All emails/Valid only plan: the difference

GetProspect automatically verifies all the email addresses which are found using any of the GetProspect search options. The email addresses provided by GetProspect can have two verifications statuses - valid or accept all. Learn more on verifications statuses.

By default, on a free plan you can find both valid and accept all email addresses. On average, GetProspect provides about 50% of valid and 50% of accept all email addresses.

However, since accept all email address might not always be safe, some of our customers prefer to use only email addresses with status valid. Therefore, we have an option to purchase a plan "valid only".

On the "valid only" subscription plan, you will find only email addresses with status "valid" and, therefore, you will be charged only for them as well.

Note: taking into account that GetProspect can find about 65% of email addresses, from which there will be about 50% valid and 50% accept all email, the success rate for "valid only" plans is about 30-35%. It means that from 100 contacts, we will be able to provide about 30-35 valid emails.

To purchase the plan, go to the Plan and billing section of your account. There you will see two options under Search emails - All emails and Valid only. Now you can choose whether you want to find both valid and accept all emails and get All emails subscription plan, or you want to find valid email emails and get Valid only plan. 

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