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Email finder

Get e-mail addresses with the highest authenticity using all the variety of GetProspect features

  • In a bulk and one at a time
  • By name and by domain
  • On LinkedIn or on any company website
  • With Chrome extension or in extracted database
  • Using API or using human-readable filters
Whatever feature you choose to use, the GetProspect email locator will find valid emails with the highest authenticity

Search emails for every business goal

GetProspect was specially designed to simplify the process of contacting the right people whatever task you face:

  • Lead generation and prospecting
  • Preparing cold email sequences
  • Searching for relevant job candidates
  • Gathering information before a substantial deal
  • Advertising and other marketing channels

Find emails and enrich contact data

The Email finder could improve your work in different ways depending on the information you have and the goals you pursue.


Bulk email finder

In a couple of minutes collect the substantial base of business email addresses. Upload the information about your prospects you have and enrich it with real e-mail addresses.

Devote your time to writing convinced texts instead of wasting time in the search for relevant contacts.

Save plenty of e-mail addresses with one click only.

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Find email address by domain

If you have a list of specific websites’ URLs or companies you can upload them to GetProspect and get the list of business email addresses from all the public sources. Or search the email address by domain one after another in a situation when you have to reach several specific companies.

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Find email address by name

GetProspect could search for email addresses of certain people in case you know their names and companies, where they work. Everything you need to do is to paste the information in the field "Name" and "Domain". In a second you could get a real valid email address if it exists.

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Choose the most appropriate email searching tool for your cold outreach

Chrome extension for prospecting

While surfing company websites, social media platforms, or any other online resources you will have an opportunity of finding e-mail addresses with just a few clicks on the icon of the Extension.

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B2b database with actual business emails

Use the Boolean search feature while prospecting in the GetProspect lead database. Our constantly replenishing database consists of millions of business contacts and each of them would be verified in real-time at the time you are adding it to your list.

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API for your applications

If you have your own application or tool and need email-finding features, then choose the API. This way you can enhance your product with all the functionality that GetProspect offers for effective prospecting.

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Why GetProspect could be the best email searching tool for you?

High authenticity of email addresses

We know all kinds of email patterns could be used in every company and verify this email address with high accuracy.

Multifunctional tool

Searching for emails is another additional feature that users rate GetProspect 4.8. It could be a good help in organizing your contacts, cold mailing, verification, etc.

Free verification

Whatever type of email search you choose we check every email on its authenticity for free in this case.

Large data volumes

The Email finder tool is effective for gathering large contact databases and is specially designed to upload and download files of any size.

Duplicate detection

GetProspect will notify you if it finds the mail addresses that already exist in your contact lists or folders.

Lead organization system

We know how to keep all the contacts in a well-organized system. Just create dynamic lists, filter your data, and group emails in folders.

Connections and integrations

We provide lots of connections with famous services and tools to provide a convenient lead generation process.

Ready to start your first search with an e-mail finder?

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Frequently asked questions about the Email Finder

What data should I upload for finding an email address?

To find a verified email address for a prospect the following data set is required: first name, last name and the company name of domain. Based on this information, GetProspect will provide the email address and other prospect data.

How can I extract an email address from a website with Getprospect?

The GetProspect email finder extracts business e-mail addresses from any website. Once the extension is installed, it can be used for fetching the email addresses of employees from a company website. There are several other ways to find email addresses depending on the source of the data: email domain search, or the b2b contact database where it is possible to find business email addresses, etc.

Is there a directory for email addresses?

The GetProspect does not sell email lists or contacts databases. To create a targeted list of prospects with business emails, any of the GetProspect email finder search features can be used. All of them will allow getting a list of accurate and 100% relevant leads.

How to find a prospects’ email address?

GetProspect offers a few ways to find prospects' email addresses.
Some of them are: lead generation database inside GetProspect with 50 million contacts, finding leads with LinkedIn Chrome extension, importing a file with existing contacts for enrichment.

Is the Getprospect Email Finder a free service?

GetProspect provides lifetime access to 50 free new email addresses each month.

There is much more in GetProspect tool

Try email finder for Free and reach your ideal customer