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Logit Group increased the number of its customers by 20% in just 3 months with the help of GetProspect tools

Steve Male
Vice President of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships at The Logit Group, Inc.

About Logit Group

The Login Group, Inc. is a dynamic and innovative research execution company. They specialize in delivering expert-level insights through a wide range of research methodologies. With their cutting-edge technology, dedicated team, and competitive pricing, they provide valuable research solutions to clients of all sizes and industries.


Market Research

Team members

201-500 employees


Toronto, ON



Reasons to choose GetProspect

  • Lead prospecting features

Performance results

  • Increasing the number of customers

Commonly used toolset

Email finder

Email Verifier

The Logit Group team started searching for the perfect email finder tool to find potential customers who would really be interested in their product and want to purchase it.

The GetProspect platform was a good solution because it has a set of lead-generation tools that can be used by the entire team in one workspace without overpayments.

Steve Male, Vice President of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships at The Logit Group, Inc., told more about this choice.

Boost your sales with a powerful email search tool

We liked the GetProspect lead search feature the most.

In just 3 months, we increased our clients by 20%.

There is an Email finder in the web app, which allows you to search for leads in the GetProspect B2B database with 17+ advanced search filters in both Single and Bulk formats. 

Users can also search for email addresses and other important information about potential customers using the Data Enrichment feature. 

In addition, you can run a search on LinkedIn using the LinkedIn Email finder extension. And the great thing is that the same plugin works on company websites.

Have your emails always go to your Inbox with GetProspect Email Verifier

We also found the email verification tool very helpful. We can verify the lists of email addresses that we already have in our database, quickly updating the data in our prospect and customer database. 

Note. Verifying email addresses is essential because incorrect or non-existent addresses can result in a bounce when you send emails.

This can negatively impact your domain's reputation and cause email deliverability issues in the future. 

Using Email Verifier helps you detect invalid or non-existent email addresses before sending an email, protects your domain reputation, and prevents you from wasting valuable time trying to reach an invalid contact.

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