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16 best email signature generators

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Typically professionals look for signature generators to make their email signatures more noticeable or ensure brand consistency in their employees' emails. 

Aside from that, email signature builders allow you to:

  • maintain a neat signature look across devices and email clients, 

  • create marketing campaigns with banners, 

  • personalize signatures for recipients, 

  • set up different signatures for first emails, replies, and forwards, 

  • not damage your email deliverability,

  • and much more.

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In this article, we'll explore the 15 best email signature generators on the market, from simple free apps to enterprise-level solutions. Everyone will find something to suit their needs.

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What an email signature generator is

An email signature generator is software that automates the creation of email signatures. Users input their details, and the generator formats them into visually appealing signatures. Useful for businesses or professionals who want to maintain a consistent brand image and generate leads via signature.

List of the best email signature generators

Simple free email signature generator

1. Hubspot email signature generator

Ideal for: individuals who aren’t expecting custom and branded signatures. 

Top features:

  • 5 templates.

  • Font and color choice.

  • Custom CTA image, color, and text.

  • Custom fields beyond name, email, phone, address, and socials.

Pricing: Free.

2. Woodpecker

Ideal for: cold emailing, better deliverability. 

Top features:

  • 7 templates.

  • Deliverability. Woodpecker team ensured that all templates were designed with neat HTML code that won't send emails to spam folders.

  • Custom fonts, colors.

Pricing: Free.

3. Reply

Ideal for: individuals and sole entrepreneurs.

Top features:

  • 5 email signature builder templates.

  • Easy integration with any email provider.

  • Custom social media icon color. 

Pricing: Free.

Ideal for: freelancers and content creators. Simple and nice. 

Top features:

  • 6 email signature layouts.

  • 4 color schemes. 

  • Customizing contact information, photo, logo. 

Pricing: Free.

Basic signature management

5. Scribe

Ideal for: from individuals to enterprises, easy interface. 

Top features:

  • 21 template.

  • Managing signatures of each department.

  • Analytics. Conversion rate from banners and links.

  • Customizable colors, fonts, shapes, sizes, socials, CTA, banners.

  • Automatically adding new coworkers when they are created in your email provider.

Pricing: The signature block generator has a free plan for up to 5 users, including almost all product features. Paid subscription starts at €2 per user/month. The difference is that in the paid version, you will have integration opportunities, 1-year data history, white lable, and priority customer support.

6. Rocketseed

Ideal for: small to enterprise organizations.

Top features of the email signature online maker:

  • Compatible with Office 365, Google workspace, and Exchange.

  • Email banner advertising. Rocketseed enables businesses to segment and target banner campaigns; schedule banner campaign start and stop dates.

  • Centralized signature management. With Rocketseed, users can manage email signatures and banners across multiple email clients and devices from a centralized dashboard. You can set up personalized email disclaimers to your signatures.

  • Email tracking and analytics. Aside from key performance stats, Rocketseed provides real-time сlick alerts for your managers.

  • Integrations with Salesforce and Google Analytics.

Pricing: Plans for the email signature maker start from $90 monthly. «Signature» subscription is $1.21 per user per month, and «Campaign» is $3 per user per month.

7. MySigMail

Ideal for: freelancers, content creators, influencers, founders, and mobile app owners.

Top features:

  • 9 email templates.

  • Blocks to add in an email signature: mobile app download button, legal disclaimer, banner, online meeting button, CTA, logo.

  • Analytics. Track clicks on each block.

  • Custom colors, photo size and shape. 

  • Sharing signature via link.

  • Share, download, duplicate, or delete your email signatures.

  • Avatar maker.

  • URL builder — make a UTM link.

  • Ability to create a handwritten signature.

You cannot register via Google or another email provider and need to enter all your data manually to use the email footer builder. 

Pricing: In a free plan, you can use 1 signature and access all templates, but MySigMail branding will appear in your signature. The pro plan is $5 per month, paid yearly.

8. MySignature

Ideal for: freelancers and early startup / small business owners. Managing your own signatures.

Top features:

  • 81+ templates.

  • Dashboard. Sort all email signatures in the list based on the name or date. Edit, duplicate, and delete signatures.

  • Banner, social icons.

  • Chrome extension for tracking opens and clicks in Gmail.

Pricing: Free plan for up to 10 signatures without premium features. Paid subscription starts from $4 per month per 1 user — billed only yearly. Starting from 3 users, you can also pay quarterly. The yearly plan is 25% cheaper.

