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Get started with objects. Glossary.

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  • Object type: a type of relationship your business has externally, such as contacts, companies.
  • Record: an instance of an object type (e.g., "John Smith" is a contact record, or "Google" as a company record).
  • Object: the term for an object type or a record, depending on the context.
  • Property: a field created for an object type. Each object type has its own set of properties. All the records of that object type will have that set of properties that can store data.
  • Property value: the value of data stored in a property in a record.

Standard objects


Contact records store information on people that are your leads or customers. You can create, find, access, and make changes to your contact records:


Companies are accounts or organizations you interact with. You can create, find, access, and make changes to your company records:


Each object has default properties that GetProspect created, but you can create custom properties that suit your business needs.

Default properties

GetProspect has default properties for each object type.

Contact default properties:

  • Created at: the date that the contact was created in your GetProspect account.
  • Email: the contact's email address.
  • First name: first name of a contact.
  • Last name: last name of a contact.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn profile URL of a person.
  • Location: the contact's country of residence.
  • Notes: additional data to a contact.
  • Position: the contact's job title
  • Postal code: the contact's zip code.
  • Summary: contact's summary from LinkedIn.
  • Updated at: the date when the contact was last updated.

Company default properties:

  • Description: a short statement about the company's mission and goals.
  • Company domain: the company's website domain.
  • Headquarters: the location of the company.
  • Industry: the type of business the company performs.
  • Name: the name of the company.
  • Postal code: postal or zip code for the company.
  • Size: total number of people who work for the company.

Custom properties

You can create custom properties for any object type.

Learn how to create custom properties.

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