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Top 10 Lusha competitors & alternatives for B2B companies

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Finding accurate lead contact data can indeed be a real pain. Why? Data enrichment takes time, funds, and research. It explains a constant urge among sales specialists to find an effective solution.

Lusha is definitely one of them, having powerful features that salespeople can benefit from, especially if they put contact numbers in the center of the campaign. However, each tool has its disadvantages, and Lusha is no exception.

Main reasons to look for Lusha alternative solution

Based on the Lusha reviews on G2 and other review sites, we can say that people complain about the lack of accurate data. It sometimes fails to find correct emails and numbers or provides old data. Also, Lusha has no explicit email or phone verification feature and has non-transparent pricing.

While GetProspect plans start at $34 per month (annually subscription) for unlimited users with 1k valid emails and 2k verifications, that is, the amount doesn't get higher with the addition of users, the possibilities are fixed, you get everything that was specified in the package without extra fees.

At Lusha, though, its price is very attractive at first sight - $29 monthly (billed annually), but in fact, if you add at least one more user, it will be $58. That is, the price is not the cheapest solution, as it may seem from the first seconds.

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So, let's look more at GetProspect and other great alternatives regarding data accuracy, price, and tool capacity. 

What are the top Lusha alternative tools? Check out our list

#1. GetProspect: The best Lusha alternative with accurate results

GetProspect is an effective lead generation tool with a powerful B2B database, and with a reasonable price cap and a definite focus on prospect email extraction and finding essential data about them. That's why its data accuracy is on-point.

With it, you can extract data via a CRM-backed database, a smooth Chrome extension, or a flexible enrichment feature. This platform allows for increased email deliverability and higher response rates due to verification features.

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Main features of this Lusha alternative solution:

  • Email lookup service: If you need to quickly verify the validity of an email address provided by a contact and learn more details about it, you can use this fast reverse email lookup tool without the need to sign up or log in to the platform.
  • Database: Grants access to an up-to-date database of corporate emails and business details (230M business emails, 26M enterprises, data from LinkedIn (more than 900M members).
  • Data Enrichment. Allows searching information about the leads by name, company, website, LinkedIn URL, or email. Moreover, the GetProspect database is supported by advanced filters, including leads' departments, data latest updates, etc.
  • Chrome extension. Like the Lusha plugin, it accurately extracts leads’ data from webpages and LinkedIn pages accurately. It applies to LinkedIn searches and personal pages, and groups. In addition, it is compatible with Sales Navigator.
  • CRM support. Significantly adds to the workflow and contact management thanks to nested folders, dynamic lists, customer lead fields, lists export and import, and compatibility with major marketing platforms.
  • Email verification. Compared to Lusha, it provides real-time single and in-bulk email verification. Defines the validity of an email address under a 12-step verification process (checking domain health, handling MX record, server, and SMTP validation, and analyzing code response).

Free plan: 50 valid emails + 100 verified emails per month and unlimited users.

Paid plan: starts at $34/mo* offering 1000 valid emails and 2000 email verifications.

*— price if billed annually

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#2. ZoomInfo: Very pricey Lusha alternative making the difference

ZoomInfo is one of the most comprehensive and advanced B2B solutions, while the Lusha website considers it as the ‘Top Lusha Competitor.’ Why? 

As one of the oldest players on the market, it has an enormous database of phone and email addresses backed by diverse features, like intent data. So yes, it can be a game changer, especially if you have your ICP clearly defined. 

Yet, it is extremely expensive, requires a contract, and has no fixed price compared to other products, making people choose cheaper and more transparent options.

Main features of this Lusha alternative solution:

  • Database. It is said to have 150M+ email addresses, 100M+ company profiles, and 220M+ professional profiles, including phone numbers.
  • Lead information search. Allows searching for valuable data, including phone numbers and email addresses, lead's position, company, and professional details. Has an extension with similar functions to the Lusha plugin.
  • Buyer Intent feature. Has an intent engine that helps salespeople identify leads that are interested in buying.
  • Automation and organization. Offers workflow automation in regard to email and phone outreach, repetitive tasks, and communication. 
  • Additional solutions for sales process optimization. Analyzes conversation interactions with leads, offers chatbots for websites, allows tracking of visitors on websites, etc.

Free version: 14 days trial.