The email signature generator also has a one-off option for $69. You create a signature and can edit it only within 24 hours. You will have access to the signature forever but devoid of editing possibility.

9. MailButler

Ideal for: freelancers and early startup / small business owners. All-in-one email productivity tool.

Top features:

  • 13 templates.

  • As an email signature generator with a browser extension, it seamlessly integrates with Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail.

  • Signature management. Provide employees with the signature link. Predefine which users are allowed to edit what signature blocks.

  • Auto-sync. Changes you make to a shared email signature will be automatically and instantly visible to everyone who uses it.

  • Handwritten signature.

  • Portfolio/Gallery. You can add images and videos.

  • Banner, social icons.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. $8.89 per user monthly for all product features, not just the email signature generator.

Advanced signature management

10. Newoldstamp

Ideal for: enterprises, signature marketing. 

Top features:

  • Easy-to-use email signature generator with customizable templates and designs.

  • Marketplaces blocks. Link your applications on App Store, Google Play, or Amazon.

  • Creating engagement campaigns for customers. Leverage email signatures to promote your product updates and referral program and request customer feedback. 

  • Centralized management for creating and applying signatures to multiple team members.

  • Integration with major email clients and mobile devices, Google Workspace, Exchange, and Microsoft 365.

  • Ability to track email signature links and CTA clicks to measure engagement.

Pricing: 7-day free trial. Paid plans start at $10 per user/month. 

11. Letsignit

Ideal for: Outlook & Microsoft Office 365, SMB, and enterprise. 

Top features:

  • Signature management. Individuals, departments, geographies/languages, or subsidiaries can have their own signatures. The administrator can decide which users are allowed to edit what signature blocks.

  • Fast deployment in 3 clicks.

  • Different signatures for reply/forward emails.

  • Customizable templates to get a professional email signature. Automatically detecting your graphic charter when importing your logo, drag and drop blocks.

  • Analytics. Collect clicks to measure the ROI of your email signatures and determine the top performer for each signature or campaign.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. A minimum subscription fee of $75/month for an annual commitment.

12. CodeTwo

Ideal for: medium and enterprise orgs. Office 365 users — the best email signature generator is certified by Microsoft.

Top features:

  • Marketing campaigns. Set up email marketing campaigns in advance and ensure they run and stop automatically at the scheduled times.

  • Tracking. See engagement with links and banners.

  • Simple surveys.

  • Signature management. Automatic migration of on-premises email signature rules. Customization management rights to certain employees and teams.

  • The meeting links feature lets recipients start virtual meetings, 1:1 calls, and chats directly from their email signatures.

  • Distinct signatures for initial and subsequent emails.

  • Changing a signature based on who the recipient is.

  • Automated legal disclaimers. Create your email signature in compliance with local regulations.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. A minimum subscription fee of $13.6 per month for 10 users.

13. Opensense

Ideal for: enterprises of 350+ headcount and more.

Top features:

  • Easy set-up in 15 min.

  • Opensense provides design help to create unique branded email signatures. 

  • Neat look in Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Office 365, on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

  • Integrations. Opensense integrates with a range of popular marketing and sales tools, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Outreach, and more. This makes it easy to streamline workflows and automate processes across the organization.

  • Centralized Management. Opensense provides centralized management features that allow administrators to manage email signatures across the organization.

Pricing: Opensense offers a range of pricing options starting from $350 per month ($1 per user/month). There is no free trial.

14. WiseStamp

Ideal for: professionals and businesses looking to create well-designed email signatures easily.

Top features:

  • Templates. The easy email signature generator provides a wide variety of professionally designed email signature templates that users can choose from and customize according to their needs.

  • Signature management. Grant user access to manage fields that are editable by employees.

  • WiseStamp signatures look great in Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone and iPad, and more.

  • Analytics. The tool provides advanced analytics that allows users to track the performance of their email signatures and campaigns.

Pricing: WiseStamp offers a free version that allows users to design 1 signature for email without custom appearance and with WiseStamp branding. For individuals, paid version costs $6/month and offers additional customization options and unlimited email signatures. For organizations with 6 employees and more price starts at $2 per user/month.

15. Exclaimer

Ideal for: from small to enterprise-size organizations.

Top features:

  • Centralized management system. Administrators can set signature rules for different departments, job roles, and email clients, making it easy to manage and enforce consistent email signatures across the organization. 

  • Dynamic content. With Exclaimer, you can make an email signature with dynamic content such as the sender's name, job title, phone number, social media links, and promotional banners. This content can be personalized based on the recipient, sender, or other parameters, making the signature more relevant and engaging.

