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How to find a company email address?

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To contact a company and its employees, to make a deal or to sell a product, or if you are a user - to get important information on the use of the product, you need to have one or more effective methods because email addresses are not always easy to find.

There are many options, from manual searches to particular tools and parsers. You can connect with the person you need by email and social networks.

I've prepared a list of methods, tools, and channels to use to find business contact information and quickly start communicating with its representatives.

How to find the contact information for companies?

  1. Searching with an email finder platform
  2. Scraping data through the LinkedIn extension
  3. Finding companies' data via crawler tools
  4. Find a way to connect with Product Hunt
  5. Search contact data via Google
  6. Manual search by social networks
  7. Manual search by company website

How to get contact details of companies?

The contact information of companies can be obtained in both bulk and single formats. Bulk formats involve the use of lookup platforms and extensions to find business addresses.

Manual searches can be used for single ones, but it is essential to note that platforms or specialized search tools are the fastest way to find a company email address, even for single cases.

  1. Searching with the GetProspect email finder platform
  2. GetProspect extension for scraping business contact data
  3. Lookup email addresses via special parsers

How to find a company email address with GetProspect?

A) Searching contact details in the GetProspect business email directory

What you can find: company email addresses list and social network links.

GetProspect can provide you with prospects data and email addresses of decision-makers in ​​the company contacts database within seconds using powerful search filters (location, industry, technologies, and others – 17+ in total). There is a dedicated section for Companies search. Below is an example of how you can find contact information.

Steps to find a company email address with GetProspect:

  1. Go to the Search section and select Companies on the left block.
  2. Choose the Domain or Company name filter.
  3. Enter the company's domain, then click on Leads after obtaining the search results.
  4. Select an employee based on their position, e.g., Customer Support, Customer Success Manager.
  5. Obtain the employee's email address and reach out.

Similarly, here you can find corporate contact information such as links to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages and contact representatives of the company.

Find email addresses by company search in seconds

Get only valid email addresses of companies and information that will help personalize communication with their employees.

Start searching

Why should you consider this option? Because it is one of the fastest ways to find contact data of the employees - company email addresses, social network URLs, and other relevant data.

Moreover, in GetProspect, you can find up to 50 valid emails absolutely free every month and without any limitations (within the credits available in your account).

What should you take into consideration? Firstly, you can only use the platform after registration. Secondly, if you want to access more prospects' contact data, you need to switch to a paid subscription plan. Paid subscriptions start at $49 per month for monthly billing, and purchasing an annual plan costs $412 (equivalent to $34 per month).

B) Company email addresses scraping through the email finder extension

What you can find: email addresses, social network links, and other relevant info about the company.

Search business contact information on LinkedIn in the Company profile

Milosz Krasinski, Managing Director at Chilli Fruit:

«Professional platforms like LinkedIn are particularly useful. While reaching out directly via LinkedIn is an option, here you can also reveal the names of key personnel, which can then be used to find a particular email address. About 50% of our contacts when it comes to link building outreach come from Linkedin.»

For instance, a great way to find business contact data is by using LinkedIn extensions. With the GetProspect Email finder plugin, you can do this in just a few clicks.

Steps to find a company email address via LinkedIn Email finder extension:
  1. Sign up for GetProspect and install the Email Finder plugin.
  2. Log in to LinkedIn using the Chrome browser.
  3. Go to the company's page and activate the extension.
  4. Retrieve the list of prospects and search for the desired person. For example, enter «Support».
  5. Once you find the desired contact, click on the «+» icon to save them in the web app.
  6. To view the email, click on the ✉️.

Finding business email addresses on company websites

Using the GetProspect extension, you can also effortlessly uncover contact information on business websites.

  1. Go to the website of the company you are interested in and click on the extension.
  2. Get a list of employees and brief info about it.
  3. Use the search bar in the extension to find the employee you need by their position.
  4. Once you find the desired contact, click on the «+» icon to save them in the web app.
  5. Instantly obtain the email addresses of companies by clicking on ✉️.

