProspect email finder extension provides high-quality email addresses that are verified and validated to ensure their accuracy.  And the last thing I want to mention is dashboards, it helps my team analyze and organize all data better.»

Pay only for verified emails

Start a prospect search with GetProspect tool for scraping emails and get accurate data like email addresses with a 97% deliverability rate. Start nurturing your lead generation and sales results now.

Get 50 free emails

Main features best email scraper – GetProspect Email finder:

  1. Single & Bulk email scraping

  2. No manual search. Specify the number of pages you want and enrich your prospect data

  3. Bulk search prospects by LinkedIn URLs

  4. Single & Bulk email verifier in web app

  5. B2B data enrichment solution

  6. Search prospects in the biggest B2B GetProspect Database (17+ filters)

Using a free subscription, you get a lot from working with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Nav.



50 valid emails & 100 verifications

Unlimited accept all emails

Unlimited users in workspace

Removing duplicates

Enrich & Export data (to 50k records, for free)

Search leads in GetProspect B2B database with 17+ filters

All features within the credits are available

To find more people’s email addresses, you can change the tariff plan to paid one. It starts at $49 for a monthly payment of 1,000 valid emails & 2,000 verifications.


LeadLeaper is a LinkedIn email scraper that was created to make sales and marketing specialists' lead prospecting processes easy. With this tool, you can search for contacts and then go to the web app to send prospects a simple first email.

There is no CRM to enrich prospect data (and you will need it because one email to personalize the work with the target audience and turn the leads into sales will not be enough), but you can use block «CRM» where you can set up integration with HubSpot CRM.

The main feature of email scraper – LeadLeaper:

  • Extract email addresses from LinkedIn (single and bulk)

Using a free email scraper, you can work with LinkedIn & LinkedIn Sales Nav.



100 email credits

There is no

free export,

duplicate check,

leads manager & teamwork,

and so on.

To find more email addresses of prospects, you can change the tariff plan to paid one. It starts at $29 for a monthly payment with 3,000 email credits, export data, etc.


LinkedIn email finder from Lusha is a powerful tool for finding contact information for B2B leads in a web app with advanced filters and scraping LinkedIn emails B2B prospects, with phone numbers, social media profiles, and other relevant data to personalize outreach.

Daniel Florido, Director of PixelStorm:

«In contrast to using candidates' corporate email addresses, Lusha is concentrated on locating personal email accounts. It does more than just locate emails; for many prospects, it also gives contact information. It takes great satisfaction in being exceedingly simple to use».

Main features LinkedIn email extractor from Lusha:

  • Search prospects' email addresses in single & bulk format

  • Searching through part of Lusha filters via an extension without leaving the LinkedIn page

You can use a free subscription for the email scraping platform with LinkedIn & LinkedIn Sales Nav.



5 credits for 1 user

Scraping emails 

Basic prospecting platform

Basic Chrome extension


bulk search (only available if you agree on the 14-day trial version),

list export & basic team management,

shared credit pool, etc.

Plans start from $39 per month for 1 user (+1 more user: $78 per month) with 40 credits.


useArtemis is one of the best email scraper tools, which allows you to find prospects' email addresses and start multi-channel campaigns via LinkedIn and email.

The main features of email scraper – useArtemis:

  • Extract the email addresses (single & bulk emails search)

  • No manual search. Specify the number of pages you want and enrich your prospect data.

  • Single email verifier

Below is an example of a single search.

useArtemis, an email scraper extension for Chrome, works with simple LinkedIn search & LinkedIn Sales navigator.



50 credits per month (1 contact with email = 1 credit)

Export & Enrich Linkedin search results

Email Verifier

All features within the credits are available

Plans start from $49 per month with 2000 credits per month (for searching email, verifying email addresses, etc.).

Snov.io LI Prospect Finder

Snov.io LI Prospect Finder is an extension that helps users easily find valid email addresses (7-tier verification) & identify hundreds of decision-makers. 

Margo Kashuba, CMO at Belkins agency:

«Belkins have been leveraging Snov.io’s Email Finder for more than 5 months to collect the emails. All leads have gone through manual and automated verification, which brought the company up to 98-99% in deliverability.»

Major features of Snov.io LI Prospect Finder:

  • Prospect data search (single)

  • Advanced settings for bulk scraping emails (you can specify the number of pages from which you want to scrape info)

Below is an example of a single search. You can only see the results by going to the web app.

You can use a free subscription to the email scraping platform with LinkedIn & LinkedIn Sales Nav. 



150 credits (all of them for prospect search and email verification)

Duplicate detector 

Email finder & verifier

Database lead search

Sales CRM

Without bulk email search and data export

Plans start from $39 per month with 1000 credits (general limit on the search for emails and verification of emails).

Skrapp.io extension

Skrapp.io Linkedin extension is an email scraper  for B2B prospecting on professional social networks. With the free Chrome Extension, you can easily start prospecting, and it can be used in conjunction with the Skrapp.io app for convenient outreach on the move.