  • Mobile compatibility. Exclaimer provides mobile-optimized signatures that work seamlessly on smartphones and tablets. This ensures that every email sent from a mobile device has a professional signature that is consistent with the organization's branding.

  • Editor rights. Assign email signature management to the right individuals.

  • Email signature surveys for customer satisfaction (CSAT) enable organizations to collect feedback from customers using their email signatures. The signature builder’s feature allows organizations to include a survey question and rating scale in their email signature, which the recipient can click on to provide feedback.

Pricing: From $16,5 per 10 users/month. Possible discounts based on volume. 14 days free trial.

16. Unlayer

Ideal for: freelancers, content creators, and entrepreneurs.

Top features:

  • 8+ email signature layouts.

  • Plenty of room for customization.

  • Gives you the builder access to make your own signature.

  • Allows custom CTAs.

  • Custom fields of your own choice.

  • Fonts and color variations.

  • Use the “Smart Text” feature for descriptions and more.

Pricing: Free.

How to make an email signature

  • Pillar 1. Think about the recipient's experience
  • Pillar 2. Create signatures for various recipients’ segments
  • Pillar 3. Add your photo
  • Pillar 4. Include a disclaimer

Pillar 1. Think about the recipient's experience

Don’t overload readers with colors, offers, and information about your company. A company's customized email signature isn’t a landing page. You should be very concise while delivering all the necessary info. 

Leaving the signature as simple as possible is a better fit when:

  • You are cold emailing,

  • You are in formal industries as law and finance, 

  • You are using a free tool and want to make sure signatures will look great on mobile devices

Example from Woodpecker — one of the email signature tools:

A well-designed email signature is more suitable when:

  • You are in the design or web development industry. By signature, you will showcase your creativity and skills.

  • You are selling premium services or products. Companies offering high-end products may want to invest in a visually appealing email signature to reflect the quality of their brand.

  • You are a freelancer or sole entrepreneur. It is a way to promote services or highlight skills.

Example from MySignature — one of the email signature tools:

Pillar 2. Create signatures for various recipients’ segments

Why not use your email signature for personalization too? 

  • Add different points of contact based on what your recipients are more comfortable with. For instance, don’t include all your messengers if a reader is used to email or phone. Moreover, you don’t want anyone you email to have your phone number.

  • Customize CTAs for different audience segments with the best email signature creator. 

  • Embed links to relevant content or product page instead of just a website main page. In some cases, it will be suitable to add a link to your calendar. So you will save time for you and your recipient.

  • Add various social proofs based on what information is more influential for your recipients. For some, it will be your successful rates, and for some — your customers from their industry.

by the way, do you segment your email sequence?

Use custom fields to send personalized emails at scale.

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Pillar 3. Add your photo

Adding a photo to your email signature can help humanize your message and make it more memorable. Use a professional headshot that reflects your brand and personality.

  • ensure they are customized to the signature format and compressed as much as possible; 

  • avoid using complex backgrounds in the photo; 

  • don’t include photos and other images in cold emails.

Pillar 4. Include a disclaimer

Depending on your industry or line of work, it may be necessary to include a legal disclaimer in your email signature. This can help protect you from liability and ensure that you are in compliance with industry regulations. Some email signature builders, such as CodeTwo, assist in generating disclaimers.

Disclaimer examples:

  • Confidentiality: this states that the message should only be viewed by the intended recipient and not shared with someone else.

  • Legal, health or financial advice: notifies that any information in an email is for educational purposes only and a company isn’t responsible for results upon implementation. The advice isn’t to replace a consultation.

  • Inadvertently entering into legal relationships: prevent employees from entering into legal agreements without decision-makers' knowledge.

More recommendations to design your own email signature: 7 tips to write a good email signature for B2B mailings


  • Email signatures help to create a neat and professional appearance across devices and email clients, create marketing campaigns with banners, personalize signatures for recipients, and set up different signatures for first emails, replies, and forwards, among other things.

  • Simple free email signature generators for sole entrepreneurs, freelancers, and early-stage startup founders: Hubspot signature maker, Woodpecker, Reply, UseBioLink.

  • Basic signature management for small companies, startups and enterprises that don’t need advanced signature management: Scribe, Rocketseed, MySigMail, MySignature, MailButler.

  • Advanced signature management for all types of companies: Newoldstamp, Letsignit, CodeTwo, Opensense, WiseStamp, Exclaimer.

  • When creating email signatures: keep a simple design, personalize email signatures, add your photo carefully, and include disclaimers.

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