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Create and manage your properties

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Property is a characteristic of an object in GetProspect. You need properties to sort and store the data on particular objects — contacts and companies. 

In the GetProspect account, you can:

  • Create custom properties

  • Edit created properties

  • Create and edit property groups

Create custom properties

Custom properties serve to add extra data to your objects.

To create a new property:

1. choose the Settings icon (in the top right corner of your account)

2. go down to the Properties section

3. click the button: Create property 

4. on the panel that appears setup your property:

  • Object type: choose what object the property is dedicated for 

  • Group: place the property in the appropriate group

  • Label: type the property name

  • Description: type what the property means

Pay attention: in case the name of the property you are trying to create is identical to one of the current properties, you will see the message: "We found similar existing properties for you."

5. Go Next

6. Choose the Field type from the dropdown menu:

  • Multi-line text: stores strings with text and numbers, for example, paragraphs or lists.

  • Single-line text: stores a string with text and numbers — a word, a phrase, or a sentence.

  • Date picker: stores a date value.

  • Number: stores a line of numbers. You can format numbers with commas, like this, 1,000,000.

  • Dropdown select stores multiple-option; you can select only one option as a value.

  • Multiple checkboxes: stores multiple options; you can select several options as values.

  • Single checkbox: stores two options, yes and no.

  • Link: stores a hyperlink.

In field types with options (such as Multiple checkboxes and Dropdown select) add the distinct options: 

  • Label: type the option name.

  • Internal value: displays the value used for syncing with integrations.

  • Add an option: click to create a new option.

  • Load options...: click to add several options at once.

  • Clear all: click to delete all created options.

Click Create.

Edit properties

You can edit your custom properties. GetProspect allows changing groups, labels, descriptions, field types, and options. To do this, choose the property and edit the necessary values.

You can filter your list of properties by group, field type, and object type.

You can delete or move the property to another group. To do this, click the checkboxes near the properties you are planning to delete or move, then choose the respective action. 

Create and edit property groups

You can create and edit custom property groups to simplify the search of properties within an object type.

How to add a new property group:

1. choose the Settings icon (in the top right corner of your account)

2. go down to the Properties section

3. choose the Groups tab

4. click Create group. In the right-side panel, enter the name of the group and select the object type the new property will belong to.  

5. click Save

To change an existent property group's name, hover over the group you plan to edit and click Actions => Rename.

To delete a group, hover over the group you plan to remove and click Actions => Delete. 

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