The main feature of the Skrapp.io LinkedIn extension:

  • Extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles (single & bulk)

This email scraper works with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Nav.



50 free credits/month

Scraping emails from LinkedIn

Email Finder (web app)

Email Verifier

Users on this plan can export only 1 page from LinkedIn/Sales Nav

No duplicate cleaning

Not available «list downloads»

Paid plans start from $49 per month with 1000 emails for 2 users (general credits on the search for emails and verification of email addresses).


ContactOut is a solution that enables recruiters and sales reps to extract emails from LinkedIn, step up their prospecting efforts and make it easier to reach potential customers.

The main features of ContactOut:

  • Searching decision-makers (single and bulk)

  • Ability to make notes about the contact right during the search

You can use a free subscription to the email scraping platform with LinkedIn (in paid tariff plans + LinkedIn Sales Nav).



40 free credits/month for 1 user

Searching work emails

personal emails

LinkedIn Sales Nav search is not accessible

No integrations available

Paid plans for this email scraping software start from $99 per month with 500 emails for 1 user.


Wiza is an advanced sales enablement platform designed to optimize the lead generation process for businesses. This powerful solution uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to extract email lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Major features of Wiza email scraper extension:

  • Single search for leads with basic info on them

  • History of previous views

  • Bulk lead data export from LinkedIn Sales Nav (to 2,5k at once)



50 credits

Email finding & export data

Without the ability to

Export leads without contact info (It's safer)

Team analytics

Scan queues (Issuing 25 bulk scans at a time)

Paid plans start from $30 per month for 1 user with 75 email credits.


VoilaNorbert is a lead generation solution that identifies corporate email addresses and augments them with relevant data to optimize conversion rates.

The main feature of VoilaNorbert email scraper software:

  • Search prospects' emails in a single format by Name.

VoilaNorbert gives new users 50 free credits to use their product. Later you need to switch to a paid plan.

Paid subscriptions start from $49/month for 1,000 email addresses (credits for verification and enrichment are purchased separately).

So, what are the best FREE email scraping tools on Chrome extensions?

They all gave enough credits to test their product to find the email addresses.

The best tools for extracting emails from websites

Part of the platforms for scraping emails from LinkedIn (namely 6) have such a feature as extracting emails from websites. I'll show you how it works and add 1 more prospect contact search extension to our list – Hunter.io.


Here, you can find out more data about the site's company, a list of employees and contact information, and the ability to search for decision-makers using the field – Find lead.

Try the best email extractor software

Dont waste time searching and choose a tool with limitless possibilities. Find thousands of decision-makers, their contact data, and other important information to qualify with GetProspect email scraper tool.

Start your search


Here, you also can scrape email data from websites and find main info about companies and lists of employees.

Snov.io Email finder

Here, you can find a list of employees with job positions and search their email address. Also, you’ll get LinkedIn URLs and all domain emails.


With this extension, you also can get major company information, a list of employees, and get each prospect’s email address. But searching for decision-makers by filters is excluded here. After selecting prospects, you can instantly switch to email campaigns or transfer the data to the CRM.


It's the same as a LinkedIn search. To start with an email scraper, you need to specify the prospect's name. So, you need to initially understand who you want to find.


Hunter.io email scraper offers enhanced capabilities for locating email addresses on any business website. Here are no available search emails on LinkedIn or any other social networks.

Source: Hunter.io

What is available and not available in the free plan?



25 credits on search emails

50 monthly verifications

Without export

Paid subscriptions start from  $49 with 500 credits on search emails for unlimited team members.

Email scraping from social media platforms (FB, Reddit, etc.)

As a bonus, I give you a great tool for scraping other social networks. If your target leads live not only on LinkedIn.


Apify is an online automation service with which you can automate various social media tasks effortlessly.

This service offers a number of email scraping tools, including

  • Facebook page scraper,

  • Instagram scraper,

  • YouTube scraper,

  • Twitter scraper,

  • contact data scraper,

  • Reddit scraper.

Available free plan with $5 monthly free usage.

Summary about email extractor tools

  • The best email scraping tools for LinkedIn prospect search - GetProspect Email finder, Leadleaper, Lusha, useArtemis, Snov.io Li Prospect Finder,  Skrapp.io, ContactOut, Wiza, and VoilaNorbert.
  • GetProspect, LeadLeaper, Snov.io, Skrapp.io, and VoilaNorbert have the best free plans (price-to-feature ratio) and subscription prices in general.
  • The best tools for extracting emails from websites – GetProspect, Lusha, Snov.io, ContactOut, VoilaNorbert, and Hunter.io extensions.
  • If you want to find email addresses on social networks other than LinkedIn, there is an Apify platform with scraping tools for Facebook, Youtube, etc.

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Dmytro Shulha

Dmytro Shulha is registered as Chief Executive Officer and Founder of GetProspect in Ukraine. He has more than 10 years of experience in building IT products. 

From 2006 to 2012 Dmytro earned his education as an Engineer’s Degree, Applied Mathematics in National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'​.