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CPP Investments is a professional investment management organization with a vital purpose: to help provide a foundation on which Canadians build financial security in retirement. To help maximize the CPP Fund for generations to come, we invest across all major asset classes: public equities, private equities, real estate, infrastructure and fixed income instruments. Commenting Policy Keep It Clean: Comments that include offensive, abusive, defamatory, obscene or inappropriate content will be deleted. Keep It Courteous: We do not permit personal attacks. Posts that attack representatives, including our Social Media Manager or other commenters, will be deleted. Keep It on Topic: Posts not relevant to the topic, or others’ comments, will be deleted. Keep Personal Information Private: Our social pages are public. For your own safety, do not post your personal information – or someone else’s. Such posts will be deleted. Keep it Spam-Free: Posts assumed to be spam will be deleted. Keep It Legal: Posts referencing illegal activity or ongoing legal matters, financial matters or internal business decisions will be deleted. Keep It Within Rules: We adhere to this social network’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. All comments are subject to those rules. Opinions expressed on these pages are those of their respective users only and do not necessarily reflect the views of CPP Investments, its management or employees. We are not responsible for the content of comments on this page, and disclaim any and all liability to the fullest extent permitted by law. Employees of CPP Investments, affiliated companies, representatives, dealers or agents, please note: Members of our Social Media Management team will handle any factual corrections and answer any comments as appropriate questions here. You are welcome to join the conversation but please disclose your affiliation with CPP Investments.

Key Employees

  • Cheryl Lee
    Public Credit
  • Donald Allen
    Global Travel Manager
  • Zachary Zheng
    Associate, Private Equity Asia

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New team members of CPP Investments

Patrick Ducharme Boutin
Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Engineerng, Quantitative Strategies
Fei Jia
Portfolio Manager, Research and Innovation (Quantitative Strategies)
Liqiao Zhang
Senior Associate, Quantitative Strategy & Risk Premium
Rohan M.
Senior Manager, Investment Finance Reporting
Tina Wang
Intern Analyst, Quantitative Strategies and Risk Premia, Capital Markets and Factor Investing
Luis Estrada
Portfolio Manager
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