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Why email loading time in email finder is so slow?

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Email finders, such as GetProspect, try to balance quality and speed. That’s why sometimes processing time feels slower than you expect. 

What is OK email discovery speed?

If we DON’T have the contact in our B2B database, GetProspect finds one email in 15 seconds to 5 minutes. The tool looks up contacts concurrently. It means you will get up to 500 emails in this time interval. If you look for more emails simultaneously, the maximum loading time will be a little bit longer. 

In most cases, >500 emails are discovered in 10-40 seconds. 5 minutes is the maximum. If you experience a longer loading time — contact our support team.

The approximate time calculations: 

Number of emails 

Average processing time


20 sec; 5 min - max


40 sec; 10 min - max


1 min; 20 min - max

What does the email discovery speed depend on?

  • We verify emails in real-time.

  • GetProspect performs many verification checks. More checks provide high email accuracy while increasing the search time. For example, verification stages include checking the email format, DNS check, SMTP check, Disposable email addressing check, etc.

  • Server response speed. If the server (which hosts this email) responds quickly, we will get a response quickly, though if the server takes a long time to respond or still has a greylisting system, then the verification process is delayed.

  • If you look up email by company name, it will a bit longer rather than by domain. Since we need to find the domain first and then discover the email address.

  • If you perform >500 searches at once, the speed might be slower (see the previous section)

GetProspcet email finder speed vs. alternatives

The email discovery speed depends on the algorithm the tool uses to find contacts. 


  • The GetProspect tool automatically generates email addresses based on the pattern of how each domain creates emails and then verifies them. 

  • Many tools are parsing the open web to locate emails and provide you with the links where they found them. This approach may be faster, though it is limiting you because many personal work emails are almost impossible to find on open web pages.

  • Some email finders have partners who share high-quality databases with them. 

We took one contact and tried to find it in alternative tools. Here is the comparison sheet.

Email finder

Discovery time

Emails found


5 sec

2 emails. One is valid, and the other one is accept-all.


1 sec

1 accept-all email.


3 sec

1 accept-all email.


2 sec

1 email and don’t show whether it is accept-all or valid.


4 sec

1 valid email (other tools said the email address is accept-all)


2 sec

2 emails. Found the email address other tools identified as accept-all as valid  + personal email also as valid.


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