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Export your records

Export your records (contacts or companies) into the spreadsheet.

  • In your GetProspect account, navigate to your records (contacts or companies).
  • If you want to export all records, make sure you're in the All [records] tab.
  • If you want to export records from a particular view/list, select the view/list by clicking on its name. Learn how to create views or lists.
  • Once you open the records you want to export, click the Export button in the upper right corner.
  • In the dialog box, select the file format for your export file - CSV or XLSX.
  • Select either Include only properties in the columns of the table, Include all properties or Custom configuration.
    • if you select Custom configuration, you can choose which properties to include in the export file. For that click Edit and select the properties by ticking the checkboxes next to the property's names. You can manage the property's order by dragging them. Click Save.
    • If some of your contacts have multiple emails and you want to export all of those emails, it is possible only upon choosing Include all properties option. If you choose other export options, the system will export only the priority email that is reflected in the column. 
  • Click Export. Depending on the file size, it will be either downloaded right away or, if it requires time to be prepared, you'll receive an email with a download link once the export is ready.

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