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The perfect sales pitch: examples & templates

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A persuasive sales pitch may enthuse your prospect about the possibility you're providing and persuade them to go forward with you.

But for your presentation to be convincing, you need to think through all the details: what type of pitch you need, what structure it should have, and prepare scripts.

We will help you with it by providing templates & sales pitch examples, tell you how to start a presentation and provide some tips.

The better way to start the best sales pitches

You need to capture your prospects' attention so they will want to learn about the benefits of your product and how it can improve their company.

Begin with the issue

They will not be receptive to hearing how much your product is a solution until they are aware of the problem you can fix.

Describe how your product meets their demands

You must now specify why they would purchase from you. What distinguishes you from your competitors?

Share your desired result with the buyer

Sales proposals that are based on facts and statistics perform best. Even the coldest potential buyers may be subsequently persuaded to buy by relying on compelling data in the sales pitch.

Note. Don't forget to add a call to action after your sales presentation.

How to write a sales pitch? Use our sales pitch templates to all main types

To successfully create your own presentation, you must choose the best sales pitch template that suits your offer.

Type 1. Great pitch examples: one-line sales pitch

– «Think about how different your week would be if you could eliminate manual data entry for 45 minutes each day.»

– «Save $500 monthly with us and avoid a higher cost with your current hosting provider.»

A one-line sales pitch, as the name suggests, a one-line sales pitch creates a pitch that is just one line long yet compelling enough to grab your audience's attention immediately. It usually simply has one or two strong sentences that will pique your client's attention.

Describe how your product or service may assist the potential customer in achieving their aims and solving their problems. Tell the prospect about particular advantages rather than simply product characteristics.

Next, let's take a look at other sales pitch examples script.

Type 2. Pitch ideas examples: elevator pitch templates

Business pitch script example 1:

For many [Target consumers], the [pain problem your rivals don't handle] is more [painful] than the [Common/obvious pain point].

But not at [your company]. In addition to [Feature 1], [Feature 2], and [Feature 3], you may also [Feature 4].

Intrigued? Our [Number] – star reviews will tell you more, but you have to see yourself how [Adjective] and [Adjective] [Achieving aim] may be.

Pitch template 2:

When I first started [Your trade], I found a common issue: People needed a solution.

For [Time period], I’ve been [Specializing/providing] just that [State how]. I also [differentiator/advantage].

With this [2-3 adjectives to sum up the above], my customers not only [benefit], but they also [benefit].


The name comes from the concept that you should be able to use the same time it would take you to travel in an elevator (it’s about 21 seconds – the average NYC elevator ride). An excellent elevator pitch conveys what your product is and how it works.

Type 3. Template for sales pitch: email sales pitch

Script sales pitch sample 1:

Hi, [Prospect name]

While researching [their industry or profession], I found that [related pain problem] was a significant market difficulty. Does it also apply to you?

If so, I came across something I thought you would find interesting. It describes the history of the [Pain point] and how the best in [Their business or profession] have overcome it.

In my studies recently, I've come across a lot of insightful material on the sector. Next week, would you be open to discussing them?


Sales pitch examples for a product 2:

Hi [Name],

Are you looking to raise a round of investment?

I am [Your name], CEO of [Company name], a company that [write more about your company and goals, for example, «supports female entrepreneurs in their journey to grow their early start-ups into the next unicorn»].

Our funding managers, who have successfully supported over 150 start-ups like [Start-up name] in raising €20M, are experts in mentoring you to collect the right data, determine the right investment partners, and receive funding.

I am reaching out to you because after analyzing your profile, we have been able to identify several investors that are a fit for your profile, and we could contact you right away.

Would you like to talk to discuss your potential investment journey project in more detail?

Then, book a meeting with one of our experts.


We look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Best regards,


An email sales pitch is a succinct explanation of the key features of your solution, service, or product addressed to a specific customer.

An efficient sales pitch provides the reader with all the information they need to make a purchase or convince them to schedule a meeting. It is brief, professional, and individualized.

Type 4. Template for sales pitch: follow-up sales pitch

Pitching script example 1:

Hello [Lead name],

I had a great time talking to you earlier today and getting to know more about you and [their business].

Here is the additional information I promised you. I have included additional details regarding [The request] and [Other].

Please let me know when you have had a chance to review this information. If you have some questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


B2B sales pitch template 2:

Hi [Lead name],

Can we support you?

Even if you are not looking for funding right now, there are many ways that [Lead’s company name] may benefit from being part of the [Your company name] ecosystem.

At [Your company name], we enable you access to exclusive mentoring sessions, networking events, grants, and more.

Just check out our different services and decide whether you want to become part of our community of [Add a unique feature of your business].

As always, please feel free to reach out to me or book a meeting if you want to know more.



Why do you need this pitch? After your first presentation, you should do a sales follow-up to motivate the potential client to act.

There are several ways to execute sales follow-ups, but the two most popular ones are via phone and email.