Paid plans: upon request or ‘individual plan’ agreed with the sales team.

#3. Voila Norbert: Lusha alternative with handy integrations for outreach

Voila Norbert is a solid email finder with straightforward design and accurate results, great for businesses with a defined focus on outreach strategy. The tool has good reviews and basic but effective functions referring to lead enrichment, data extraction, and verification. 

Importantly, it provides direct integration with Mailshake, an email outreach platform, and other automation software, like Drip and Salesdrive. Yet, this Lusha alternative offers no phone numbers.

Main features of this Lusha alternative solution:

  • Email finder. Searches for quality email addresses of leads. You can use a Google sheet add-on, upload a list, or enrich data by a search engine via desktop with the support of filters.
  • Chrome extension similar to the Lusha plugin. Allows extracting emails from websites and LinkedIn pages.
  • Verification tool. Validates email addresses in various ways: by uploading a CSV. file, by copying/pasting from a file, by using integrations.
  • Rightinbox extension. Upgrades your Gmail and allows email tracking, scheduling, and customizing.

Free version: first 50 leads

Paid version: starts from $39/mo* for 1,000 leads and unlimited users. 

Credits for email enrichment and verifications can be bought separately.

*— price if billed annually

#4. Cognism: A pricey premium Lusha alternative with great product depth

Cognism is another key player in the premium sales intelligence niche, allowing the extraction of quality phone numbers, direct dials, and email addresses. Even though they are a UK company with a lot of info on European organizations, they can offer quality leads across various regions. 

Their focus remains on valid B2B phone numbers, checked manually, and high-quality data. Yet, the price cap for such an in-depth product is very expensive and less transparent, with a similar approach to Zoominfo. 

Main features of this Lusha alternative solution:

  • Prospector feature and Advanced database. Allows you to search for leads information within the database with the help of advanced filters, narrowing data for the targeted lists. Interestingly, Cognism provides Do Not Call lists to support safe cold calling and prevent fines.
  • Data management. Create targeted lists based on the leads you found with a Prospector feature and integrate them into other CRMs. It will facilitate lead segmentation. 
  • Chrome Extension for LinkedIn. Just like the Lusha plugin, it extracts premium contact numbers and emails from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator that can be integrated into CRM.
  • Intent Data Analysis. An interesting feature and a great addition for the sales managers. With it, you can signify which organizations are looking for specific keywords, getting more interested prospects.
  • Content hub and insights. Provides case studies, workflow templates, and educational content for the community.

Free version: 25 free leads trial.

Paid plans: upon request or ‘individual plan’ agreed with the sales team (based on users’ reviews the pricing is around $15,000/year).

#5. Rocketreach: A worthy Lusha Alternative with a large database of emails

RocketReach is an email finder rather than a business intelligence tool, having an extremely large database of contact information (700M+ profiles and 35M+ companies), including social media URLs. Advanced packages with a higher price allow looking for phone numbers as well. Also, the tool offers extensions and lookup tools to find contact info even by social media URL.

Overall, it has good accuracy and simple features but lacks some filters compared to Lusha and other tools. Depending on your goals can be pricey.

Main features of this Lusha alternative solution:

  • LookUp tool. You can search for profiles by name, surname, and even education. Importantly, upon the search, it matches multiple email addresses, including valid and invalid ones, focusing on the best one. Phone numbers and social links are shown too but in advanced plans. 
  • Browser extensions. This Lusha alternative offers two LinkedIn Extensions, one for Chrome and another for Edge. It works on LinkedIn, websites like Angellist and Crunchbase, as well as company sites. 
  • Bulk lookups. The bulk search allows searching for multiple leads at once via uploading a file or a Lead generation tool. Importantly, it matches various data, including available LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook social media URLs.

Free trial: 3 lookups only.

Paid plans: Individual plans start at $39/mo*. Team and customized (enterprise) plans are also available upon the call with a sales team.

*— price if billed annually.

#6. Contact Out: Lusha alternative for recruiters… and salespeople

ContactOut is a recruiting rand sales intelligence that allows getting prospects’ email addresses and phone numbers from a large and diverse database. Importantly, the software offers multiple data points related to personal and professional information. 

That’s why it is popular among salespeople. 

