Create and manage your properties

Properties are used to store data on particular objects in GetProspect, such as contacts and companies. You can:

  • Create custom properties to store data on your objects
  • Edit custom properties
  • Create or edit property groups

Create custom properties

You can create new custom properties when you need additional data to be added to your objects.

In your GetProspect account, click the settings icon in the top right corner.

  • In the left side-bar menu, go to Properties.
  • Click the Create property button.
  • In the right panel setup your property:
    • Object type: select the object type that the property will be for.
    • Group: assign the property group the property should belong to.
    • Label: enter text to name the property.
    • Description: enter text to describe the property.

Note: if the property you're creating is similar to the existing property, we'll show you the message "We found similar existing properties for you."

  • Click Next.
  • Select the Field type from the dropdown menu.
    • Multi-line text: stores multiple strings with text and/or numbers, such as a paragraph or list.

    • Single-line text: stores a string with text and/or numbers, such as a word, a phrase, or a sentence.

    • Date picker: stores a date value.

    • Number: stores a string of numbers. Numbers can be formatted with commas, for example, 1,000,000.

    • Dropdown select: stores multiple options; only one option can be selected as a value.

    • Multiple checkboxes: store multiple options; several options can be selected as values.

    • Single checkbox: stores two options, yes or no.

    • Link: stores a hyperlink.

For field types with options (for example, Dropdown select, or Multiple checkboxes), input the different options for the property.

    • Label: enter the name of the option.
    • Internal value: displays the value used for syncing with integrations.
    • Add an option: click to add a new option.
    • Load options...: click to load multiple options at once.
    • Clear all: click to remove all existing options.
  • Click Create.

Edit properties

You can edit the property which you created. You can edit the following values: group, label, description. For that, click on the property and edit the values you need.

You can filter the properties by object type, group, field type.

Properties can be deleted or moved from one group to another. For that, select the checkboxes near the properties you want to delete or move to another group and select the correspondent action.

Create and edit property groups

Create and edit custom property groups to find your properties more easily within an object type.

To create a new property group:

  • In your GetProspect account, click the settings icon in the top right corner.
  • In the left side-bar menu, go to Properties.
  • Click the Groups tab.
  • Click Create group. In the dialog box, enter the name of the group and select the object type that you want your new property group to be related to.
  • Click Save.

To edit an existing property group's name, hover over the group you want to edit and click Actions => Rename.

To delete an existing group, hover over the group you want to delete and click Actions => Delete.  

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