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How to manage your billing information

How to manage your cards used for GetProspect subscription. 

GetProspect is using the FastSpring payment provider for purchases. With the following guide, you will discover how to manage your cards with this provider. 

To get started, you would need to go to the Plan and Billing section of your account. In the Billing tab, you will see the card you are currently using to pay for a subscription.

To start managing the information, you need to press the Edit button. 

You will be redirected to your cabinet in FastSpring. You will be able to see your order history, your active and inactive subscriptions, and your account details. 

To manage your card information you need to go to the Account Details and Payment Methods section

To add a new way of payment, you can press the Add Payment Method button. In the dropdown menu, you can choose the exact payment method you would like to add - Card, PayPal, or Amazon. 

To change the priority of usage for one of the cards you have used for subscription payment, you can press the Manage button near the card you want to assign and choose the Make Default option and you will see a green Default tag appear near that card. Furthermore, the new default card will be moved to the top of the payment method list automatically. After this action, the new default card will be charged for the next subscription renewal. 

To delete the card from your account, you can press the Manage button near the card you want to assign and choose the Remove option. After confirmation, the card will disappear. 

How to change your invoice information

FastSpring also allows you to edit your recipient information on the invoices. 

In the Account Details and Payment Methods section of your FastSpring account go to the Your Profile section. Press the Edit button. 

After that, you will be redirected to the form where you can edit all the necessary data to reflect on your invoice - Your Name, Company Name, Address, and Phone number. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Editing of the invoices is possible only after the first payment. FastSpring does not provide a possibility to edit invoices before the first payment. Furthermore, it is not possible to edit invoices for transactions that were made ahead of recipient information changes. 
If you require your first invoice to be edited you can contact the FastSpring Customer Support Team for assistance - https://fastspring.com/contact/ 

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