Why is this option worth considering? You don't need to install another extension. It's the same plugin. The GetProspect extension for LinkedIn allows you to scrape emails on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator (more than 900M members), and any company website (getting emails from the GetProspect company email addresses directory).

Get only accurate contact companies data with a 95%+ accuracy guarantee

The Email fInder extension from GetProspect has a 12-step email verification process, which allows you to target the correct contact data and get the most out of the plugin.

Get 50 emails for free

What should you pay attention to? The extension is only available for Chrome. To use the plugin, you need to register on the platform. It's a single extension that works for both LinkedIn and scraping from company websites. If 50 valid emails are not enough for you, consider the paid plans starting from $49 for unlimited users with 1000 valid emails.

How to find email addresses for companies via crawler tools?

What you can find: business contact information – email addresses, phone numbers.

Search company contact data via Screaming Frog

Steps to find a company email address with Screaming Frog:

1. Launch the Screaming Frog SEO Spider program on your computer.

2. After opening the crawler, enter the URL of the company's website in the search bar at the top of the program and click the «Start» button to initiate the website scanning process.

3. Once the data collection is complete, navigate to the «URL» tab on the left sidebar of the app. 

4. In the filter field located at the top of the URL tab, enter keywords such as «contact», «email», and «support» to filter the URLs that may contain contact info.

5. Review the filtered URLs to find business email addresses or phone numbers.

6. Click on the URLs to view detailed information about the page in the main window of the application.

Here I could not find anything with the key «email», but very quickly, I found a contact phone number with the key «contact».

But when searching for data from another company, I was able to obtain an email address as well.

Why should you consider this option? It works with Windows, macOS, and Linux. This method of finding company email addresses is significantly faster than a manual search. You don't need to visit each company's website individually. Simply enter the link and find the email address or phone number.

What should you pay attention to? This method takes more time compared to using dedicated email search platforms. The free version has a crawl limit of 500 URLs per query, which reduces the chances of finding contact data. I found the right ones after spending a lot of time with this parser.

So, the unlimited paid plan costs $259 per year. Here, you can process more pages and have more opportunities to find the desired information, including viewing the found pages, such as «contact us» in HTML. In the free version, you may find pages with contact data, but you often can't view them.

However, with the paid version, you can access the HTML pages and retrieve the necessary data, such as email or phone number.

Search company contact data via Netpeak Checker

Steps to find a company email address with Netpeak:

When you need to collect email and phone numbers from a list of URLs, follow the algorithm below:

1. Launch Netpeak Checker.

2. Paste the list of pages into the program window from the clipboard or load from a file, or enter it manually

3. On the sidebar, check the «Email addresses» and «Phone numbers» checkboxes.

4. Start scanning.

5. Wait until it finishes, and you will see all the found data in the table.

6. Click on «Export» to download the data to your computer.

Why should you consider this option? Netpeak Checker offers a powerful and efficient solution for collecting contact data, making it a compelling choice for individuals and businesses alike.

By using this tool, you can streamline the process of gathering valuable contact information, such as email addresses and social media profiles, from websites and online sources. This can save you significant time and effort compared to manual data collection methods, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks and opportunities for growth.

What should you pay attention to?  Netpeak Checker is compatible with Windows OS and Windows Server only. Netpeak Checker's contact data scraping feature, available exclusively on the Pro Plan for $264 per year, is a powerful tool that enables users to effortlessly extract valuable contact information from websites.

  1. Find a way to connect with Product Hunt
  2. Search contact data via Google
  3. Manual search by social networks
  4. Manual search by company website

Find a company's email address via Product Hunt + GetProspect

What you can find only via Product Hunt: Twitter URLs.

Product Hunt is a popular site where you can find any solution for your business and interesting innovations among platforms and applications. And in addition, here, you can find ways to contact any company that is on the platform. There are no email addresses or phone numbers, but here you can get the official Twitter pages and write personal messages.

