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How to add contacts to Ignore List

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On GetProspect, you can import a file with your existing contacts/companies that you don't want to find again using any of the GetProspect search features. You can import a file through the Ignore list option or add objects via the Blocked section of your account.

Note: the objects uploaded through the Ignore list can't be modified. You cannot do anything to them except delete them from your block list.
Furthermore, the Import of Ignore list cannot be canceled. Also, it is not possible to remove blocked contacts in bulk. In the Blocked section of your account settings, you can remove contacts only one by one. Please consider this before importing the Ignore list. 

To block specific contacts, you can upload one of the following data is required:

  • First name+last name
  • First name+last name+company domain

To block the companies and any contacts from these companies, the following data set is required:

  • Company domain

Import an Ignore list

In your GetProspect account, go to the Contacts or Companies page. Click Import in the top right, or get to this page.

You would be asked what you want to import and offered three options: list for data enrichment, existing inventory, or ignore list. Select Ignore list and click Next.

Now you should choose the file that you want to upload. You can select one file at a time.

Note: the file should be in CSV format and include a header row.

Once you have selected the file, click Next.

Afterward, you must match the headers to prospects' properties in GetProspect.

Example for contacts:

Examples for companies:

Click Next.

The imported data will be uploaded immediately to your account's Blocked section.

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