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How Teamcal Ai uses GetProspect to get hundreds of quality leads

Raj Lal
Founder & CEO at Teamcal Ai

About Teamcal Ai

Teamcal Ai is a company that provides a custom solution to automate meetings. Their platform works with existing Google and Outlook calendars and allows scheduling meetings in seconds. Teamcal Ai has developed this modern scheduling software so managers can automate such processes and feel free to focus on other essential things.


IT Services and IT Consulting

Team members

2-10 employees


Mountain View, California



Reasons to choose GetProspect

  • Affordable price
  • Easy user experience
  • Accurate search for emails
  • The best team features

Performance results

  • The company's revenue increased twice

Commonly used toolset

Email finder extension

B2B contact database

Email Verifier

Teamcal Ai started looking for the perfect tool for lead generation - both on budget and capability - to empower the outbound sales team. They recognized the importance of a robust lead generation platform to fuel their sales pipeline and drive revenue growth. 

Teamcal Ai sought to streamline its prospecting process, optimize its sales efforts, and ultimately increase its conversion rates. They understood that investing in the right tool would enable them to precisely identify and reach their target audience, giving them a competitive edge in their industry.

After careful evaluation of various options, they chose the GetProspect Email finder. This platform not only met their budget requirements but also provided powerful capabilities.

Raj Lal, Founder & CEO at Teamcal Ai, spoke in detail about the tools he uses most often and what results his team has achieved.

Use the Email Finder toolset to get quality leads & growth sales

We love GetProspect for the easy user experience and team features, which we don't see in any other competitors. Also, GP has tools for finding leads and relevant info about them. The most useful of them for us:

First, features of lead prospecting:

  • Email finder in a web app with GetProspect's proprietary B2B database with millions of prospects with contact data, 

  • Email finder extension that you can use to scrape leads from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and websites.

Second, the solution that helped us achieve our goals is the Email Verifier tool. With this tool, we can verify the accuracy of the email addresses of our existing lead lists.

I'd also like to mention the handy ability to export data to Hubspot thanks to the direct native integration.

All of these platform features met our expectations. We were able to get thousands of quality leads through GetProspect. 

As a result of getting so many prospects with valid emails and data on them, our revenue increased 2x.

In conclusion, GetProspect has proven to be an invaluable tool for our lead-generation efforts. Its comprehensive features have become an essential asset for driving our sales success and propelling our business forward.

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