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How to find someone on LinkedIn by email address

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Email marketing is perfect for business growth, but you need to remember that you shouldn't limit yourself to one channel. With LinkedIn, you can reach those cold leads and make business connections that could not be reached by email. This is the other successful channel that contributes to B2B sales growth.

With over 930 million members across 200+ countries, LinkedIn is one of the most popular channels to attract leads, grow your career, and make important connections. But how do you get the profile or list of needed LinkedIn profiles with only email address lists?

You will find the top methods to search LinkedIn by email in the article and will be able to choose the most convenient for you and your team.

How to find a LinkedIn profile using email?

By single search:

By bulk search:

How can I find the LinkedIn profile of a person whose email I have?

Let's look at a few quick-finding options for a single search.  There is no need to search for many profiles every time. There are situations when you need to find the page of just one person. Here are some effective express methods.

Email lookup

For a faster way to locate the owner of an email account (its LinkedIn profile), you can use Email Lookup from GetProspect. 

With its help, you will find not only the profile of the prospect you need but also get data on such attributes as first and last name, location, the company where the person is working, get more data about employees from this company, etc.

Example of LinkedIn search by email via this solution:

All that remains is for you to save the lead to our CRM, or thanks to the rich choice of native integrations, you can transfer the data collected on the GetProspect platform to your favorite CRM or export it to your PC.

  • Advantages of this method: fast search method to find a person's LinkedIn account in a second and for free. The data guarantee is more than 95%. 
  • Disadvantages of this method: none found.
Have an email address? Find the prospect’s info in minutes

Insert an email into a search bar and extract the person’s info.

Check details

Backup option if you do not have an email address or it turned out to be invalid

How to find someone on LinkedIn by name? If you don't have the prospect's email address, you can first go to the Find Lead section in the Enrich block. Enter the prospect's full name and company domain and get their email address. Afterward, go to the LinkedIn lookup by email and get the URL.

If you have only a person's full name, go to our B2B database search and choose the «Contact name» filter.

As trite as it may sound, to find a LinkedIn profile by email, you can simply add the prospect's full name and an email next to it to get a link to LinkedIn. Or you can add the prospect's full name, position, and company name and add the word «LinkedIn» next to it.

This is a good option for a one-time search, which occasionally yields results (but not always!).

This way of finding data is not for bulk prospecting, which is usually required when looking for leads and collaborations, as it takes a lot of time and manual work.

  • Advantages: A simple and easy-to-use finding method.
  • Disadvantages: May not always give results. Manual search.

On LinkedIn

Option 1. Find someone on LinkedIn with an email in the «My Network» block:

  1. Just log in to your account and go to the «My Network» block.
  2. Next, you will need to click My Contacts, and you will be shown the contact list synced from your emails.
  3. Choose which list you need. For example, «Google».

  • Advantages: free of charge.
  • Disadvantages: the function is expected to become unavailable over time.

Note. Please note that this search function «owner of an email account» will not be available over time. This information is listed in the LinkedIn Help Center: «If you use contacts sync, we have started to remove this feature, and you should expect this feature to no longer be available».

Option 2. Look for hints in the email address + LinkedIn communities

Sometimes, the email address itself can provide a clue. If the email contains a lead’s name and domain, you can find the LinkedIn profile using this information.

For example, here is the email address of our Head of SEO: «[email protected]».

  • Go to LinkedIn and search for the group of the company GetProspect. 
  • Go to the list of people who work for this company. And we see one Elena here.
  • The job is done. We have found the Li account of the person we need by their email.

  • Advantages: ability to find a Linkedin profile by email for free.
  • Disadvantages: not always giving results. For example, if you were to search for me by my corporate email, you probably wouldn't find me. Because my email has a shortened name. So, keep in mind that there may be such moments when you can't find a person using this option.

Note. All the abovementioned options are appropriate for a single lookup. But when we work not with one person, for instance, for collaboration or sales, but with a database of potential customers, then, of course, a bulk email address search is more relevant. Here, the options described below will help.

Data enrichment tool

You can find someone on LinkedIn with an email address or without (it is not a requirement), but you need to add a list of contacts with main data in the format First name + Last name + Company domain or First name + Last name + Company name to your CSV file.

What do you get by enriching the data in the GetProspect email finder? 

LinkedIn URL, email address, business phone number, job title, location, etc.

  • Advantages of this method: Reliable data, fast bulk search, free subscription for a full platform test. You can find and enrich up to 50 contacts per month for free. There are no restrictions on features and data export. 

The budget plan starts at $49 per month with the ability to add up to 1000 contacts.

  • Disadvantages of this method: none.
Get 50 free valid emails

Take advantage of GetProspects rich functionality right now. Test the platform’s free version. Get valid emails from the web app or LinkedIn Search, verify a list of 100 emails, and more.

Sign Up

Google Sheets Add-on – enrich data in bulk

If it is more convenient for you to work with your database and update it in Google Sheets, then our add-on will be an excellent option. 

How can you find LinkedIn by email with GetProspect Add-on?

  1. Just head over to the Google Workspace Marketplace and install the solution in your Chrome browser.
  2. Next, when you go to Google Spreadsheets, you'll see the Email finder in the Extensions tab at the top.
  3. When the dropdown menu from GetProspect opens, select the Enrich type.
  4. Next, select the option you are going to «Enrich by leads».
  5. Match the column letter with the corresponding property in the add-on. 

Note. Contacts in your table should be written in the format: company name + first name + last name, or company domain + first name + last name.

As a result of this update and data enrichment, you will receive prospects’ LinkedIn URLs and other essential data to personalize future communication.

For more details on how to set up this feature and how it works, see our quick and easy guide:
  • Advantages: fast bulk search of LinkedIn profiles by email without leaving your Google Sheets.
  • Disadvantages: there are none, but you need to set up/attentively fill in the search fields in the pop-up window to get the desirable results.

Find a person by email via a specific formula

Another one is an interesting method that I found in one of the Expandi articles and, of course, tested it. The author who showed this method took it from ChatGPT and demonstrated how it works. 

How can you find LinkedIn by email with the formula from GPT? 

  • Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets with the LinkedIn profiles you want to find.

  • Next, you need to select Apps Script in the Extension tab.

  • The next step is to insert a special formula. Where the arrows are indicated, add «Your API» and «Your key»

This is the formula from GPT to search LinkedIn by email:

  • To generate the first key for creating your LinkedIn lookup by email, go here and click «Get a key».

  • To generate the second code, you need to go here and create a new Search Engine.

  • Then click on «Basic». When you create a new Search Engine, you will see this block on the left side. Here, you will get the second code in the Search Engine ID section.
  • Add the codes to the required fields and save - Ctrl + S (on Windows) or Cmd + S (on macOS).
  • Go to the table and add a special formula to get the LinkedIn profiles of the persons.

  • Advantages of the method: the search process is fast, convenient, and partially free (100 requests per day for free).
  • Cons: You won't get any additional info here, only LinkedIn URLs. Sometimes, it can generate the wrong data. And a bit complex to set up. 

The problem is that nothing worked for me until I renamed the block from the standard one to my own «getLinkedInProfile». In Expandi, such moments were not specified, so if you encounter the problem that this will not work, just try renaming it to your title.

The best way to find a person by email: summary

  • You can easily find a LinkedIn profile using the person's email address and for free using several methods.
  • The ways for single lookup are Email lookup, Google Search, and LinkedIn.
  • The methods for bulk search are Data Enrichment solution, Google Sheets Add-on, and Specific GPT formula.
  • The fastest way to locate the owner of an email account is Email Lookup.
  • The quickest and best bulk search way is using the Data Enrichment tool.

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