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The S.O.S Kit

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The S.O.S Kit company description

The S.O.S. Kit will be a placeholder for all your legal information to have ready and available for law enforcement when you are pulled over. This kit will be in neon green with reflective material to be visible. It will be placed around the sun visor in all vehicles and easily accessible by reaching up and pulling down the visor allowing your Driver’s License, Insurance Card, Registration and an additional area for carrying a concealed weapons license or work ID to be immediately ready to turn the visor toward your window for the law enforcement officer to see when approaching your car. This will signify you are ready and willing to be compliant and keep you from reaching or moving around to find all information for the officer. This will also keep law enforcement at ease knowing you are ready to comply. A great reason to having The S.O.S. Kit is knowing you are one to support what the S.O.S. Kit stands for which is STAND ON SAFETY and SAVE OUR SOULS so that both you and the officer can feel safe. As a bonus and to insure you always remember when leaving the car to take your ID(s) is to keep the back part of the kit dropped down and displaying advertisement on the opposite side where not only you are supporting the S.O.S kit, you are also advertising something else important to you while you are out of your vehicle. This will be visible the whole time your car is parked from the front windshield. Our mission is to have ALL vehicles in the U.S. using these and to help stop any issues with police brutality and relieve the tension from officers of having to insure their safety as well when you are trying to retrieve your information. Lets all Stand On Safety & Save Our Souls. We are a B.O.B. & Woman Led

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