How to add leads from LinkedIn Basic Search

Using GetProspect Chrome extension, you can add leads from LinkedIn search. For that, you can use different types of LinkedIn accounts:

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to begin your search using LinkedIn Basic Search:

1. Install the GetProspect Chrome extension.

Follow the link and install the extension into your Google Chrome browser. Press Add to Chrome button.


2. Start search on LinkedIn.

First of all, sign in to your LinkedIn account. Now you can perform a search on LinkedIn and input your search criteria. Learn how to search for people on LinkedIn.

For example, let's search for CEOs in the US. After the search, you will see GP elements added to your LinkedIn Interface. On the right side beside each lead you will see a GP checkbox, and a GP panel will be added above the leads:


3. Select leads.

You can do that in a few ways:

  • Select leads manually by selecting GP checkboxes next to their profiles
  • Select all leads on a page by clicking Select all checkbox at the top of the search.
  • Select multiple pages by inputting the number of pages in the Pages to add field and click Select all.

After you start selecting leads, another GP panel will appear on the right side. On this panel, you can choose the destination list where all your leads will be saved, or create a new one. You may also select the search mode and switch from the regular one to the Fast Mode.

4. Saving leads into GetProspect.

When you select the leads, you can go ahead and save them into your GetProspect account.

  • If you want to save leads from the page you are currently on, click Save prospects button on the GetProspect panel. The extension will visit each selected profile on a page (unless you're using Fast Mode) and save its info into GetProspect.

  • If you want to save leads from the number of pages you selected, click Start button near the Pages to add field. The extension will visit each profile from the selected pages (unless you're using Fast Mode) and save its info into GetProspect. The extension navigates to the next page automatically.

Important Note:

  • To keep your LinkedIn account active, the plugin allows saving 800 leads per 24 hours. To save more per 24 hours, use Fast Mode.
  • LinkedIn allows viewing maximum 1,000 leads per search. Learn what to do if you have more than 1,000 leads in your search results.
  • The plugin won't let you save leads if you reach the limit of discovered emails for GP account according to your plan. You'll need to update your plan or upgrade to bigger.
  • It's not possible to save leads without discovering their email addresses.
  • Keep Google Chrome tab open during saving leads in LinkedIn; otherwise, Google Chrome will stop adding and will continue when you open this tab.

5. Avoiding duplicates.

GetProspect system always checks the leads for duplicates. The leads that were saved earlier won't be added to your account again, therefore you won't be charged any credit.

You can see if the lead had been saved before. The checkboxes beside such leads will be marked as "checked", so you won't be able to add those leads again.

If you have leads from other apps that you don't want to add again by GetProspect, you can upload CSV with them. Check how to upload this file.

6. View and export saved leads with emails

After saving leads in the plugin, you'll be able to view them with emails inside GetProspect at Contacts page.

You can view, export, delete or move them. Learn more about how to manage your contacts. On the top right corner, you'll see an Export button. By clicking on it, you can export the current view of contacts into CSV or XLSX file. Learn how to export the contacts.

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