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ContactOut alternative

Features comparison

ContactOut alternative - GetProspect - is a perfect solution for streamlining your prospecting efforts and maximizing the outreach of potential B2B specialists. After conducting an in-depth evaluation of each platform, we've identified the key factors to help you choose the best tool.

About GetProspect

GetProspect is a platform that conducts a 12-step email verification process that gives users 95%+ data accuracy.

With one of the best ContactOut competitors, GetProspect, users can find leads directly in a B2B database (18 million leads with business email addresses), search for people on LinkedIn (900M+) or any company website, and enrich data.

About ContactOut

ContactOut is an easy-to-use B2B solution that allows you to find prospect data both in the web version (a database with millions of emails & advanced email finder) and through an extension.

Also, here is an available data enrichment solution that facilitates the discovery of trustworthy data for a variety of prospects and companies.

GetProspect email finder tool as an alternative to ContactOut

The whole platform for finding leads sounds pretty similar, and it's essential to look at all the features to decide which one suits you best in terms of price and the solutions offered. We'll start with the costs for a certain number of prospects' emails.

How does the ContactOut alternative differ in price from the competitor?

N emails addresses | Platforms
The number of emails to export
The number of emails to export
50 emails (Free plans)
Up to 50,000 records
4 emails / day
1000 emails (Starter & Recruiter plans)
Up to 50,000 records
Available within the availability of the credit (CSV)
5000 emails (Basic & Team plans)
Up to 50,000 records

ContactOut alternative - GetProspect VS ContactOut: testing

To compare, we took 100 popular contacts most often saved on GetProspect.

  • We started by looking up people's email addresses. We did this on each email finder separately.
  • After that, we ran emails separately on the list of emails found by the GetProspect email finder tool and ContactOut.
  • Finally, we analyzed Discovery and Bounce rates, some of the most crucial metrics to pay attention to when choosing an email address search platform.

The table below shows that GetProspect has all the winning indicators, which shows why the platform is one of the best ContactOut competitors.

Metrics | Platforms
GetProspect Email finder tool
ContactOut email finding tool
How many Valid email addresses do we get?
How many Invalid email addresses do we get?
Discovery Rate of the test mailing
Bounce Rate of the test mailing

Note. Make sure that the tool you choose doesn't exceed a bounce rate of 5% to protect your reputation and domain and ensure safe direct delivery to potential customers' and buyers' inboxes.

Why should you choose the GetProspect Email finder?

Reason 1to choose

Email finder with the best free subscription terms

Reason 2to choose

The GetProspect plan gives you more emails for less

Reason 3to choose

Advanced filters without restrictions

Use an advanced Email finder with the best free subscription terms

With GetProspect's free subscription, you can use 150 monthly credits - 50 for valid emails only and 100 for verification. You can search for contacts and companies in the platform's B2B database with 17+ advanced filters and LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. In ContactOut, there is no search on Sales Navigator in the free subscription.

Pay less and get more valid emails with GetProspect Email finder

As for paid subscriptions, similarly, GetProspect Email Finder wins. The $49 starter subscription offers 1,000 valid emails and 2,000 verifications per month for unlimited users in a single workspace. And the $99 ContactOut only has 500 emails available for one user access.

And remember that testing showed us that ContactOut gives a smaller number of valid emails and a bounce rate of 7%, which is a bad enough result. These results can also solidify some ContactOut reviews and other users' experiences.

Save time on lead prospecting via Email Finder's powerful filters without restrictions

With advanced filters from the GetProspect Email finder, you can find prospects in seconds based on your target audience - leads who will be interested in your product, candidates who will be interested in your job offer, people to interview, business partners to close deals.

Unlike ContactOut, there are more filters and no restrictions on essential features, and filters in a free subscription. For example, in ContactOut, you cannot use Technologies. With GetProspect, on the other hand, you can already start your search and get 50 valid email addresses with important additional information for free.

ContactOut & the best ContactOut competitors GetProspect: chart with search features

Features | Platforms
GetProspect Email finder
ContactOut email finding tool
Database filters
17 (plus subfilters)
Locate an email address via
GetProspect Chrome extension (work on LinkedIn, Sales Nav, and any companies website), web app
ContactOut Chrome extension (work on LinkedIn, Sales Nav, and any companies website), web app
Search by social URLs
Search by domain single & bulk
Search for companies and contacts

Note. When choosing a platform for prospecting, look for additional tools and other important details. Look for ,e.g., at whether «is ContactOut legal» or GetProspect, and if there are additional features. Don't choose a tool that gives out non-public emails and doesn't have additional solutions in the package, allowing you to convert prospects into sales faster.

GetProspect advanced email finder vs. ContactOut: extra options

Features | Platforms
Search via LinkedIn and any business websites
Search via LinkedIn and any business websites
Export files
Dashboards & Reports for an Email finder
Native - Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and other connections via Zapier
Salesforce, HubSpot, Bullhorn, Zapier, etc.
Team interaction in one workspace
Upon request (all prices on the website only for 1 user)
Support via
Live chat & email
Live chat & email

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