You can try to launch the first personalized interactive email campaign to your potential customers, from a Welcome email to Follow-ups using GetProspect Sequences(link) tool with the help of the templates above and see if that sales pitch example and the pitch you send first will work for your product with A/B testing that we also have in our tool.

Type 5. Sales pitch script example: social media pitch

A social media pitch is a presentation of your company and the products/services you offer, your strong points, and the benefits of cooperating with you. It may include some brief examples of successful work with other clients and their feedback.

Product pitch template: example

Hi [Person name],

In the research of  [Lead industry or profession], I have found that [pain point] is a significant market problem. 

I came across your comment on LinkedIn where you wrote that you also encountered this problem.

My name is [Sender name] and I’m a [Position & company]. And I can help you with it!

[Name of company] is a developer of the best solutions for sales professionals. Our customers include [The name of the top client companies]. To our last client we helped [case].

With [Name of product]  you’ll have:

  • [Feature 1].
  • [Feature 2].
  • [Feature 3].

I offer you a demo of the product and its features, so you can try it, and if you want to implement it in your company's daily life/working routine.

Schedule a time [Link].

You can learn more about the company/product by reading the presentation in the attachment.


Note. Before creating sales pitch scripts, it's crucial to speak with the prospective customer to ascertain their wants and objectives.

Type 6. Template of the right sales pitching structure: one-minute sales pitch

A one-minute pitch is a concise overview of your company, your personal brand, or your big idea. A pitch is what the buyer purchases; it is not what you sell.

The Why — The First Account

Tell us a personal narrative about how you came up with this concept. Include a pivotal time in your life when you understood you had to rise to the issue at hand. It may be something that occurred to you, a friend, or a family member, or it might be something that happened to the whole globe. (Take 20–30 seconds to do this.)

The What — Your Concept, Solution

Once you have their attention, discuss your proposed solution. Don't get right into the how-it-works or the technical details; instead, focus on how it will address the reasons you have previously expressed. (Also concentrate on this for 20 to 30 seconds.)

The Where: Where Do You Want to Go?

End with a bang in the little time you have left. Share your inspirational big vision for the future, wrap up the tale you began with, or stun them with some startling market data.

B2B sales pitch examples

In this section, we have selected sales pitch examples and cases for you, which, in our opinion, are excellent for B2B sales pitches.

Pitching script example

Here is one of the top opening sales pitch examples from a sales training consultant for over 25 years Grant Cardone. In the video, he shows how you can perfectly present information to leads by phone and convince them to say «Yes» to you in a matter of minutes.

Example of sales pitch by Vidyard

Vidyard has gained popularity primarily because every salesperson finds a video an efficient prospecting tool. They discovered that the best opening sales pitch examples are tailored, and what better way to achieve so than to give your message a human face?

They clearly define their target market in their product presentation (salespeople who find email time-consuming and unproductive), and immediately emphasize their competitive edge. They don't simply promote this service; they also make remote selling simple, which is essential.

Pitching example by LinkedIn

Here's another good example of a sales pitch. The pros of this message are that it doesn't take more than 10 seconds to read, there is a tempting offer, and the reason you need it: «We want [you/your company] to be well prepared for the next [e.g., sales growth to 50%] move», «Get 50% off 2 month of LinkedIn Premium».

Effective sales pitch example by Ryan Robinson

To contact prospective customers, content marketing expert Ryan Robinson uses cold emailing – but only after completing his research.

Robinson offers genuine upfront value to his recipients before sending them cold emails by either promoting their articles on Twitter or bringing up their companies or goods on his blog.

Ultimately, Robinson sent the following email and was paid a $10,000/m retainer:

To be heard above the other emails in your prospect's inbox, your email pitch has to stand out. Send your prospective consumer a resource or guide that enables them to solve a problem.

How big should the most effective sales pitch be

The most effective offer should be of different lengths: one-liners should be 15-20 words, elevator pitches 20-50 words, taking up to 21 seconds, and email or LinkedIn messages should be concise at 50-125 words, ensuring they're readable within one to two minutes. 

How big should your pitch be? Brief info about each format

  • If it's a one-line sales pitch it can be from 15 to 20 words, and less than a minute of reading of course.
  • As for the elevator pitch, as we said earlier, it should not take the reader more than about 21 seconds (the average elevator ride in New York City) to become familiar with it. It can be from 20 to 50 words.
  • If it is an email or message on LinkedIn, it should preferably not take the recipient more than a minute or two minutes to read it, because no one wants to read a very long email. As for the word count, 50 to 125 is the optimal size (you can also add tabs to your message/email).

So, as you can see after reading more about sales scripts and getting examples of persuasive pitches: Sales pitches are divided into different types, so their length may vary. All you have to do is choose the right type & template and start creating your own script.


  • To create the most effective sales pitch you need to start from issue, after that describe how your product meets leads demands and share your desired result with them.
  • Don't forget to add a call to action after your sales presentation.
  • The main types of sales pitches are one-line, email, elevator, follow-up, social media, and one minute pitch.
  • Sales pitches can take from 21 seconds to 2 minutes, and be from 15 words to 125.

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