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ZoomInfo alternative

Comparison of features

Upon careful evaluation of both ZoomInfo and its alternative GetProspect Email finder, we have identified crucial parameters for companies to select the optimal tool for finding prospects' email addresses and essential data. These factors aid in qualifying leads and personalizing outreach efforts to enhance conversion rates.

Before delving into the testing results and discussing the key factors, let's provide brief info about these B2B platforms.

About GetProspect

GetProspect is an advanced multifunctional B2B platform that helps efficiently look for and connect with prospects.

With a large contact database of 18M prospects with corporate emails and over 900M Li members, GP provides extensive outreach.

Its key feature is the wide range of filtering options (17+ filters such as job title, industry, technology, etc.) that allow it to refine the search for more targeted results.

About ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is powerful software that drives sales and marketing efforts.

It provides access to an extensive database with million professional profiles, offering company profiles, contact information, etc.

ZoomInfo software is designed to enable users to identify key decision-makers and optimize strategies for interacting with them.

How much does Zoominfo cost & its alternative, GetProspect?

Although the exact price of ZoomInfo may become known to users upon request, even from the experience of other customers, you can understand that its price is one of the largest on the market. But is it worth it?

Let's take a look at these differences between the approximate price of ZoomInfo and the transparent exact price of the Zoominfo alternative - GetProspect.

Price comparison: Zoominfo & GetProspect Email finder tool

N emails | Platforms
GetProspect cost
The number of emails to export
ZoomInfo cost
The number of emails to export
50 email addresses (Free plans)
For free
Up to 50k contacts for free
Available in paid plans only (CSV format)
1000 email addresses
$412 (annual fee)
Up to 50k contacts (for free)
Start at $15k a year for up to 3 users (5k Zoominfo credits)
Each export costs one credit (limit 10k a year)
5000 email addresses
$832 (annual fee)
Up to 50k contacts (for free)
Start at $15k a year for up to 3 users
Each export costs one credit (limit 10k a year)

Checking the ZoomInfo & the ZoomInfo alternative GetProspect

Now let's do an email finder feature comparison between ZoomInfo and ZoomInfo's alternative, GetProspect.

For testing, we took 100 popular prospects frequently saved on our software and used both solutions' key email finder features.

  1. We started by successfully retrieving their emails.
  2. Compared essential metrics - valid & invalid email addresses
  3. Then we sent test emails from each platform.
  4. And finally, we analyzed discovery and bounce rates.

As shown in the table below, both solutions offer comparable metrics, but GetProspect outperforms them in finding far more valid emails.

Metrics | Platforms
How many Valid email addresses do we get?
How many Invalid email addresses do we get?
Discovery Rate of the test mailing
Bounce Rate of the test mailing

Remember. When choosing a tool for finding prospects and their email addresses, it is critical to make sure that the platform will provide the maximum return on investment, you will get the number of prospects with valid emails you want, get excellent delivery of email campaigns, and the bounce rate will not exceed 5%.

Why should you choose the GetProspect Email finder?

Reason 1to choose

More accurate data than in the ZoomInfo database

Reason 2to choose

Advanced Email finder filters for better prospecting

Reason 3to choose

Top multifunctional email- finding tool with no extra charges

Take advantage of a constantly updated & accurate B2B database

Firstly, GetProspect is the best ZoomInfo alternative because it gives much greater results during the prospect search, and the info is fresher. Comparing the search on the two platforms, Zoominfo lost to a competitor because it gave fewer results, plus they were not entirely accurate. Only two valid contacts were obtained, while the GP had 11 (where the decision-makers were).

Other users also complain about inaccuracy and outdated ZoomInfo data, which you can check by analyzing the results even on G2. So not always if a platform claims to have a huge database, you will get good results. It is better to test the solution well beforehand so that you don't end up paying for a subscription for nothing.

Find more prospects via advanced Email finder filters

Yes, in ZoomInfo, there is one fewer filter compared to GetProspect. However, GetProspect offers a wide range of sub-filters that enhance the precision of your search. This means that you will end up with a list of leads who are genuinely interested in your product or services.

In ZoomInfo, there is not as much diversity, and you are unable to test some of the crucial filters within the limited free trial period provided. Moreover, considering the relatively high cost of ZoomInfo's plan, users should have the opportunity to explore all the available features before investing several thousand dollars.

Additionally, with GetProspect Email finder, you can utilize the Enrich feature, using the available credits (50 in the free plan) to enrich the data of your existing prospect list with over 17 attributes.

Use the top multifunctional email-finding tool with no extra charges

And, of course, the best ZoomInfo alternative is Getprospect due to its more affordable price & multifunctional.

For a significantly lower cost, you'll gain a comprehensive set of tools to expand your prospect database with a vast number of contacts and accurate data - Email finder, large & accurate B2B database, CRMs pages for contacts and companies, email software, email tracker, extension for scraping leads from LinkedIn, etc. This set of tools helps not only to find potential customers but also to guide them through the sales funnel and lead them to the target action.

Unlike ZoomInfo, you won't need to rely on integrations for email campaigns or tracking. With Getprospect, you'll find prospects with 95+ accurate data, manage them conveniently in a single CRM, launch email campaigns, build a trustworthy relationship with users, and more – all within one platform and with no overpayments.

Plus, with GetProspect, you can work as a team on one workspace at no additional cost (available in the free plan as well) when ZoomInfo's minimum is an additional fee of over $1,000 (annual fee).

Search features comparison chart on ZoomInfo & alternative to ZoomInfo - GetProspect

Features | Platforms
Finder filters
17 (plus subfilters) for locating ane email address
16 for locating email address search
Locate an email address via
LinkedIn Chrome extension (on LinkedIn and any companies websites), web app
Web app, extension
Social URL search
Bulk search by domains
by inserting domains into the Domain filter (500 per search) or by importing domains from a file (up to 50,000 at a time)
Company profile search at Email Finder

Note. When choosing a platform for finding prospects, it's essential to study the full range of features provided, not only search opportunities in web apps.

Look at the formats and availability of data exports, whether there are reports of the work you've done on the dashboard to improve efficiency and control results or look at the availability of a plugin for finding contacts outside the software (on LinkedIn), and much more.

More tools from ZoomInfo & ZoomInfo alternative - GetProspect

Features | Platforms
Search via LinkedIn and any business websites
Search via LinkedIn
Export files
Dashboards for Email finder
Native - Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and other connections via Zapier
Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo, ReachOut for Sales, etc.
Support via
Live chat & email
Form for request & phone

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