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Skrapp.io alternative

Alternatives comparison

To make your choice easier in favor of one of these email finder platforms, we did a comparative analysis. Now you will learn about the unique advantages of each solution, key features, and limitations.

But first, a short description of each software.

About GetProspect

GetProspect is software for businesses that are eager to find prospects' email addresses, with a database of 18M contacts and companies with business emails.

With this simple solution, you can find the email addresses of decision-makers in minutes, with 17+ filters in the B2B Database search. Prospects are also searchable on LinkedIn and any company website.

About Skrapp.io

Skrapp.io is a platform that helps B2B companies increase lead generation and sales by optimizing the prospecting task.

With its advanced capabilities, the Skrapp.io Chrome extension enables users to extract targeted emails from websites and LinkedIn profiles seamlessly, and the Skrapp.io web app allows you to find millions of business email prospects from the platform's own database.

Comparison of Skrapp.io alternative GetProspect & Skrapp.io

Even if a product subscription looks tempting initially, it does not mean you should make a hasty decision. Look carefully at what you get for this price: how many valid emails you get per month, whether there's a free subscription, an opportunity to work in a team, etc.

Which email finder is more profitable in terms of price?

N emails | Platforms
The number of emails to export
The number of emails to export
50 emails (Free plans)
Up to 50,000 records
Free for 1 user
From the web app within the credit limit. No more than 1 page from LinkedIn
1000 email addresses (Starter and Essentials plans)
Up to 50,000 records
$49 for 2 users
From the web app within the credit limit. From LinkedIn maximum of 20 pages at a time
5000 email addresses (Basic and Ultimate plans)
Up to 50,000 records
$99 for 5 users
From the web app within the credit limit. From LinkedIn maximum of 20 pages at a time

Skrapp.io alternative GetProspect & Skrapp.io: Testing

After studying some Skrapp.io reviews, we found user complaints about the data the platform provides. The email addresses are not always accurate. Let's check it out and compare it to GetProspect.

  • For testing, we took the 100 most frequently saved contacts in GetProspect and separately ran a search for prospects' emails on GetProspect and then on Skrapp.io.
  • Then we ran mailings separately on the first platform's found emails and separately on the list of found emails of the second platform.
  • As a result, we obtained data on such important indicators as Discovery Rate and Bounce Rate.

Looking at the table below, you can see that Skrapp.io alternative GetProspect has the best result on all indicators.

Metrics | Platforms
GetProspect Email Finder tool
Skrapp.io email finding tool
How many Valid emails do we get?
How many Invalid email addresses do we get?
Discovery Rate of the test mailing
Bounce Rate of the test mailing

Note. Opting for a tool that upholds a Bounce Rate at most 5% is vital in safeguarding the reputation of your domain and ensuring reliable email deliverability.

Why should you choose GetProspect email finder?

Reason 1to choose

Ability to work as a team in one workspace without overpayment

Reason 2to choose

Email finder has the best search in the web app with advanced filters

Reason 3to choose

Effortlessly search prospects' emails by URLs

Get more results from Email finder working as a team without the extra costs

In GetProspect, you can work as a team in one workspace, starting with a free subscription. This saves you money in the first place since there is no extra cost for adding each employee.

Secondly, you get seamless collaboration with your team, allowing you to collaborate in one workspace, share information quickly, work more cohesively and productively, and get better results from the platform.

In Skrapp.io, even in paid subscriptions, there is no option to add an unlimited number of users, only from 2 to 15, depending on the selected subscription plan.

Start the most accurate email search with advanced email finder filters in GetProspect

Another significant advantage of one of the best Skrapp.io competitors GetProspect, is the ability to search for prospects by filters (17+). This makes the search results as accurate as possible, allowing you to fill your prospect lists with contacts and companies that will be interested in what you offer.

GetProspect Email finder guarantees 95%+ data accuracy, and as you can see in the testing above, this is backed up by much better results in finding valid emails, the result is many times higher than in Skrapp.io, and GetProspect has a low Bounce Rate - only 5%, while Skrapp.io has 18%, which is a terrible indicator.

Uncover effective bulk search for email addresses by LinkedIn profile URLs

GetProspect can also be considered one of Skrapp.io's outer competitors, as you can find prospects' email addresses from a list of links to people's profiles. This expands your options for getting contact information from LinkedIn. Here, you can search for prospects' emails in single and bulk formats and have an additional option for data searches. Unlike Skrapp.io, you have no restrictions on saving pages from LinkedIn (the platform limit is 20 at a time). You can save at least 100 at a time. Everything is available within the credit limit.

Skrapp.io & the best of Skrapp.io competitors GetProspect: email finders comparison

Features | Platforms
GetProspect Email finder
Skrapp.io email finding tool
Database filters
17 (plus subfilters)
Search emails via
GetProspect plugin for Chrome (work on LinkedIn, Sales Nav, and any companies website), web app
Skrapp.io extension (work on LinkedIn, Sales Nav, and any companies website), web app
Search by social URLs

Note. Before deciding to purchase an Email finder tool subscription, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the full set of features offered. This way, you'll ensure that the solution you choose not only facilitates prospecting but also includes other essential tools that help effectively convert leads into customers.

GetProspect email finding tool vs Skrapp.io: more options

Features | Platforms
Search on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, or any business website
Search on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, or any business website
Export files
Dashboards & Reports for an Email finder
Native - Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and other connections via Zapier
Hubspot, Outreach, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho
Team interaction in one workspace
Support via
Live chat & email
Live chat

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