Email searching through Product Hunt and GetProspeсt Email finder

What you can find: company email address, links on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and other relevant data about companies.

In addition, here you can see a list of company employees, find someone you need (by position), take the first and last name, and go to the GetProspect B2B database to get the email address of the person you need - the decision-maker, customer service reps, and so on.

Why should you consider this option for finding company email addresses? Collaborative search via Product Hunt and GetProspect is worth considering because the Product Hunt website gathers the best enterprises, and you can find practically any company you want there, along with a list of its employees. It is completely free and doesn't take much time.

With the help of GetProspect, you can quickly find the missing data, including business contact information.

What do you need to take into account? As mentioned above, the first solution is the usual manual search, and it's free. While in the case of GetProspect, you need to sign up in advance, and if you need more than 50 valid emails every month, you need a paid subscription.

Find business contact information on Google

What you can find: email addresses.

Type «[Name of company] email» or «site email: [domain]».

Why is this option worth considering? You can find the email of the company for free.

What should you pay attention to? If you need to find email addresses for multiple companies, this search option takes more time than the previous ones. Moreover, this method is not always effective. Out of the searches for five different companies, I was able to find emails for only one of them.

Find company's email address by visiting social networks

What you can find: email addresses, phone numbers, social network URLs.

Ilan Nass, Chief Revenue Officer at Taktical Digital:

«Checking the businesses' social media pages is one way to locate additional contact data. On their social media profiles or in their posts, many companies list their contact details, including business contact information.

To request it, also you can try sending a direct message to the business's social media account. Social media sites present a chance to interact with the business's online community and learn more about its brand voice and messaging.

When creating customized messages for the company or its representatives, this data can be helpful. Checking the business's social media pages can also yield useful details about its goods and services, as well as any most recent news or updates to personalize future messages/emails.»

Get business contact information by manual search on LinkedIn

What you can find: email address.

On LinkedIn, look for contact information in the «About» section. Unfortunately, I managed to find the email of only one company out of 10 searches.

Why is this option worth considering? You can find the email of the company for free.

What's worth paying attention to? This option is good only if you need to get one email address, but if you want several, it's better to use an email search tool.

Looking for a company’s email address via Facebook

What you can find: company's email address, other social network links, etc.

On Facebook, when you go to a business page, you can see contact data in the «Intro» section.

Note. People often leave such data on Facebook rather than on the LinkedIn section «About» (according to my experience).

Why is this option worth considering? First of all, it's free, and secondly, there are actually more chances to get all the necessary data to contact the company you need (if it has a page here, of course).

What's worth paying attention to? This option is good only if you need to find one contact, if several, it's better to use mass email lookup tools.

Find the email address of the company by visiting its websites

What you can find: email addresses, phone numbers, social network URLs.

A) Looking for a company’s email address in the «Contact», «About Us», or «Team» pages

Steps to find a company email address on the website:

  1. Visit the company's official website and navigate to the «Contact», «About Us», or «Team» pages.

  2. Look for email addresses listed for specific departments or key personnel.

  3. Also, check for contact forms or phone numbers where you can reach them.

Also, as you can see, you can find URLs on social media, which is undoubtedly an additional way to contact prospects.

B) Find data in the blog & help center blocks

This is one of the easiest ways to find a company email address.

You can find contacts of the employees on the company blog or in support articles. For example:

Summary: how to find a company email address

  • Company email addresses can be found in bulk and single, both manually and automatically, with the help of special tools.
  • The most convenient bulk search methods: lookup platforms like GetProspect Email finder, email scrapers like LinkedIn Email finder from GetProspect, and special crawler tools like Screaming Frog.
  • The most convenient single search methods: Product Hunt + GetProspect B2B database search, lookup company data via Google, in social networks, and manual search by the company website.
  • Ways you can use GetProspect to find company email addresses to get data faster – email finder platforms and email addresses scraper extensions.

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