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DrJoe tripled the number of email addresses with the GetProspect Email finder

Rodrigo Cassas
Marketing Analyst at Doctor Joe Technology

About DrJoe

Doctor Joe Technology (DrJoe) is an IT company specializing in IT services, systems, app development, and mobile analytics. Their mission is to empower companies and provide a tangible return on their technology investments.  

DrJoe expertise lies in Service Desk and Field Service, where we excel in providing specialized solutions. In addition, they are engaged in developing cloud-based systems (SaaS) and innovative mobility solutions for the enterprise sector.


IT Services and IT Consulting

Team members

51-200 employees


São Paulo



Reasons to choose GetProspect

  • Quick prospects email search
  • Quality email addresses verification
  • Easy to use

Performance results

  • Started finding more leads in less time
  • Tripled the number of email addresses

Commonly used toolset

LinkedIn Email finder

Email Verifier

The DrJoe team began their search for the perfect prospecting solution back in 2019. In order to boost lead generation and sales, it was crucial to find a platform with a tool available to find corporate (not personal) email addresses of potential customers, as well as a tool to verify existing email lists.

The GetProspect platform helped with these tasks. It had all the required tools for this.

Below, Rodrigo Cassas, Marketing Analyst at Doctor Joe Technology, will share impressions and results from working with GetProspect tools.

The best solution for searching and verifying email addresses

We chose GetProspect because it's the top option for finding prospects and verifying emails. Here it is possible to search for emails both in the web app in the platform's B2B database and with their special extension. 

There's also a tool for verifying emails in which it's easy to run both single and bulk verification.

Now we most often use the plugin in Chrome, as it allows us to quickly find potential customers. And also, we use verification features, so, for us, it is really very useful. 

Several times lead gen growth with LinkedIn Email finder

With GetProspect, our main goal was achieved. Before this platform, lead generation took 22 hours with 100 email addresses per week. 

GetProspect Email finder shortened the time on prospecting potential customers and tripled email addresses.

We like GetProspect tools first of all for the results that we get working with the platform. Also, what I want to highlight, the functions are easy to learn, and the interface and all functions are intuitive.

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