The access to functions and ATS integrations varies depending on the plan. Thus, it may be somewhat limited under the primary package. Data accuracy has been a concern for some users, and the tool lacks coverage of some industries, like the health industry, or regions, like Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Main features of this Lusha alternative solution:

  • Data search. Contact Out allows you to do profile and company searches and get important data for outreach. The database has more than 150M personal emails, 200M work emails, 100M direct dials, 250M professional profiles, and 30M company profiles supported by various filters.  
  • Chrome extension. Just like a Lusha plugin, extracts emails from LinkedIn and adds them to the lists.
  • Mail Merge feature. With it, you can send emails in bulk to people from the saved lists having an outreach template with customized fields at your disposal. It requires you to connect a Gmail or Outlook account to the platform. 
  • Data enrichment. Allows you to enrich data by the LinkedIn URL, email address, or company name. That way, you can get important insights for outreach personalization or better sales qualification.

Free version: 40 emails and 3 phone numbers.

Paid plans: start at $29/mo* with 1,800 emails and 180 phone numbers for a year.

*— price if billed annually.

#7. Adapt: Lusha alternative solution that accelerates sales

Adapt is a straightforward sales accelerator or lead builder that helps to find information on the leads, including contact details. With it, salespeople can extract email addresses and even phone numbers. 

It is a solid solution with good ratings and reviews, offering a 100M+ profiles database . Yet, many would call the tool overpriced compared to Lusha and its alternatives, considering that it sometimes fails to find phone numbers and valid email addresses.

Main features of this Lusha alternative solution:

  • Lead builder. With it, you can enrich leads data based on 25+ filters available and narrow your search by the parameters or industries. Allows excluding inactive leads, the ones you already have or that are located in a certain country. Also, you can sort leads by the accuracy of the email address suggested by this Lusha alternative. 
  • Prospector Extension. Allows you to extract data on the leads from Linkedin and across websites, like emails and numbers, and add them into the desktop version or straight into the other platforms, like Salesforce, via integrations or using API.
  • Lists. Helps to manage the enriched leads and export them by creating a separate file or by transferring to a certain sales platform.

Free trial: 3 days of access to all features.

Paid plans: available upon a request or contact with the sales team.

#8. Clearbit: Lusha Alternative that adds to multiple B2B funnel stages

Clearbit activation platform is a software to enrich, capture and reveal leads by combining intelligence and intent data. Thus, the user gets a large database with advanced filters and can use specific features that add to lead management, targeting, and advertising. It may be difficult to use at first.

Importantly, the platform has a higher price compared to Lusha, while its leads profiles sometimes lack phone numbers and info is outdated.

Main features of this Lusha alternative?

  • Data enrichment. This software offers a database with 50M company records and 389M contact records. With the help of filters, you can look up the leads' email addresses and important insights, like payment volume.
  • Web tracking tool. Clearbit allows tracking who or what companies visited your website and, that way, captures buyers' intentions.
  • Audience Builder. This allows you to build your ideal customer profile and use it for data enrichment.
  • Extension. Unlike the Lusha Plugin, the one from Clearbit is multifunctional. In addition to extracting data from websites, it connects to Gmail, making sending emails to newly found leads easier.

Free version: 100 free lookups per month per user.

Paid plans: available upon a request with a sales team. 

Enrichment package starts at $99/mo (if billed monthly).

#9. Closely: Lusha alternative great for LinkedIn outreach

Closely is a sales engagement solution that focuses significantly on LinkedIn prospecting. Yes, it allows getting contact information from a vast database, including email addresses and phone numbers. Besides, it offers messaging automation, adding to sales experiences on LinkedIn. So, it is an excellent option if you rely on LinkedIn for the most part.

Importantly, this Lusha alternative solution is more expensive, sometimes provides invalid data, and may have some bugs that impede operation.

Main features of this Lusha alternative solution?

  • Lead Finder. Provides a 130M database of profile records for you to find the lead by using the filters like company, name, position, and skills. With it, you can also verify your email addresses.
  • LinkedIn extension. Here is an email finder similar to the Lusha plugin. Yet, it gets lead data, including email addresses and phone numbers, exports search results into a separate file, and facilitates connecting.
  • LinkedIn Inbox and tags. Helps you to manage the communication with leads.
  • LinkedIn Campaigns. This feature allows you to automate LinkedIn networking and messaging. By picking the target audience, templates, and customizable fields, actions to take, you can set the prospecting flow. Target people based on the LinkedIn search, your exported list, post engagement, event attendees, or LinkedIn groups. 
  • Email Campaigns. This feature is like the previous one but works with emails. It allows setting email sequences for your campaign.

