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How to make a search for leads or companies using B2B database

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You can add leads or companies from search by filter inside GetProspect.

It sources data from the GetProspect B2B contact database, which consists of all the history searches made by all of our customers in the past on LinkedIn with the help of our LinkedIn email scraper Chrome extension.

First of all, got to the Search page.

Before starting the search, decide what you want to search for: leads or companies.


Search for leads

Apply the filters

Now you can choose the search criteria. You can search leads by a number of filters, which are the following:

  • Job title
  • Seniority
  • Location(Region or Postal code)
  • Industry
  • Employees
  • Headquarters (Region or Postal code)
  • Domain
  • Company name
  • Founded year
  • Company type
  • Company keywords
  • Technologies
  • Contact Name
  • Contact keywords
  • Email
  • Last Updated

In the Job title filter, input the titles you want to search for. You can input multiple titles in one search.

You can also exclude specific words that you don’t want to search for in the leads’ positions.


You can choose the Seniority level of the leads you want to find: Owner, Partner, Chief Officer, VP, Director, and Manager. You can also exclude any of them.

Choose the Location - the country, state, or city where your leads are located by location name or postal code. You can also exclude specific locations.

You may choose the Company industry.

Specify the Employees - the number of employees that a company has.

In the Headquarters filter, you may choose the country/state/city/postal code where the company headquarters are located.

In the filters Company name or Domain, you can input the specific company name(s) or domain(s), respectively. You can also exclude specific company name(s) or domain(s).

You can import the file with company names/domains. 

In the Founded Year filter, you can select the time period when the company was founded. 

In the Company Type filter, you can choose the type of company you are looking for: Private, Public, Education, Government, Non profit.

In the Technologies filter, you can choose companies that use certain technologies on their websites. (For example, Wordpress or Stripe)

In the field Company Keywords and Contact Keywords, input the words which will be searched for in the lead’s name, position, location, summary, headquarters, industry.

In the Contact Name field, you can input the specific name of a person you want to search for.

In the Email filter, you can choose whether you want all the leads from the search (both with emails and without) or with emails only. 

Saving the results

Once you apply the search filters, you will be able to preview the first 100 leads which match your search criteria. You can see the Contact column with the full name, job title, location indicated, and the Show email button. In the Company column, you can see the company name, industry, location, and employee number.

To see the email address, you can click on the Show email button. Once you click the Show email button, the email address will be revealed and saved to your account, and one credit will be deducted from your monthly quota. The lead will be saved into All contacts. You can also specify the list where you want to save leads - for that, select the list or create a new one at the top of the table.

After you click on the Show email button, you will see the Show phone button under the opened email address. When you click on the Show phone button, the phone number will be revealed and saved to the contact’s profile in your account. You will be charged 1 phone number credit for a found phone. 

You can also save leads in bulk. For that, click Save All Leads in the top right corner. After that, you will see the dialog window where you can choose the following parameters:

  • Select list - choose a list where the leads will be saved to, or create a new one. You can choose multiple lists.
  • Maximum leads to save - select how many leads from the search you want to save.
  • Leads per each company - select the maximum number of leads you want to save from the same company.
  • Save existing search- tick this checkbox if you want to save the search.
  • Save phone numbers -  tick this checkbox if you want to save contacts’ phone numbers.

Search for companies

To search for companies, first select Companies tab.

You will see the following filters you can fill in:

  • Headquarters
  • Industry
  • Employees
  • Technologies
  • Domain
  • Company Name
  • Founded year
  • Type
  • Keywords
  • Last Updated

Once you apply the search filters, you will be able to preview the first 100 companies which match your search criteria. You can see the name, domain, headquarters, industry, size, and description.

To save the company, click the Save button on the right of the company’s data.

Note: You have a limit of saved companies per month. This limit equals the number of your current available credits multiplied by 4. For example, you have 50 credits in freshly updated free plan, which means you have 50*4 = 200 companies per month. However, if you used 5 email credits you can save 45*4=180 companies till the end of the month. 

You can also save companies in bulk. For that, click the Save All Companies in the top right corner. After that, you will see the dialog window where you can choose how many companies you want to save from the search.

Saving the searches

You can save any search to come back to it later and perform it again in the future without filling in the filters again.

For that, once you apply all the necessary filters, click Save search in the top right corner. There you can name your new saved search, or update the existing one. 

You can find your saved searches by clicking Saved filters on the search page. 

In case you have collected 90% of leads from a certain search, we will notify you in case if we have new leads associated with filters from that search. A notification will email will be sent to every new 100 contacts. 

Learn more on how to view your search history and saved searches.

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