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How to stay GDPR compliant while cold mailing?

1.  Collect only relevant information. Do not add the data that might come in handy someday

2. Make sure you target people who will find your message appropriate 

3. In the body of your email, explain the reasons why you are reaching the person. Be clear that it is a sales email. B2B sales relate to the «legitimate interest.»  

4. Provide the recipient with a quick and easy way to unsubscribe or opt-out

5. Keep your email list clean 

6. Prepare relevant answers to 

GDPR questions and complaints in advance.

7. Add in your first emails who you and your company are, your contact details, the «know more» link with information about how you protect personal data, and contacts of responsible employees (Article 14).

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Alona Shalieieva

Throughout the previous three years, I am occupied as a Customer Support Representative for the email finder platform GetProspect.com. As a tech-savvy, I am keen on assisting our users with solving any challenges. On top of that, I worked on my tech author skills, and I can be straightforward in explaining difficult topics.

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