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Adding leads from LinkedIn groups

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Using the GetProspect Chrome extension, you can add leads from LinkedIn groups. For that, you can use different types of LinkedIn accounts:

To start, install the Chrome extension into your browser.

Adding leads from LinkedIn groups in Basic LinkedIn account

  1. Go to your LinkedIn groups and select the group which you'd like to get leads from. In the group members tab, click See all.

2. Choose the leads using the checkmark next to each individual one and save them by using the Save leads button. You can also save all on the page by clicking on the Save all button. 


Adding leads from LinkedIn groups in LinkedIn Sales Navigator account

This is a more advanced search, which allows to include additional filters to the group members.

  1. Open the Sales Navigator search and click All filters.
  2. In the filter Group, input the name of the group. You can input multiple groups at once. Then click Search.

3. You will get the search results with people who are the members of inserted groups. Now you can also apply additional filters to your search if needed.

4. Now you can select and save the leads. You can do that in a few ways:

  • Select leads manually by selecting GP checkboxes next to their profiles and then clicking on the Save leads button inside the extension window. 
  • Save all leads on a page by clicking on the Save all button in the extension window.
  • Select multiple pages by inputting the number of pages in the Auto save field and click Save Page in the extension window.




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