Free version includes 50 lead finder credits per month.

Paid versions start at $49/mo* with 500 lead finder credits per month.

*— price if billed annually.

#10. Slintel: Smart Lusha Alternative with a focus on technographics

Slintel is the sales intelligence software that not only enriches email addresses and phone numbers but captures buyer intent with the help of technographics. 

The latter contemplates how the B2B prospect uses technology and resources to build the sales process. For Sintel users, it helps identify quality leads or potential customers for account-based strategies or simply prioritizing targets.

With a special approach to sales acceleration, this tool is far more expensive compared to Lusha. Some phone numbers seem inaccurate or outdated. 

Main features of this Lusha alternative solution:

  • Enrichment and Database. Slintel offers 280M+ business profiles across 14.5M organizations. One can search for contact details, emails, and phone numbers with extensive filters related to technologies in use, NAICS codes, industry, job titles, etc. The discover tab allows searching for companies and leads profiles, narrowing down and prioritizing targets. 
  • Buyer Intent. The companies enriched within the platform are displayed with a buyer intent score. It comes from the six signals that determine whether they are ready to buy.
  • Extension. Compared to the Lusha plugin, it works on LinkedIn and corporate websites. Besides, it also buyer intent and allows extracting data straight to the CRM.
  • Technographics and psychographics. Allows seeing customer landscape and social activity within websites or online platforms to identify the buyer intent. 
  • Smart Lists. Sintel offers smart lists to manage enriched leads. It also allows verifying and exporting leads to CRMs or into the file.

Chrome extension is free.

Paid plans: upon a request or the plan agreed with the sales team. 

Based on our request, it may cost around $10,000 a year for 3 users with 10,000 credits each for a year.


  • Lusha reviews regarding the non-transparent policy on credits, lack of accurate and up-to-date data, and no verification features push salespeople to look for alternative solutions.
  • Considering the data accuracy and the reasonable price, we would recommend GetProspect as a Top Lusha alternative. If you rely heavily on phone numbers, you can try other options like RocketReach, Adapt, Clearbit, and Closely. 
  • If you are looking for more sophisticated solutions and not afraid of a higher price tag, you should check ZoomInfo, Cognism, and Slintel.
  • Lusha email finder alternatives - FAQ 

What is Lusha?

Lusha is a sales intelligence software that salespeople, marketers, and recruiters use to enrich B2B leads data, in particular, get email addresses and phone numbers. Lusha has an extensive database with extensive filters, a prospecting platform, and a LinkedIn Chrome extension for data extraction and management.

What are the main Lusha features?

  • It provides a library-like database with the profiles of decision-makers.
  • Lusha pays significant attention to enriching data, particularly finding phone numbers and corporate emails.
  • The software allows you to make lists to organize the lead-generation process.
  • With Lusha Plugin for LinkedIn, users can easily access the contact lead info.

How much does Lusha cost?

The paid options start at $29/mo if billed annually, providing 480 credits for one user maximum. The more advanced plan costs $51/mo if billed annually, offering 960 credits for one user. There are also customized plans that can be agreed upon with the sales team. Also, Lusha offers a free version with five credits only. 

Is Lusha legit?

Lusha is legit, as the company's approach to data collection does not violate any laws or guidelines. Data collection takes place from open sources by applying specific algorithms and tools or with the help of partners.

How does Lusha get their data?

Lusha applies an open-source algorithm that cross-checks data from different sources and collects various data points in developing a whole B2B lead or company profile. Lusha partners as well apply AI and machine learning to collect data.

What does Lusha do?

Lusha allows extracting contact information, like email addresses, phone numbers, and corporate details of the B2B leads. It also enriches data upon downloading the lists with leads and adds to data management. 

Where does Lusha get data?

Lusha gathers contact information and insights for leads profiles from various sources of data: both open source and with limited access. In particular, it can scrape data from pages of data subjects that are public profiles or in public domains. At the same time, Lusha gathers info from partners, third parties, or when engaging with data subjects.

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