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How GetProspect helped LevelUp Leads in Maximizing LinkedIn for Outbound Campaigns

John Karsant
Founder and CEO at LevelUp Leads

About LevelUp Leads

LevelUp Leads is a leading provider of B2B lead generation services, specializing in creating customized outbound marketing strategies. It helps businesses connect with high-quality prospects, driving significant growth and improving sales pipelines.

The agency brings together a team with rich experience in outbound lead generation from various cultural backgrounds, focusing on providing done-for-you services such as email, LinkedIn, and cold calling campaigns.


Marketing Services

Team members

11-50 employees


California, USA



Reasons to choose GetProspect

  • Data Extraction and Validation
  • Enriching Contact Data

Performance results

  • Efficiency in Campaigns
  • Increased Outreach Success

Commonly used toolset

LinkedIn Email finder Chrome extension

Email Verifier

Since LevelUp Leads focuses on optimizing outbound marketing campaigns, targeting a specific customer base identified through LinkedIn is crucial. However, finding a lead generation solution that fits was challenging, as many services require annual payments, which didn't align with their need for data flexibility. 

To address this key requirement, LevelUp Leads integrated the GetProspect plugin into their operations. This tool allows them to efficiently filter and extract LinkedIn data into an Excel sheet and validate contact data for their campaigns. 

They particularly value the Chrome extension offered by GetProspect, which enhances their ability to find and enrich contact data on-the-go. 

John Karsant, Founder and CEO of LevelUp Leads, will discuss his experiences and outcomes working with GetProspect.

Streamlining LinkedIn Data Extraction and Contact Validation with GetProspect

Choosing GetProspect was a strategic decision, primarily driven by the need for efficient LinkedIn data extraction and robust contact validation. Our evaluation highlighted GetProspect's prowess in seamlessly integrating these features into our lead generation workflow.

Having used GetProspect for many years, its reliability stands out, especially with features like the admin/team function that enables us to monitor who is extracting contacts and how extensively within our team.

This streamlined our outbound campaigns, making them more effective and allowing us to reach our targeted audiences with precision.

The platform's intuitive design meant that our team could adopt it quickly, with minimal training. The ability to extract LinkedIn data directly into an Excel sheet not only saved time but also significantly reduced the manual errors associated with data entry. 

Finding and Enriching Contact Data Through GetProspect Chrome Extension

We adopted the GetProspect Chrome Extension to refine our approach to contact discovery. This tool has proven essential in our ability to quickly identify and enrich contact data. With just a few clicks, our team can gather comprehensive contact details without ever leaving the web browser, streamlining our data collection process significantly.

Leveraging this extension has allowed us to significantly enhance the richness of our contact data.

This capability directly aligns with our goals of increasing conversion rates and achieving a higher ROI on our campaigns.

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