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Accept-alls are email addresses that are impossible for an email verifier to identify whether this email is valid or not. You might also hear about them as unverifiable or catch-all emails. 

Accept-all domain setting is typically employed by small businesses to ensure a company will get all the emails sent to them, despite grammar mistakes. 

In most cases the accept-all email addresses are valid. Though sometimes organizations use the setting as a security practice to avoid undesirable emails since people who initiate email campaigns often avoid sending to accept-alls. 

SAFE TO SEND: if you have an email server with your IPs it may be safe to send to accept-all addresses. The result varies depending on the overall quality of the collected contacts.

DON’T SEND: if you use another email service that usually requires a bounce rate under 4%, accept-alls are not safe for email campaigns.

A bounce is the return of an email that you have sent and that can’t be delivered. When it occurs, you receive an automatic notification about this in your inbox.

Additional information for better results

The number of accept-alls is dependent on the number of invalid addresses within a list. Generally, accept-all emails bounce at half the rate of the original invalid percentage. Let’s say, there were 10% non-existent emails within your data, so about 5% of your accept-alls will bounce.

If the data set with accept-alls came from an unreliable source or you bought it, test the email addresses first. 

Verify accept-all emails using an alternative account, so you will not harm your primary email account or sending platform. Those emails that bounce back will be invalid, others are most likely delivered.

Tip! Send in small sets of emails and monitor which ones bounce back. Remove them from your list. 

Some email providers allow a higher amount of accept-alls to be sent at once. To make sure — contact your email platform. 


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