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How to find a phone number associated with an email

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Сold calling is a simple but still efficient strategy that is preferred by more than 50% of C-level & VP buyers.

But in order to find prospects' phone numbers, you need to follow some rules so that the search doesn’t violate the boundaries of individuals' privacy or law.

I’ll tell you more about email phone lookup and show you the simplest ways to get a phone number associated with an email to more advanced methods to use search tools to help grow sales and business, so you can choose the best option.

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Why is it even possible to find a phone by email address?

A person's business email address and phone number are usually linked because people leave this info when signing up for various online services and subscribing to newsletters or professional platforms.

This connection allows the system to merge this data and you can search for business mobile phones by email address.

The «must know» rules before you start finding a phone number from an address (email)

  • Choose only reputable sites that respect user privacy
  • Use the information for business purposes only
  • Before you find a phone number by email – use Email Verifier

Find a phone number by email address via reputable sites that respect user privacy

Only use websites with a good reputation that provide access to the services according to the Privacy Policy.

The main thing for search is to use platforms that provide data that can be distributed - public data that has been authorized by the person, not personal ways of contact. That's why I emphasize when I write that we are talking about business email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Campbell Tourgis, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Wainbee:

«Employ a CRM with a B2B Database. Contact databases are repositories of contact information, including job titles, company names, phone numbers, and email addresses across digital platforms.

At Wainbee, we use CRM software with a B2B contact database, providing us with a legitimate list of prospect phone numbers without violating privacy laws. We save a significant amount of time and effort in lead validation, prospecting, and nurturing because the system automatically updates contact information, especially when integrated with external sources or application programming interfaces (APIs).»

So, yes, you can find a phone number by email, but always be mindful of privacy issues and restrictions.

Not all business cell phone numbers of prospects are public and accessible, and if you can't find them on a reputable search platform like GetProspect, which provides users with data according to privacy policies and rules (only public data), you probably can't find them anywhere. 

Unless you find them on websites that provide non-public data… Those sites that offer you personal contacts, not public data, disseminate information that can not be disseminated according to the rules. Contacting a person on such a phone number will not give a positive response, in addition, it is a direct law violation.

Use the info for business purposes only

When you have received a number of business phone numbers of potential customers, use them for their intended purpose. Segment your target audience, maximize your cold calling script to interest the person, and make a really useful offer.

Don’t find phone numbers by email for personal use, for spamming calls, and so on. Always respect a person's privacy and do not break any laws when searching for their phone number. 

Before you find a phone number by email – use Email Verifier

You won't get any results if you search for prospects' phone numbers from invalid email addresses. That's why it's a good idea to verify email correctness in good time. You can do it both individually and in bulk with the GetProspect Email Verifier.

Get more verified data in seconds

Easily gather and check all the essential details about contacts and companies by leveraging bulk or single data enrichment.

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How to find a phone number by email address? 

How can I find a phone number from an address (email) using GetProspect?

  1. Log in (or Sign up) and go to the Enrich block.
  2. Insert the email address and click the «Find lead» button.
  3. After that, you will get data about this lead.
  4. To find a phone number from an address (email) scroll down and click «+N employee found».
  5. Then click on the line where your potential client is located and get a card with their data.
  6. Click on «Show phone number» and get the result.

How can you look up phone numbers by email address in bulk?

  1. Log in (or Sign up) and go to the Enrich block.
  2. Insert the email address and click the «Find lead» button.
  3. Scroll down and click «+N employee found».
  4. With one click, select a list of potential customers.
  5. Press the «Save leads» button.

In the pop-up window, select the options you need - a list of where to add leads, the desired number of leads, and the «Save phone number» option to get leads along with their business cell phones.

Note. The «Phone number finder by email» feature is available only for paid subscriptions. There you can get 5 business mobile phone numbers for free for a test. To get more phone numbers you should add extra credits. Read about it more here.

