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Email finder by name

Perform email search by name by simply inserting it in the corresponding field

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Find email address by name in a matter of seconds

Using a comprehensive GetProspect’s database, locate email addresses by name time-effectively. You can significantly increase your chances of finding emails by adding a domain name to the search.


Perform email search by name behind a website

In case you know where the people you are interested in work, extract their emails right on the company’s website. Save the results, using a free Chrome extension.


Get 95% results accuracy

Locate email addresses by name and get their verification statuses with a high accuracy level. You get only existing and authenticated prospects.

Collect verified details about your prospects

Enrich emails using the benefits of extensive database

GetProspect’s database contains 50M+ business contacts, 7M+ companies, and 200 countries. Get the full prospect’s profile that includes:

Lead Profile
  • First name
  • Country
  • Last name
  • Location
  • Seniority
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Email address
Company Profile
  • Name
  • Description
  • Website
  • HQ address
  • Industry
  • HQ postal code
  • Size
  • HQ country

Make sure the contacts are validated

With GetProspect, you can find owner of email address with a 97% deliverability rate and stay on the safe side with a high sending reputation. Apart from that, you can verify your emails in bulk or one by one, use API, and eliminate duplicates.

Email search by name effective application

Get in touch with your prospects without limitations


Contact the author of the published material you liked

Email finder by name is a handy tool when you read an interesting article or blog post and want to reach its author.


Extract emails of third-party recommendations

When you meet a mention or tag-reference in social media, blogs, or other platforms, you can perform an email search by name and get the relevant contact information.


Find hidden emails

Imagine you attended a conference, webinar, or any other event where you get only the names of speakers without any contact details. Email finder by name will help to get in touch with those people easily.

Email finder by name - FAQs

How to locate email address by name?

The email address can be found by the first and last name of a person by GetProspect. The full name should be inserted into the correspondent field in the GetProspect database search. If the GetProspect database contains this person, the system will find the email address for it.

How do I find emails if I only know the first name and last name persons?

The email address can be found by the person's first and last name using an email finder GetProspect by name. However, the chances to find the email address by the name only would be higher with adding a domain to it.

Can I find a Gmail email by name with the GetProspect tool?

GetProspect doesn't provide personal email addresses, such as gmail, yahoo, etc. Instead, it will only find the verified business email address associated with a company.

How do I find people's names from their email addresses?

At the moment, there is no such option on GetProspect. It can be developed in the future with the new updates, as we are constantly improving our platform.

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