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Cold emailing software for more meetings booked

Use GetProspect email automation tool for sales outreach. Send personalized emails and automate your follow-ups at scale. Reach inboxes, not Spam folders or “Promotions” tabs.

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Global personalized emailing with the cold email platform

With this user-friendly outreach software, you can quickly increase your response rates due to individual communication with each prospect. Personalize your content, speak to your leads by name, reference their contact information, and even use custom fields.

Auto follow-ups from your mailbox

Run your outreach campaigns on autopilot and send personalized follow-up emails. Edit your sequence, add as many steps as you like and set up desired delays between each. In our email sequence software you can stop sending the rest of the campaign automatically, when a prospect replies or clicks on a specific link. No embarrassing moments, no manual work.

Email performance tracking

Know what happens to your emails after you click "Send". In our cold email service you can: Monitor Real-Time Analytics, measure your success with our reports - including open, click & response tracking - and quantify what you need to do next.

High email deliverability with the outreach software

Get into Your Prospect’s Inbox. Always. Maximize your outreach conversion rate with high email deliverability. This sales email tool helps send human-like emails to prevent getting into spam filters, preserve your domain's reputation, and help deliver to the target inboxes.

Random intervals

Optimize outreach with randomized sending intervals for a natural and effective cold emailing strategy.

SPF & DKIM checks

Secure email deliverability and build trust through advanced SPF and DKIM checks, avoiding spam filters.

Custom domain tracking

Enhance branding and tracking with custom domains, ensuring a professional experience for recipients while monitoring engagement.

Sending limits

Maintain control over outreach campaigns with configurable sending limits, managing cold email frequency for optimal results.

Scheduling email sequences - Deliver at the Right Time

Decide when the Campaigns are sent and set a daily quota. Deliver your email sequence at the right time across any time zone. Analyze different timezones and choose the best hours for your future campaigns.

Complete A/B Testing to get your best results

Create as many versions of your subjects, messages and CTAs in our cold emailing tool as you need. Compare opens, clicks, and responses & pick the best version according to your goals.

Create & Edit templates in cold email software

After you finish tweaking the settings and picking the ideal template for an email automation campaign, you can easily preview and edit it. Share best-performing email templates with your team.

Contact management

Easily manage prospective customers with ease - segment your prospects according to criteria to keep your outreach organized. In this email sequence software, you can see such available functions as:

  • Contacts import from CSV file, integrations or Linkedin
  • Manual contact data entry
  • Custom fields
  • Contact list segmentation
  • Smart Filters
  • Contact and Domain Blacklisting

Collaborate With Your Team

Send invitation to your team members in cold email automation software and collaborate on campaigns and prospects together, share email and campaign templates, track team performance, manage team members, and get other features like:

Team sequence & email templates

A unified list of prospects and campaigns

Domain and prospect blacklisting

Unified schedules list and activity visibility

Team management and invites

Filtering based on ownership

Sync Data with Powerful integrations

Set up cold emailing without interrupting your workflow.

Easily integrate with your email service provider to save time switching between apps and improve your productivity. Sync prospect data in our cold email platform with this CRM: Hubspot, Zoho, PipeDrive, and Salesforce. Use Zapier to integrate with 2000+ apps with useful tools.

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