Start searching for prospects phone numbers

In GetProspects database, youll easily find prospects’ mobile phone numbers - both single and bulk - in seconds.

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How to find a phone number by address (email)‍ via Google search?

An obvious method, but it shouldn't be dismissed either.

Use email to phone number lookup via Google Search. All you need to do is enter the correct combination: [prospect email] + phone.

If you're lucky, you'll get instant results.

How to find phone numbers from addresses (email) via GetProspect & LinkedIn

Steps to find phone numbers with email addresses, LinkedIn Group & GetProspect (Paid Subscription):

  • Since we are looking for business contacts. There is probably a company name in the email address domain.
  • Find a company group on Linkedin and open the GetProspect extension.
  • Our app will collect as many pages with employees as you need, without the need to manually search and select each prospect individually.
  • Next, click «View leads» and go to the GetProspect B2B database, where you can already get the prospects’ phone numbers you need from that company.

Note. Even if you find a phone number by email, you may be better off trying to write to a prospect personally on LinkedIn before calling.

So that the person can personally give you this data, choose whether they would be interested in talking to you about your services, and if so, when it would be convenient.

An example of a template for an InMail message to prospects on LinkedIn.

Hi [Prospect name],

Hope you're doing well! 

I'm from [Your company name] and we specialize in [What services] services. 

I'd love to chat about how we can boost your brand awareness. 


Let's connect for a quick call at your convenience. 


Steps to find a phone number with an email address: GetProspect (Free subscription) + LinkedIn Profile:

  • Go to the Enrich block → Email Lookup
  • Insert the email address and click the «Find lead» button.
  • In the received info, you'll see a link to the LinkedIn account.
  • Click on the link and once in the potential client’s profile, press Contact info.

Find phone number from email‍ via Google My Business listings

Another good method for finding a phone number was shared with us by Ian Sells, CEO at Million Dollar Sellers.

«I use Google My Business listings to find local businesses and their contact details. It's a great tool for identifying prospects in a specific area. Plus, businesses listed here have willingly provided their contact information for public view, making it an ethical source.»

For example:

How to find phone numbers from addresses (email) via cold email?

Let's say you have some emails from prospects and need to get their phone numbers to make cold calls.

You don't have the budget to use special search platforms, but you need to collect a database of numbers. Then try launching a cold email campaign where you ask people to personally leave their phone number so you can contact them.

Note. It's worth noting that emails also warm up leads, which makes the first phone call a much easier task.

Find a phone by email address by sending a cold email: an example of an email

Subject line: Quick Request from [Your Company Name]

Dear [Lead's Name],

Hope all is well!

My name is [Add info], and I'm [Position] from [Your company]. Our company specializes in [describe features that will be helpful for potential customers].

I am contacting you because I would like to set up a meeting to discuss how we can help you reach your business goals. I'm particularly interested in learning more about your [Specific problem] and proposing specific opportunities.

Would you be open to a quick call to discuss this further? If so, could you kindly share the contact phone number to reach you at your convenience?

Kind regards,


You can get more free cold email templates (with follow-up emails).

Can I find a phone number from an address without any search tools?

Find a business mobile phone number in the Signature block.

You don't have to ask for a phone number directly, just send a simple cold email to establish contact. This may be enough to find a phone number with an email address.


Source: Mailtrap

If you get a response from the recipient, you can get their phone number. Pay attention to the signature area of each prospect, as there you can often find ways to contact the person.

Summary: how to find a phone number using an email address

  • You can search prospects’ business phone numbers by email address because this data in the system has a connection. People leave this information when signing up for various online services and subscribing to newsletters or professional platforms.
  • Before starting to look for phone numbers, choose only reputable sites that respect user privacy, and use received data for business purposes only, before you find a phone number from an address (email) - check email address validity.
  • To get phone numbers from business email, you can use 6 ways. The most effective of them – use a quick single (also bulk) search in the GetProspect web app and get phone numbers via GetProspect + LinkedIn.

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