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Zeus recruitment with GetProspect got more about 30% valid email addresses than with LeadLeaper

Tim Webb
Director at Zeus recruitment

About Zeus recruitment

Zeus recruitment is a company specializing in the recruitment of engineering and manufacturing professionals at all levels. We provide consultancy services for both those in search of experienced candidates (for large branded companies and small independent businesses) and candidates. 


Staffing and Recruiting

Team members

2-10 employees


Milton Keynes, England



Reasons to choose GetProspect

  • More accurate addresses than competitors
  • Good subscription prices

Performance results

  • 30% more valid email addresses than in LeadLeaper

Commonly used toolset

Email finder extension

Search in GetProspect B2B contact database

The Zeus recruitment team had no difficulties in choosing a new platform for searching email addresses. 

They chose according to several criteria - price and quality of the data received. Previously, they used LeadLeaper and Zoominfo, where the first tool had few reliable email addresses and the second had a high price.

The choice fell on GetProspect as it is much better than LeadLeaper in terms of data quality, and it is not inferior to Zoominfo, while the price is much lower for subscriptions. 

Read about the choice of Tim Webb, Director at Zeus recruitment, in favor of this decision and the results below.

Get more valid emails without overpayments with GetProspect

We have previously used other tools such as LeadLeaper and Zoominfo. But we decided to find a replacement for them. This place was the GetProspect platform.

With its software, we saved money on subscriptions, as this solution is priced more favorably than ZoomInfo (and the data quality is just as good). Also, we can change our monthly subscription credits depending on demand. And that is great!

And by changing LeadLeaper to GetProspect, we started getting more valid email addresses. 

With GetProspect, we got about 30% more valid email addresses than with LeadLeaper.

Now on a daily basis, we use Email finder & Email finder Chrome extension to receive emails. And we are satisfied with the product.

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