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LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension

Get thousands of email addresses in bulk from LinkedIn and other webpages in a single click without leaving your current tab

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800+ reviews 90,000+ users


Find email addresses on LinkedIn in a single click with Chrome extension

With the GetProspect email finder extension, it is possible to easily find anyone’s email address and generate lists of leads without even closing the LinkedIn tab on a browser.

What data can you get by LinkedIn email finder extension?

With LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension, it will be possible to find not only email addresses but also all prospects’ information without the need of opening LinkedIn profiles.

User Profile
  • First name
  • Country
  • Last name
  • Postal code
  • Email address
  • Summary
  • Position
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Location
Company Profile
  • Name
  • HQ address
  • Industry
  • HQ country
  • Employee count
  • HQ postal code
  • Website
  • Description

Why did more than 60,000 companies choose our LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension?


Automatic extraction of multiple profiles

Just input the number of pages you want to extract from LinkedIn, and in one click, save them all to your list.


Works with different LinkedIn accounts

You can use the GetProspect extension with Premium, Sales Navigator, or a simple basic Linkedin search.


Integrations with 2000+ services

Connect your prospecting process to your favorite marketing tools: Pipedrive, Hubspot, SalesForce, MailChimp, etc.


Free 100% email verification feature

All the found email addresses pass the real-time email verification process to avoid email bounces and charging for invalid emails.


Safe usage of your LinkedIn account

GetProspect controls your LinkedIn limits to ensure that it doesn’t cross 800 or 1,800 profile page visits per day.


Exporting data in .csv or .xlsx

Extract email addresses and other profile data in a format that’s convenient for you.


Never pay for duplicates

Email addresses are never counted twice. If you already have a contact in an account, it won’t be extracted unless you upload it to another workspace.


Inbuilt free CRM system

You can also get a free GetProspect web app account with all CRM features with the LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension.


Human support from your timezone

Our friendly staff will always guide you on all the features and help through real-time online chat or via email.

How to start using GetProspect LinkedIn email finder?

  • Step 1

    At Chrome Web Store — install the GetProspect Chrome extension

    Add to Chrome
  • Step 2

    Go to a Linkedin account using the Chrome browser. Perform a search based on your search criteria. You will find checkboxes near people’s profiles in the LinkedIn search.

  • Step 3

    Choose profiles and press the “Save prospects” button, or choose multiple pages of search results and press “Start” to save them in your GetProspect web app account. And that’s all! You are now ready to start the most effective cold emailing process!

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800+ reviews 90,000+ users

3 brilliant tips to make your cold outreach more effective

The email finder extension can help you a lot in your lead generation process, but it’s not the only tool available out there. Below you can find other ways of finding information on new leads and reaching the right target audience without making it more complicated:


Search in the readily available lead database

You don’t need to visit LinkedIn at all. We regularly gather and update the information that our users download from this social network. All the data is properly scraped and is stored in a list containing more than 50M contacts. Sign in to the GetProspect account, then go to a search tab and you will see all the leads right in front of you. Use filters and save contacts without exceeding the limits of allowable daily profile visits on LinkedIn.

GetProspect lead database

Find more detailed information for the list you already have

If you already have the list of leads but are still lacking some information, there is a way to obtain them quickly. In the GetProspect account, there is a feature that will enable you to upload all the contacts in CSV format and the system will automatically find new data on your leads (including emails).

More about contact enrichment

Make an organized system of contact lists

In a GetProspect account, you can create infinite nested folders for storage leads according to your market segmentation. Or you can create dynamic lists, which means that new leads will go automatically to the appropriate list according to the filters you set. You can effortlessly send different messages to every segment.

More about the CRM features

LinkedIn email finder: frequently asked questions

Will I get banned if I use LinkedIn account with an extension Getprospect to scrape email?

GetProspect protects the account from being banned. LinkedIn has specific rules, according to which the account might be blocked due to the too many profiles views. Therefore, only a limited amount of leads added within 24h is allowed. The tool will stop when the amount of opened leads is achieved.

How does the LinkedIn email finder work?

GetProspect LinkedIn email extractor visits the targeted profiles on LinkedIn and extracts the data from them: name, location, company details, summary. Based on the extracted company domain and company email pattern, GetProspect finds and verifies the email address.

Can I find email address from LinkedIn for free with Getprospect?

Sign up for an account for free email finding and get 50 credits which can be spent on email search. One hundred new verified email addresses can be found each month.

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